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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a schematic perspective view showing one
embodiment of a speaker system according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is an electrical
wiring diagram showing a network of the speaker system of FIG. 1 ...... the instrument panel, 4 ......
in the treble speaker (for the right channel), a tweeter in 5 ...... (for the left channel), 6 ... · ·
Loudspeaker (woofer).
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The object of the present invention is to provide a
loudspeaker system for producing a sound field with excellent sound effects in a single cabin
with respect to a loudspeaker system of a car. (1) / 3 / ”957 for stereo broadcasting installed in
a conventional car, a multi-speaker system uses full-range type speakers, or a single speaker box
with both woofer, tweeter, squawker etc. It is usual to use a so-called multi-way speaker
assembled in the above and arrange the speakers on the left and right of the front of the vehicle
to make sound. However, since interior members made of various materials are used in the
passenger compartment and the shape and unevenness of the passenger compartment are
complicated, sound reflection and sound absorption characteristics change in a complicated
manner, and a flat speaker with frequency characteristics is used. However, it was extremely
difficult to obtain the ideal Daiba. Moreover, in order to extend the frequency range, particularly
the range on the low-pitch side, it is necessary to make the aperture of the speaker as large as
possible, but the drawback is that it is difficult to use a large aperture speaker because the
installation space is limited. there were. (2) 958) The present invention solves the above problem
by adopting the configuration described in the range of utility model registration request, and by
using a large diameter speaker, sufficient bass characteristics are ensured, and the frequency
range of It is an automotive speaker system that can realize a wide sound effect and excellent
sound field. Hereinafter, the configuration of the present invention will be described by way of
embodiments shown in the drawings. FIG. 1 shows an example of a speaker system according to
the present invention, wherein an instrument panel of a driver's seat, and a console box 2 for
housing audio equipment formed at the center of the instrument panel 1, In the console box 2,
necessary audio devices 3 such as a stereo amplifier, a tuner, a cassette deck, graphics and the
like are accommodated. In the instrument panel of the invention, the loudspeakers of the left and
right channels are separated into at least two speakers, one for middle-high range and the other
for bass (hereinafter referred to as a woofer). And the middle channel sound speaker 4 of the
right channel is positioned at the right end of the front face of the instrument panel and directed
toward the passenger compartment, ie, toward the occupant, and the middle channel sound
speaker 5 of the left channel is similarly installed. The woofer 6 with a large diameter that is
located at the left end of the front part of the mentor panel 1 and receives bass is the lower f% of
the instrument panel 1 where there is room in the installation space (underside of the instrument
panel , And the space between the instrument panel 1 and the floor).
(4) The woofer 6 in the example of FIG. 1 is an example in the case of the speaker system which
becomes a single woofer system whose network is shown in FIG. 2, and filters the bass
components of the left and right channels. The left and right low-frequency components are
mixed by the mixer 9 and output from one woofer 6. The single woofer 6 is used to store audio
equipment at the center of the instrument panel. Mounted on the lower surface of the console
box 2 of FIG. As described above, even if the single woofer 6 is used, the bass component
generally has almost no directivity, so the sense of stereo is not impaired. When the woofer 6 is
provided independently for each of the left and right channels, the woofer 6 for each channel
may be provided at the desired position (5) 961 below the instrument panel 1. In addition, it is
more desirable to place the speaker opening face close to a strong obstacle with sound
reflectivity such as a floor or a ledge panel, in order to enhance the woofer, low fr and sense. The
proximity distance to the obstacle is suitably about 10 m / m to 50 m / m. The speaker system
according to the present invention, as described above, installs the left and right channel middle
sound speakers on the left and right sides of the front of the instrument panel toward the vehicle
interior, and the large sound diameter speaker has an installation space It is possible to adopt a
large-diameter bass speaker because it is installed at a desired position in the lower part of the
instrument panel which has a large capacity, especially by improving the low frequency
characteristic and widening the frequency range ( 6) 962) A remarkable effect is realized that a
sound field with excellent sound effects can be realized in the vehicle interior.
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