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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 are cross-sectional views of the
conventional diaphragm and voice coil bobbin, FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of the voice coil
bobbin on the diaphragm of the present invention, and FIG. It is an explanatory view showing
other examples of. In the figure, 21 is a front skin layer, 22 is a back skin layer, 23 is a
honeycomb core or lightweight material layer, 25 is a voice coil bobbin, 26 is a lower support
ring, and 27 is an upper support ring.
[Detailed Description of the Invention] This invention uses internal materials-Nekam structure or
lightweight material t)-Front 7-7-8-Rear 8-7! 1 Care, it's structure, vibration and vibration, 31-I
++], and 41 relates to the coupling of the diaphragm and the voice coil bobbin. FIG. 1 shows a
diaphragm of a sand inch structure and a conventional speaker combining a voice coil bobbin]]@, in which a honeycomb core 3 is interposed between a front skin layer 1 and a rear skin layer
2 Tt + -7, 1 ', intervene. The voice coil povin 5 is bonded to the rear skin layer 2 of the diaphragm
4 with an adhesive. なお。 6はボイスコイルである。 As is well known, the diaphragm 4 having
a no necham structure exhibits a large rigidity against surface stress as a whole, but the front
skin layer 1. The rear skin layer 2 has almost no rigidity, so in the above-described conventional
structure, when driven by the voice film 6, the connection portion 1 of the diaphragm 4 and the
voice coil povin 5 is close (see, K, The part that does not abut on the core 3), but the back skin
layer 2 generates a bending vibration though it is very small, and this vibration sounds as an
audible noise in the aural sense, and the driving force is the front skin layer 1 and the core 3
There was a drawback that it was not transmitted correctly. 2 solves the drawbacks of the
configuration shown in FIG. 1 1: Another prior art devised for the purpose of the diaphragm 14
and voice of the sand-inch structure similar to the diaphragm 4 Only the front skin layer 11 is
left at the connection portion of the coil povin 15, and the rear skin 412. And a hole 1T is
provided in the groove 713, and a cup-shaped reinforcing member 16 formed of aluminum or
synthetic resin or the like is inserted into the hole 1T, and the outer peripheral surface thereof is
made with the front skin layer 11. It is bonded to the core 13 and further the voice coil povin 15
with the cap 111 put in this hole 17 is inserted, and the upper surface of the cap 1s and the
inside of the front closed end of the reinforcing member 16 are bonded. The circumferential side
is bonded to the back skin layer 12 by an annular support member 1s provided separately. The
configuration of FIG. 2 does not have the disadvantage as seen in the configuration shown in FIG.
1 because the vibration of the voice coil bobbin 1S is directly transmitted to the front skin layer
11 via the reinforcing member 11 as well. When forming the hole 1T in the plate 14, there is a
need to cut leaving the front skin layer 11 and there is a manufacturing problem at the rework 3
point using the reinforcing member 1 @. This invention is one of the above-described
conventional diaphragm and Voiceco, <kd ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ ′ 70, which has been devised to
improve the sound quality as well as to eliminate the 0 defect due to coupling. The embodiment
will be described by showing it in a sectional view.
Reference numeral 24 denotes a diaphragm, which is a honeycomb core or a lightweight material
(3) 192 layer 23 as a front skin layer 21. And it sandwiches by back skin layer 22, and is what
was considered as the sand inch structure. The reference numeral 25 denotes a voice fill bobbin,
26 denotes a lower support ring, 27 denotes an upper support ring, 28 denotes a cap having a
concave surface 28 m at the center and a peripheral portion bent to form 7 lungs 28 b. In this
device, the voice fill bobbin 2 s is inserted into a hole formed so that the voice fill bobbin 2 s
penetrates the diaphragm, and the diaphragm 24 is vertically sandwiched by the upper support
ring 2 T and the lower support ring 26. Between the two upper and lower support rings 26.21 by
means of an adhesive agent, which is a Bloois coil bobbin 25 and a front skin layer 21 of the
diaphragm 24. And the back surface skin layer 22 is adhesively fixed. The cap 2 $ is bonded to
the upper support ring 27 to cover the open end of the voice coil bobbin 25 at the Ff end. Note
that the core core or the lightweight material layer 23 may also be fixed by adhesion to the side
surface of the voice coil 2s. In the structure of the present invention, the voice fill bobbin 25 (4193 has a front skin layer 21. And since it has been fixed directly to the back surface skin layer 22
with a swallowed structure, the adhesive strength can be increased with a simple structure, and
the driving force by the voice coil (not shown) is vibrated [24 It is effectively transmitted
throughout and does not impair the characteristics possessed by the diaphragm 24 of this type
of sandwich structure. The mounting positions of the upper and lower support rings 2 @, 27 may
be such that the front skin layer 21 and the rear skin layer 22 of the diaphragm 24 may be
sandwiched, as shown in FIG. 4) It is needless to say that the upper and lower support rings 211
and 27 may have different adhesive surfaces and their positions as schematically shown in FIG.
1m) and (bl, tcl, fdl). As described above, according to the present invention, as the diaphragm is
sandwiched between the upper and lower support rings of this embodiment, the voice coil
bobbin and the diaphragm are connected, so the manufacturing process is simplified. However,
the adhesive strength is increased, the driving force of the voice coil can be sufficiently
transmitted to the diaphragm, and the sound quality is not impaired (5) which has an advantage
of 194. is there.
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