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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of the
embodiment of the present invention, FIG. 2 is a longitudinal sectional view of another
embodiment, and FIG. 3 is a comparative view. 1 'fd fat film, 2- dome body, 3- edge.
[Detailed description of the invention] To meet the requirements of conventional cone-shaped
swing-bars, the following seven points are required in order to improve the V-trade, the
characteristics, and the perspiration level of a speaker with a dome-shaped diaphragm The
elasticity of 0 (() specification) should be obtained. There is no sudden ventilation. C1 shadow
retention should be good. -44, that it is quantity. 6 Arbitrary thick taste can be obtained. 6) There
is no directionality in the material. ■ being cheap. What is known as a conventional domeshaped uan board is 1, luo υ 1 ′, t 29 1 / t / Δ (()) cloth impregnated with resin, coated with
resin on the surface of the cloth, and heat pressed There are some which are used after being
formed by pressing (b) a gold-plate or a resin plate (film). Since the forming part of (a) has
directionality in the material, the shape Iv wait becomes embarrassing and any elasticity is not
required to be required to be 1 inch. From the point of view it is also difficult to be inexpensive-In
the case of (b), it is an inner ring to meet the condition that an arbitrary elasticity is obtained, a
light weight, and a thick taste can be obtained. Therefore, special materials must be used, and the
condition of cheap (+ fti can not be satisfied. H over 4r! The cows that meet the divine sound
quality characteristics are poor because of single component, and their use is limited. The
present invention compensates for the gap between the conventional products and overcomes
the m-shape of making a dome-shaped paper, and utilizes the advantages of the conventional
paper diaphragm for a dome-shaped sliding plate u67- 1 Bon V-7 to make it possible to meet the
above 7 conditions. In the present invention, 9 paper-packed dome main body 2K resin film 1 is
charged without using an adhesive, heated to # 1 point, and the softened film is pressurized to a
company dome main body using a mold or a film is stuck +, It is configured to be adsorbed by air
from the opposite side of tni. By the fist using pulp S fiber like this invention. In the process of
preventing deformation of the shape during release and processing, it is possible to use the
advantage of exerting a good effect such as internal spoiling C original sound reproduction upper
J ge by the entanglement of the valve foot which is the feature of 1 paper diaphragm It can come
out. Therefore, the union is overlying each stalk tillage that is many 1m in size, and by setting the
length of the fiber by squeezing に and distributing the に into 朽, arbitrary elasticity. In addition
to being able to sit in any thick taste, lightweight chopsticks and products are obtained. Since it is
possible to eliminate air permeability by immersing the フ ィ ル ム fat film in the bath, ← 1 to 6
of 1 to 7 of Mu, which is required as a tremor, is 1 foot '3 no 1 field' ', . It becomes possible to put
T's 'ten-ball' 1) -1.
Also, by combining the properties of paper and the properties of the film, each can produce 9 Ato
effect, and it can be used to find the required V 餉 and properties, so it can be used in a wide
range of speeds. The cost is low because the main material is made by using valve fiber (see FIG.
3), and the resin film is not limited to a specific one but different ones can be used, Together, Kos
lTh can be satisfied.
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