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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are sectional views of a conventional
diaphragm and voice coil bobbin, FIG. 3 is a sectional view of the diaphragm and voice coil
bobbin of this invention, and FIG. Fig. 6 shows a cross-sectional view of a cap showing another
embodiment of the present invention. In the figure, 21 is a front skin layer, 22 is a back skin
layer, 23 is a honeycomb or lightweight material layer, 25 is a voice coil bobbin, and 28 is a cap.
Figure 3 Figure 4
DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to a speecy blade force
using a diaphragm made of a sand-in structure with a front skin layer and a rear surface skin
layer using a honeycomb structure or a lightweight material inside, and in particular vibration.
The present invention relates to a joint portion between a board and a voice coil bobbin. FIG. 1
shows a part of a conventional speaker in which a diaphragm of a sand-inch structure and an
incoming voice-fill bobbin are coupled, and a core of an honeycomb structure between a front
skin layer 1 and a rear skin layer 2 3 with tt + 7. The voice coil bobbin 5 is bonded to the rear
skin layer 2 of the diaphragm 4 (e9 /) with an adhesive. なお、6はボイスコイルである。 By the
way, as well known, vibration @ 4 of the no-necom structure shows a large rigidity against
surface stress as a whole, but the front skin layer 1. The rear skin layer 2 has almost no rigidity,
so in the above-described conventional structure, the diaphragm 4 and the voice coil bobbin 5 f)
W connecting portion 1 (especially the core 3) when driven by the voice film 6 Part where the
rear skin layer 2 is small but generates flexural vibration, and this vibration can be heard as an
audible noise, and the driving force of the poisco 1-θ-il 6 is the front skin layer 1 and the core 3
Mishi had the disadvantage that it was not correctly transmitted. FIG. 2111 is another prior art
devised to eliminate the defects of the configuration shown in FIG. 1, and the connecting portion
between the diaphragm 14 and the voice coil bobbin 15 of the sand-inch structure similar to the
diaphragm Y34, Leave only the front skin layer 11 [Back skin layer 12. And, a hole 11 is
provided in the core 13, and a cup-shaped reinforcing member 16 made of synthetic resin or the
like is inserted into the hole 1T and aluminum or (2) 1'Hst). 11. A voice coil bobbin 1S bonded to
a groove 713 and further having a cap 18 inserted in the hole IT is inserted, and the upper
surface of the cap 18 and the inside of the front closed end of the reinforcing member 16 are
bonded. The circumferential side surface 1s is bonded to the back surface skin layer 12 by an
annular support member 19 provided separately. Although the configuration of FIG. 2 is such
that the vibration of the voice fill bobbin 15 is also directly transmitted to the front skin layer 11
through the reinforcing member 16, there is no disadvantage as seen in the configuration shown
in FIG. When forming the hole 117 in the diaphragm 14, it is necessary to cut leaving the front
skin layer 11, and there is a manufacturing problem in the saddle point where the reinforcing
member 16 is used. This invention was devised to eliminate the above-mentioned drawbacks of
the conventional diaphragm and 1 '' '' 'bobbin and to improve the sound quality. FIG. 3 is a
sectional view of one embodiment of the invention. Show and explain.
24 is a diaphragm, and a honeycomb cam core or a lightweight material (8) 118 layer 23 is used
as a front skin layer 21. And it sandwiches by back skin layer 22, and is what was considered as
the sand inch structure. Reference numeral 25 denotes a voice fill bobbin, 26 denotes a lower
support ring, 27 denotes an upper support ring, and 28 denotes a cap whose center is a concave
surface 28 m and which is bent at a peripheral portion to form a 7-lume 211 b. In this device,
one voice coil povin 2s is inserted into a hole formed so that the voice coil bobbin 25 penetrates
the diaphragm, and the diaphragm 24 is sandwiched from above and below by the upper support
ring 2T and the lower support ring 26. Between the two upper and lower support rings 26.21,
and the front skin layer 21 of the diaphragm 24 and the voice fill bobbin 25 with an adhesive.
And adhesively secure the back skin layer 22. Then, the cap 28 is adhered to the upper side
supporting rib 27 to cover the upper end opening of the voice coil bobbin 25 at one end. The
voice filter 5 and the side surface of the bottle 25 may also be fixed by adhesion. In the structure
of this invention, the voice coil bobbin 2S (4) 11 & Δ is the front skin layer 21. And since it is
directly fixed to the back surface skin layer 22 with the sandwiching structure, the adhesive
strength can be increased with a simple structure, and the driving force by the voice coil (not
shown) is entirely on the diaphragm 240. Effectively transmitted, the characteristics of the
diaphragm 24 of this type of sandwich structure are not impaired. By the way, as cap 2s which
covers the hole of diaphragm 24 opened for attachment of voice coil 2S, it is necessary to
complement the rigidity of the diaphragm reduced by the opening and to prevent the entry of
dust. As shown in the cap 2NtllE3IQ of this invention, as shown in 29-, the central part is a
concave 2am and the peripheral part is self-opening 2, 17 y y 28 bt,%. 1いうぇあ1、い。 Even
if the genus plate is used, the rigidity of the cap 20 itself is increased, and the divided vibration
frequency generated at this portion can be set outside the audible sound range, and the sound
quality of the speaker is not deteriorated. Moreover, when the cap 20 is attached by the 7 flanges
28 b in the peripheral part, the adhesive applied to the inner surface of the 1 cap 28 is prevented
from flowing out to the surface of the vibration (5) ′ ′ Have the advantage of not polluting the
When the cap 2 $ is formed by using two thin metal plates 21 a + 29 b bonded together using
the adhesive 211 as shown in FIG. 4 K 11 l ′ i, the layer of the adhesive 29 is harmful. Since the
divided vibration is absorbed, even if the thickness of the entire cap is further reduced, it is
possible to prevent the divided vibration which deteriorates the sound quality.
The same effect can be obtained even if the concave surface 23m is a convex surface. As
mentioned above m, this device is installed on the diaphragm, installed, worked, or oh. No. □ □
□ or convex, with the peripheral part bent to form a flange, “Si” is used, so that the rigidity of
the diaphragm is kept to a sufficient level so that the sound quality is not degraded In addition, it
has the advantage of being able to prevent the outflow of the adhesive.
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