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BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of an
electrodynamic speaker to which the conventional diaphragm support structure is applied, and
FIG. 2 is an electrodynamic speaker to which the diaphragm support structure according to the
present invention is applied. FIG. 3 is a longitudinal sectional view, and FIG. 3 shows an end view
of the n-n line cutting section of FIG. 1
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DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a diaphragm
support structure for an electrodynamic speaker, and a typical diaphragm support structure for a
conventional electrokinetic speaker of a conventional type, as shown in FIG. Attach the outer
peripheral end of the overflow diaphragm A to the frame C with the edge B and secure the fixed
part of the center of the 1st swing S-plate A and the bobbin of the voice coil D to the damper E
?11657 no. The voice coil D is held in the magnetic circuit F and attached to the frame C to
vibrate the diaphragm A normally. However, in the electrodynamic speaker of this structure, the
edge B and the tamper At the frequency below -ytO (,) to the lowest resonance frequency to by
the equivalent stiffness SO of -E and the equivalent mass mo of the vibration 1, the reproduced
sound significantly decreases 0 or at the time of large loss width. Therefore, in order to solve the
above-mentioned drawbacks, the present invention has the disadvantage that the voice coil is
held in the magnetic gap by means of a static air bearing, and the non-linearity of the fuse causes
the distortion to be very large. An electrodynamic speaker in which the supporting parts with
stiffness such as edges and dampers are removed so as to damp the vibration of the diaphragm,
and reproduction can be performed with a constant sound pressure and low distortion to low
frequencies. The object of the present invention is to explain the present invention by the
embodiment of the drawings, the object of the present invention is to provide a diaphragm
support structure 0 or less, FIG. 21 is a vertical cross-sectional view, and FIG. 3 is an end-to-end
view of the n-II line in FIG. 3 0 in the above figure, 1 is a magnetic circuit, i gnet 1 m + shoulder 1
lb, play ) O which is composed of 1e In frame fixed to play) 1e the magnetic circuit 1, 2m denotes
the frame 20 cylindrical portion. 3 is a bobbin on which a voice coil 3a is wound, and an Spattern is provided at the upper end of the bin 3 on the same axial center of the cylindrical
portion 4 having substantially the same outer diameter as the l-bin 3; The central part of the
conical diaphragm 5 is fixed to the upper end of the diaphragm 5. However, the outer peripheral
end of the diaphragm 5 is edge-less. 06 is a ring-shaped air bearing, and the bearing 6 is fixed in
the cylindrical portion 2a of the 7 frame 2 and disposed on the outer periphery of the cylindrical
portion 4 so that the # cylinder portion 4 and the air bearing tatami mat 0 between which an air
gap 7 is formed, and within the above-mentioned air bearing 6 an annular passage 8 which is
continuous in the circumferential direction is formed and on the inner surface of one air bearing
6) ) A plurality of air supply holes 9 communicating with the passage 8 are opened at equal
intervals A part of the annular passage 8 is opened to the outside through an air introduction
hole 10 formed in the cylindrical portion 2a of the frame 2. Although not shown in the drawing, a
compressor such as a moistureproof constant pressure is not shown. The above-mentioned
cylindrical portion 4 can be formed by extending the upper end portion of the bobbin 3 when the
near compressor is connected, but when not in use, that is, near gap?
When air is not supplied to the inside of the magnetic circuit y, the air gap 7 is required to have a
roundness and a predetermined hardness so as not to be in contact with the air bearing 6 and
maintain a smooth surface orientation without being damaged. It is desirable that the bobbin 3
be formed of a separate member from the bobbin 3 because extremely high accuracy is required
as compared to the magnetic gap. Then, for example, Teflon processing may be applied to the
outer peripheral surface of the cylindrical portion 4 for the purpose of facilitating sliding and
preventing damage. Further, the tip diameter of the air supply hole 9 formed in the air bearing 6
is set to about 0.1 wjl 0 Next, to explain the operation of the present invention, the air
introduction 168 into the annular passage 8 of the air bearing 6) If the compressed air of the
near compressor is supplied from the hole 1G, it is fed into the air gap 7 from the air supply hole
9 of the S # raw air horizontal bond to generate an air film, and the air film is generated. The
portion 4 is held at the center position without contacting the air gap 7 and the voice coil 3a is
held within the magnetic gap of the magnetic circuit 1 by the die K and the cylindrical portion 4
is smoothed in the axial direction. Since the movement of the diaphragm 5 can be made to
vibrate normally from 0, the present invention provides the cylindrical portion 4 between the
bobbin 8 of the voice coil 3 & and the diaphragm 5 as described above. The outer periphery of
the cylindrical portion 4 is circumferentially An air bearing 6 having an air supply hole 9 is
disposed at every wedging interval to form an air gap 7 between the bearing 6 and the
cylindrical portion 4, and air is supplied from the air supply hole 9 into the air gap 7. Forming a
film of air, holding the voice coil 3a in the magnetic gap of the magnetic circuit 1 by the film of
air, damping the vibration of the diaphragm 5, Since it is possible to remove the gombars and
edges 169), it is possible to improve the low frequency reproduction limit and to reduce the
distortion at the time of large amplitude. Since it is not necessary to use a damper and an edge,
the change in vibration system with time is small, and the reliability of the electrodynamic
speaker can be improved. 0
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