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Description 1, title of the invention
Method of manufacturing speaker diaphragm
8. Detailed Description of the Invention The present invention relates to a method of
manufacturing a speaker diaphragm invented to increase the E / P of a magnesium diaphragm. In
general, as a material of a metal diaphragm for a speaker, a material having a large Young's
modulus E and a small crystallization degree P, that is, a large material of E4 is considered to be a
good material as a speaker diaphragm. Recently, materials with good processability such as
aluminum, titanium and copper are formed into a diaphragm shape, and materials with large E /
ρ such as beryllium and poron are vacuum-deposited, sputtering, or chemical vapor deposition.
A diaphragm has been developed in which a coating layer is attached to the surface of the
moving plate to make the E-filter larger, but it has a lot of trouble and requires a large amount of
manufacturing equipment costs, and the drawback of being a small loft production there were.
The present invention is directed to a mass production method and method that eliminates the
above-mentioned drawbacks. That is, in the rolling process of a magnesium metal plate, whiskers
of aluminum oxide are heat-pressed and rolled on both sides or one side of the magnesium metal
plate, and this is a manufacturing method of a speaker diaphragm. According to this method, the
composition of whiskers can be optionally controlled in the form of foil, and it is possible to
obtain a high Young's modulus material.
4, a brief description of the drawing
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