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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a structural view of a general piezoelectric
vibrator for explaining an embodiment of the present invention, and FIG. 1 is a plan view, and
FIG. It is A sectional drawing. 1 ... diaphragm, 2 ... piezoelectric element.
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION 1) The present invention relates to the
improvement of a 3-character piezoelectric buzzer used as an alarm device for a watch etc.Conventionally, the alarm device such as a watch has high stability and can be made thin
Piezoelectric vibrators have been used in the prior art. The piezoelectric vibrator is generally
constructed by bonding a piezoelectric ceramic plate to one side of a thin metal plate, and the
piezoelectric ceramic plate The electrodes are formed on the entire surface of the both sides of
the plate, and the voltage is applied between the electrodes to drive the vibrator #. The material
of the metal plate is generally stainless steel-titanium, brass Etc has been Fukagawa. (1) Z4ψ
However, if a small piezoelectric vibrator made of stainless steel or titanium is used, solid i =
motion frequency is still high (high sound pressure can not be obtained at relatively low
frequencies. In addition, brass has a relatively low number of intrinsic bonds, but has corrosion
resistance as a core, and is less clear as a buzzer used in a wide environment range such as a
watch. The purpose of the non-invention is to use a piezoelectric buzzer which has a small size
and a specific service rate of about 4 KH 1 or more and an unclear corrosion resistance. ヶ、ニオ
、えい1、。 7□1よヮ、。)。 2. Even when using a fluconium or zircoram alloy (7)-C-, a
zirconium alloy containing zirconium or a small amount of tin etc. has a high elastic modulus in
spite of the high & & ・, so the natural frequency of the oscillator Lowers, and the
miniaturization of the oscillator becomes oJiQ. Hereinafter, an embodiment of the invention will
be described. FIG. 1 is a view showing an example of the structure of a general piezoelectric
vibrator, FIG. 1 (a) is a plane, FIG. 1 (b) is a first section It is an AA sectional view of (i). 1 is a
diaphragm, 2 is a piezoelectric element, and the diaphragm 1 is a metal diaphragm formed of a
ram alloy on zirconium 2 is a silicon alloy (2) 101. 0 As a experiment showing the effect of the
present invention, a diaphragm Zirconium stalks containing about 2-5% tin as a material of
titanium, and those using titanium as a comparative sample were made to have the same size and
shape, respectively, and resonance frequencies were compared. A 0.1 wm thick temporary
processing of zircaloy and titanium was performed as the diaphragm 1 so as to form a pan-like
shape having a flat surface of 20 m + φ on the bottom surface. It was incorporated into the
balance that I made it a ladle 43. form! In consideration of the case, the symbol of the present
invention is a relationship S heart. There is no beast. The outer diameter of the vibration plate
was 28 mφ, and the zero piezoelectric element was used (a PZT-based piezoelectric ceramic
having an outer diameter of 20 mm and a thickness of 0.2 m). An epoxy-based adhesive was used
to bond the diaphragm and the piezoelectric element.
A piezoelectric vibrator was manufactured under the above conditions, and a change of current
(a voltage was applied and driven) 41 waves of lOV and p (peak-to-peak) sine waves were
changed between the piezoelectric element The back pressure generated from the transducer
was measured while the resonant frequency of the transducer was measured. 0 As a result, the
missing resonant frequency used titanium as a vibrating plate, average '15 KHz, Jill (3) 016 caroy
What was used was 4.0 KH2 0 Furthermore, these beaters were incorporated as a buzzer into a
watch and 4.1 KB, @ voiced, measured by sound pressure measurement at a distance of 10 、,
using Zircaloy The sound pressure was about 5 dB higher. Then, when the salt spray test was
conducted for 24 hours with a 5% prize salt water to examine the penetrability of the zircaloy l
and titanium and brass plates, the brass was significantly corroded or zircaloy 1 and titanium Is
all (discoloring tag ' 3 without, - showed very Ushitorai corrosion '- q s Wa - □ 4-. えようえアよ
およ。 ア、ヵ1、ユ。 It is confirmed that the piezoelectric buzzer using zirconium or zirconium
alloy K 'and the resonance frequency is low (so that the sound pressure is superior to that used at
a relatively low frequency). It's gone. Also, is this the same sound pressure? It is indicated that
the buzzer can be miniaturized and the m-edibility is also extremely excellent. Therefore, the
piezoelectric buzzer according to the present invention has a large practical effect on Jia sweet
used for a buzzer for a watch, etc. It''041 The black explanation of the town (4) 1 ax-The drawing
is a structural diagram of a general piezoelectric vibrator for explaining the embodiment of the
present invention. B) is an A-Awfr elevation view of FIG. 1 (A). 1 ... diaphragm, 2 ... piezoelectric
element. Utility model registration 1111j # 1 Citizen watch stock Affordable agent Attorneys
Attorneys Kanayama G '峯 β night ·. (5) 1018 Fig. 1 (i) ~: Ninding person Citizen Watch Co., Ltd.
Agent and patent attorney Toshihiko Kanayama 1626981019
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