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1. A method of manufacturing a diaphragm for a speaker according to the present invention is
obtained by obtaining a laminate in which a heat = T plastic resin film is laminated on one side or
both sides of an unfoamed thermally foamable resin sheet. Heat treatment in a mold of a shape
to plasticize the thermoplastic resin film and foam the thermally foamable resin sheet, thereby
forming the laminated vibration into a diaphragm shape. Method of manufacturing diaphragm.
2, the scope of claims
3. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a speaker diaphragm. Conventionally, a pulp diaphragm is often used as a speaker
diaphragm. The reason is that the pulp diaphragm is light and has appropriate rigidity and
internal loss. A diaphragm of this type is produced by melting a plant as a raw material into a
fibrous form, dispersing it in water, then forming it with a corn-like net and heating and pressing
it. However, according to such a manufacturing method, the manufacturing process is
complicated, and there is a disadvantage that it is likely to cause defects due to the forming of
the sheet 6 and so on. It was difficult to take measures such as different materials. Therefore, it is
not possible to improve the acoustic characteristics with such a vibration diaphragm, and
diaphragms made of various materials are being developed recently, but in any case, the
manufacturing process is It is complicated and expensive. The present invention has been made
in view of the above-described point, and it is an object of the present invention to easily obtain a
speaker diaphragm having excellent acoustic characteristics. EndPage: FIG. 1 (showing the
diaphragm base used in the manufacturing method of the present invention in season, and FIG.
Tol shows the diaphragm obtained by the manufacturing method of the present invention̶this.
In FIG. 18+,) is a non-foamed thermally expandable resin which exhibits a moderately large
internal loss in the foamed state, and is made of a material having adhesiveness on its own, for
example, a polyethylene-based foamed adhesive sheet And ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers,
rubber resins, and epoxy resins. The thermally foamable resin sheet (a thermoplastic resin film
with high sound propagation speed adhered to both sides of the thermally foamable resin sheet
11 is, for example, polyethylene terephthalate resin, polyvinyl alcohol resin, aromatic polyester
resin, nylon resin, or the like. Such a non-foamed heat-expandable resin sheet pile and a heat cIJ
plastic resin film (laminate plate consisting of 2 + + 21 (preheat treatment is applied to 31 and
this laminate (31 , This is placed in a conical mold. In the mold, the thermoplastic resin film 121
(21 is plasticized and the thermally foamable resin sheet 11+ is foamed by heating the laminate
(3). At the same time, due to the adhesiveness of the thermally foamable resin sheet (1), the
thermally foamable resin sheet il + and the silent plastic film (21, (2) are firmly bonded, A
diaphragm (4) is completed in which the heat oJ plastic resin film +21 +21 is laminated on both
sides of (the heat-expandable resin sheet in the foamed state) il + as shown in the cause.
As described above (the speaker diaphragm manufactured as described above has a high bending
rigidity because of a laminated structure, and it obtains appropriate internal loss by the thermally
expandable resin sheet 111 in its foamed state), High sound propagation speed can be obtained
by the thermoplastic resin film + 21 + 21. It has a balanced sound performance. Further, FIG. 2
(aJ shows a diaphragm base used in another embodiment of the manufacturing method of the
present invention, and FIG. + Bl shows a speaker diaphragm obtained by this embodiment. A
laminated plate in which a circular thermoplastic resin film +21 + 21 having a diameter larger
than the diameter of the sheet fi + is concentrically laminated on both sides of the sheet (a
circular unfoamed thermally expandable resin sheet shown in FIG. 1aJ) By using (3) and heat
treatment of the diaphragm-shaped gold also equipped with a work and noge portion in the same
manner as in FIG. Tb IIc, only at the periphery of this thermoplastic m1ik film + 21 + 21 The
edge + 51 of the diaphragm + 41 is integrally formed. When such an edge portion (51 attached
diaphragm (41 is large scale, a cross section of FIG. 3 fal and a plan view of t b + shown in FIG. 2
as shown in FIG. 1 ml of laminate + 31 + 31 or its heat “I plastic resin” (2 n film value
greetings) C 1 depending on the use of those connected by heat C 1 this continuously or
simultaneously heat treatment It is possible to efficiently obtain a diaphragm of a large bowl.
Next, specific examples of the method for manufacturing a speaker diaphragm according to the
present invention and the characteristics of the diaphragm to be held are described. First of all, a
circular thermal μ 'plasticity larger in diameter than this sheet on both sides of an unfoamed
circular polyethylene sheet (density p = 0.959 / d, thickness t = 200 μm) that can be expanded
to a volume of 12 times its volume Polyester film (p = 1.46 jJ / 1i, L-50 μm), which is preheated
to 100 ° C. and then heat-formed into a conical shape in a 220 ° C. mold to obtain its
polyethylene sheet A speaker diaphragm was obtained in which the volume of the speaker was
expanded 10 times. The performance of the diaphragm thus obtained is measured and compared
with the conventional pulp diaphragm as shown in the following table. As apparent from this
table, it can be seen that the speaker diaphragm according to the present invention is superior in
most of the # 譬 performance to the conventional pulp diaphragm. According to the present
invention, as is apparent from the above description, the heat-expandable resin sheet and the
heat-plastic resin film are used to heat and form a 1-kilometer umbilical laminated plate in the
entire crucible EndPage: 2 Since the speaker diaphragm can be manufactured by using a speaker,
it is possible to open one manufacturing path in a human as compared with the conventional
method for manufacturing a pulp diaphragm, and the cost can be reduced.
Moreover, due to the propagation speed of the spine or high plasticity resin /-and internal loss or
heat transferable large heat-expandable heat-transferable greased sheet, the stern curve has a
rigid 槍 -structure Since the configuration is made, it is possible to realize a speaker diaphragm
having excellent sound quality characteristics. In addition, as the MN foamable resin sheet, a
foam adhesive having a accomodation property is used, and an adhesive is used newly, and this
sheet and the L-shaped thermoplastic rosin film are reliably bonded and bonded without using an
adhesive. It is possible to simplify the logic process. Furthermore, according to the present
invention, the above-mentioned MIJJ plastic resin film is extended from the periphery of the
above-mentioned laminated plate, and by obtaining the above-mentioned heat treatment, a
diaphragm for a speaker is obtained by molding this extended portion as an edge portion of the
diaphragm. Since the edge portion can be formed only by the thermoplastic resin film, it is
possible to obtain an I & a edge portion that is more flexible than the central portion of the C1
shear plate.
4. Brief description of the drawings. FIG. 1 is a #r view of the vibration vJ & group H in the
method for manufacturing a speaker diaphragm according to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is
a sectional view of the vibration vJ plate. tel and (bll @, a cross-sectional view of a diaphragm
base showing another embodiment of the present invention, and a cross-sectional view of a
diaphragm, FIG. 5 tar and fl) indicate a diaphragm according to another embodiment of the
present invention It is sectional drawing and top view of a base material, (l) 11 heat-expandable
resin sheet of an unfoamed state, heat-expandable resin sheet of Il ++ 2 foam state, +21 + 21 is
heat '6 J plastic tree Hd film, (3) is ta The laminated plate (4) shows the vibration plate (511).
fsIW Figure 2 Figure 3 EndPage: 3
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