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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a frequency characteristic diagram of sound
pressure level by acceleration type MFB, FIG. 2 is a frequency characteristic diagram of sound
pressure level by speed type MFB, FIG. 3 is a sound pressure level by amplitude type MFB 4
shows the conventional bridge detection circuit, FIG. 5 shows its equivalent circuit, FIG. 6 shows
the frequency characteristic of the detection signal level by the circuit of FIG. 4 and FIG. Fig. 8
shows the frequency characteristic of the signal obtained by differentiating the signal, Fig. 8
shows the MFB speaker circuit of the present invention, Fig. 9 shows the frequency characteristic
of the detection signal level by the circuit of the present invention, Fig. 10 shows Fig. 9 The
frequency characteristic of the signal obtained by differentiating the signal of 1 ... speaker, 2 ...
amplifier, 9 ... operational amplifier, 14 ... parallel circuit. 202002 K nine side mark theory (H! )
Ming 5 J lost (H! ?
[Detailed description of the invention] The one-half proposal relates to the MFII (Mo VVII null
feedback circuit) speaker. Conventionally, the movement of the speaker's IMI thread is detected,
and the detection of the whistle is detected. There are DO velocity type, 1 degree type, and -WA
type in the MF intestine to achieve the same as the speaker's t *-'characteristics, depending on
the type of feedback No. 01. First, 1lfi! Ij I degree type of beam to return the signal] / f5 и '7 = 1.
... The two-round frequency characteristic is shown in FIG. In FIG. 1, (1) indicates that feedback is
to be given, ('H') indicates after feedback to make ?, and (61 has more hot water W1. It is clear
from Fig. 1 (. In the case of the immediate type, when the return frequency RIl increases, the midhigh range sound pressure level decreases, and the low resonance frequency afa4 of the speaker
relatively decreases. That is, according to the w-pass type, it is possible to expand the low t ^
area. Next, the frequency characteristic of the velocity type to feed back the signal every one time
is shown in the second, the same as (a) in (21) (bi to first, one IM и in mK) It is. As is apparent, in
the case of the four-degree type, it is possible to suppress the detector level near the lower
resonance frequency Lo and to make the damping characteristic of the speaker identical. Also, in
the case of the amplitude type in which the range width sign is fed back. The third! As shown in
the figure, when the feedback pressure is increased, the low frequency range will be equal!
Because it is inconvenient with the increase of the wave frequency f и, it is not usually used, but it
is not usually used, as shown in (g (bl (01 (01 is the same as (^ Indicates As a method of spouting
the motion of the peristaltic system of the speaker at the time of the MF intestine, there is a
method of using an imaging motion sensor, a detection carp, or a bridge method. The bridge
method has an advantage in that vibration can be detected without any hand IJl] J on the speaker
body as compared with a method using a detection coil in a vibration sensor. Therefore, the
conventional glitch injection circuit will be described with reference to FIGS. 4i 111 to 7. In Fig.
4, ?, (1) is a speaker, and (2) is a speaker that wA @ speaker i. +31 141 151 is a speaker (the
first, second and third resistances (the resistances I11, Rm and R) which form the bridge
detection circuit together with the speaker 11). The motion produces a voice coil in the dark, but
an electromotive force is generated in the dark, but this voltage is produced by this back-to-edge
squeegee, and the force coefficient of the voice coil? Ru.
The blade body ar of the voice coil is given by 7 = 8 /, where the magnetic flux density in the
magnetic gap is B, and the effective length of the coil in the gap is l. Moreover, the impedance of
the voice coil of the speaker is a resistance (resistance value RO) 161 and the inductance (7) due
to the coil are stored in a direct Kffl ?! ! Because it can be considered by sandwiching it, as
shown in FIG. I, FIG. (8) shows a back-rising deer part. Here, assuming that the output 4 of the
amplifier is 1, 1 EEVA at point A is Mamou-------(Vi-J'v) Ro 10 R 1 + j? L---j 1-! ????? иииииииии
1) 1 + g + ji-is the frequency, ?-Bx / R и и, usually a value of about ?2-0.02 is used. On the other
hand, the magnetic pressure v1 at the 1st skin is 1 '-'- 1'; . When configuring the lens, set 1 for
each resistor to be am and #, ignoring the inductance ? of the coil (7), the equation (1) is
mammoo (ma i-F ri ... .. ((3J1 + ?0435). Therefore, Demu Mam 1 of Mu B dark becomes' Ihm
Dan MamVs Vs ?--(Vi-rv)----Vi 1 + ? 1 + ? 14-a "" (4), and the voice coil's voice coil 4 degrees
of speaker t1) A signal proportional to is detected. However, in fact, the influence of the
inductance of the coil (7) is large, as shown in Fig. 46. In FIG. 6, (a) is a voice coil's 4 degrees of
overrun 6 to 1] signal level, (b) is a real, based on the 16 detected signs! ???? As shown in
FIG. 6, the price in the middle region is 11! ! 4 is a phase of assisted speed of human being 1 to
the speaker. Since the phase of the inductance is advanced by 900 while the phase of the A is
delayed by 90 ░ with respect to the number A, the degree of achievement of the degree of
excess rC of the zero wax is due to the difference between the degree of attenuation and the
inductance component. Opposition fcjL! There are also 5 levels or low Ff. : In the i area. The
influence of the inductance component is largely detected, and the No. 48 level becomes
pregnant as the frequency becomes i. When i44, AB dark voltage VAm, I4j, j21 formula LD, Vi
same---1---(Vi-W Lee-,-Vi (1 + ") + j-one circle" R и 10 ?J-ma 1-? (1 + soot Fv ((1 + ?) + j-) (1 +
alpha n-O-j-Y i ten gIF ma 1 + alpha n 00 ... (5) (1 + ?) + j-O In order to use this detected value as
feedback No. 1d, the detected value may be attached to the high cut filter 2/14.
Shut up,-in case of Haruka y return--in the case of FB, derivative the habitation bond d from the
bridge Deji [Corresponds to secret magic-never ic to the ruth, history Ika no do filter If it's only a
small amount. This is because the characteristics of ? mjt41A?'s dovetail character, which
usually bends from the speaker's fO to the mid-range, is the 7-'s striking semi-permeable. With
that in mind, detection of the bridge or b-'Ij's right to side ? ? 1i ? 1 ? ? ? 47 ? 47 47 9 ?
tbl. That is, the sound pressure level due to the phase difference between the vibration device
and the inductance is approximately the same as the characteristic of (&] in FIG. 7 in the low
region where the influence of Inducton 11-J4; In the K + i & region, the inductance is reduced to
a large value, and the differentiation is reduced to a reduced level. -4 minutes can pass through
the haircut filter, but it can get 94% of the impact, but if you do not compensate for the drop of
the head ball in the mid range, detect the force of Bridge Force et al. Therefore, the purpose of
the present iI is to provide a B speaker circuit that solves the above-mentioned problems. In the
following, the embodiment will be described with reference to the negative side. FIG. 8 is a
diagram showing an embodiment of the non-differential circuit. (9) is the resistance of shellfish
of resistance 4 (9). , R ?, R и и R)), ? button 1 resistance ui and Conden are shrillers 9 # 4
parallel tally concave fan made ?. A magnet from point A, a ten-f, and a one from B are applied
to one terminal of the adjustment 1, * a and g +, respectively. Here, the output pressure C of the t
If i ? II 4 ? 8 multiplier (9) is R ? 'R R R ?? ?? 6 6 ii ii 1 +; If Rq 'is resistance US
<resistance filter R? ) And Conden are the parallel impedances of the day, where ? is 1R filg'- ?,-, -m-. -+ 10 ░ 1 + j ? ? * olpf 11 uncle, mam and ma 1 are from tll, +21 from the formula 1 ?
? ? ? ? ? ? ? (Yi-F Lita --- VS () mass alpha-1 + alpha, so ((61 equation is -wing ma 'R
mother 0-? ?-----(14--) vi------- j ? mla + Rv 'Ra # L (1 + ") + j; 4 (4 dispute-5104"? aWw Raamy
'Ra 4 Rv Ra-1---------------------------------------------- ----Ma 11011. (7) ? L1 + j--one-on-one (1 + ?) i.
In the equation (7), the term of M is 1a14-j?cRvRa + Rv14- (,-----------x----xl-1-aR RiR и + =--1 ? j
? CR ?-------1 1 L 1 + J----(1 + 4 El El). ?R Ma / Ra R 41 =-(------------X--) Vt14aR @
ilvkls?L143m---xC1 + j-11a + il'r (l + 4) Raz ... (8) B и Otorima L, in (8), + - C called - ? -R и Juotori
v (j + ?) R. The formula of @ and (8) becomes a habit, and the formula (7) becomes 04 S10, and
O o wm ОО. j + g + j-true, that is, the output pressure is proportional to lli pre-4 degrees. Also, at
this time, the value of the capacitor housing S is L11 c = ??? (??????)... 4 Renote C :: ,,-(,;
+ can be home. For example, Re-4g, L + w1Ls5TII ?, ?-Q1. When the storm 4 ? II-1 s ? II q
wm 47 Kg, the value of the condenser is "" S, (-? 1 ? = 7 (-1-7 + =-i)-5, 5 1 crl) t 1 x 447 x 10 47
x 10-u (IIF) The father, MFI in the middle region) even when the high force circumference 150on
i at * L (2 ? x 5Q mouth) О (? 55 X 10 ")-m,-------- It can be considered as (1 + ?) + j: (1 + ?)
Re in the range of f и to the middle region. Therefore, the insertion of Condenna li $ results in No.
411 Maro m-y, and No. 41 corresponding to the vibration speed of Suby 1 + .alpha. Is this n # 1d
level no? It becomes (a farmer C C branch of figure). As apparent from (a) of FIG. 9 and II, it is
apparent that in the middle to low range, disturbance occurs in the high region corresponding to
the degree of arrest of the speaker 111. This is because the speaker (1) can not be VILll only by
the direct resistance circuit of the resistor and the coil. A summary of this preparation is shown
in FIG. 10 (a). As is apparent from the figure, some level 9 in the high region. Although the
speaker itself has a frequency of ^ (due to component vibration, there is a disturbance in the gain
characteristic in the high region, and in the case of MrB, it is necessary to geographically use the
KA number to use only the middle and low regions as a feedback signal. No production line is
generated, and in case of practical use, use a filter [with filter, JL, finish processing] ?, referring
to FIG. 7 shows the 1st day of detection and its derivative.
According to the biting book 1 detailed above, one operator of the computing term-unit will be in
the evening! It is an open door arrangement that pulls Jw & out to U and makes 1d like C
corresponding to the degree of sniffing of the speaker ? C by making it possible to l и 'l 'J, 112,
can get a signal to V &. My father, Ja, is easy to do by changing the storage of Condena. Brief
description of 4LIIl-jllllml is a graph of wave pressure level by ma degree type r ta ta figure of
wave pressure level, Fig. 2 is typed in 4? 1. Ji1 wave number characteristic diagram of Goda Lepe
according to 1, Fig. 6 is a frequency characteristic diagram of pressure buildup level with upper
wedge type Fl, Fig. 4n is a diagram showing the thumb detection circuit of the document, Fig. 5 is
that *- Circuit diagram, Figure 6! ll14 Fig.7 shows the frequency characteristics of the squirt 88v
bell, Fig.7 differentiated the 61st issue f! Fig. 8 shows the 4-peak r side speaker circuit, Fig. 9
shows the frequency a characteristic of the gM + I j level detected by the 4 ? circuit iC, Fig. 10
shows the Fig. 9 The circle i divided by m in the figures of the figure is a custom figure. (M) ...
speaker, (21--4 fixtures, (9) ... operation II1. -I,-parallel circuit. Yama-to-san Sanyo Den al & ? ?
? ? 2 q-q ?,, 14u ? ? ? / 05/05/05/05/05/05/05/05/05/05/05 ? ? ? n Susa ? l II '8'
'? ? ? 1 1,? 1 side ? ? 7 Fig. 4 A Applicant Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. 1558 2 2 31 31 ? 4 ?
?, 1 person I +-? 11u 52 '\-Nino Fig. 5 vl, 1'A / 1411 = 117 Fig. 8 ", (1A ?) 1 c do) 51 applicant
Sanyo Electric Co." "': 'S (V" 3) Attorney attorney Sano Sano, husband 1053 'fork 1, 7' 3 *; ?,: g-5
:; 5 ? 419 ? JR NO 000 o. 'G, 8p, 1H n Lu ([l Ip MIN 4 cups to ? ? ?8 ? B и' WJ 3- pair \
7107/89)) 1; 8 ?-? g 8! ? . Te tep) 11-16 Arwood section 19 19 pl'll \ 11 shoulder car EIN и 1 c
11 ? VA 558 458% out 11iA: 4m 411: = l:,. Agent patent attorney Shizuka Sano 1054 и и 5 List of
attached documents (1) specification-1 (1) (2) Figure 1 ifr '1 (3) Application 1 duplicate (4)
delegation V 1 6, 4 other than the above 1) 9 "TIT-EEm2T" 1 ? Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Le name
Miyoshiji J 55 ?m, 17! ! Earth Procedure Amendment (Spontaneous) 22 11-1. ,. 11. ,% '\ Patent
Office Secretary /! (Vl, display of the case Showa 561 utility model registration application No.
40881 2, the name of the device MPB speaker circuit 6, the person making corrections Utility
model registration applicant address Moriguchi city Keihanhondori 2nd address 18th name (+88)
Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. representative Ike Tei 4, agent address Moriguchi city Keihan Hondori 2
chome address 18 ░ "" "" 5 ? ? name patent attorney (8550) Sano contact: Telephone (Tokyo)
835-1111% revision SE / Ter resident Shibata Q [56 / Ba I / 1.25, "inventor" column 6 of the
application form for the amendment, the content application form of the amendment is as
attached sheet, the name of the inventor [Xoshizin "Takabe" corrected to "Hirose Shintabe".
7. List of attached documents (1) Corrected application form Corrected application form, 1
deputy each (2) Reason book (1) (3) Transfer deeds 1 pass per pass b or more / /-Woman to 1 t);
'(Ц 4 . GOO,-') Application for utility model registration (2) No sign after March 23, 1982 "The
name of the inventor of the Patent Office 1 The name of the device invented MFB speaker circuit2 inventor 5 power address type Keihan Hondori 2-l" Address 18: Name Hirose Shinta part (one
outside) Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Inside: (Utility model applicant address Moriguchi City Keihan
Hondori 2 1118 address name (188) Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. representative Ige Tei Person's
address guard [1 city-2 1 118 2 1 ░ ░ ░ ░ '' '' i: il? "', [Facial] Name Patent Attorney (8550)
Sano Shiori Offshore Telephone (Tokyo) 8351]' r .; 'L Setter's Station 111 /-1-N, 1058F-, 7'5 ,
Attached, I: List of the class (1) 1 statement (2) 1 side (3) application 1 copy 2 (4) proxy letter 1
6 6, other than the above inventor address Moriguchi City Keihan Hondori 2-chome address No.
18 Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Inner name Miyoshi '' \ \ IC IC 5 i r и
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