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The present invention relates to a method of acoustic diaphragm line method t, and in particular
to a method of achieving # 1 squeezable attenuating plate t-plate by pressure forming.
Conventionally, a high-quality island molecule such as a modified polyimide, particularly a film
mixed with whiskers mixed therein, can not be deep drawn because of its hardness, even if it is to
be press-molded, 41111 m degrees occur in the shape of the diaphragm that can be used by
itself. After using a high-rigidity polymer film, such as high-rigidity polymer without pressure, it
is possible to use a plastic * 1 * cloth and carefully apply 1L6 to carefully. However, this method
has the disadvantage that the resin is uniformly mE-woven, and the inertia of the superior detail
is not constant. Again, without poisoning on the base film, 1111 III! It is conceivable to form a
film with an I-rod and to cure it with 70 films out of the prefecture-1 flag * or with a single film,
but it is a detail to form a uniform film with only a single film. Therefore, the present invention is
also O which provides a melt flow of complex squeezed town-echo 1 [1] by pressure forming. The
method according to the present invention comprises forming a lt ? layer made of a curable
resin on a base film and applying a curing by applying a ?1-radial-1 extra-or ?-heat or the like
formed into a predetermined shape, i Ru. In the present invention, as shown in lIgll1, a pressureformed fan material is selectively used as a base film (1), and a resin layer (2) made of a curable
resin is formed thereon. The method of forming this resin 111It is not limited to any particular
method, and 1) for example, the 2nd beer roll method, the doctor blade method, the octal coating
method, the spray method, etc. can be suitably used conveniently. In the present invention, it is
possible to cure or thermally cure when exposed to t-m such as radiation- and / or ultraviolet
rays as a stool wire for feces, or t to impart desired rigidity to -a-box. Any resin may be used, and
it is not limited to any particular resin. As such a mm, it is preferable to use, for example, a sevencolumn oligomer having an acrylic or methano IJ / L / sex double bond. ?????? -As t
having an acrylate double bond, gaeha, vinyl pyrrolidone, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate, lauryl acrylate,
hydroxyethyl acrylate, ethoxyethoxy acrylate, tetrahydrofurfuryl acrylate, Aroex M-5700
(product Name) etc. 'II total monomer, diethylene glycol diacrylate, tetraethylene glycol
diacrylate, neopentyl glycol diacrylate, difunctional seven-tumma such as Aroeck xM-6100 (trade
name), tmethylol methane tetraacrylate, dipenta And the like, such as erythritol hexaacrylate,
dipentaerythritol pentaacrylate, and the like.
Among these seven columns, those having a tackiness of methacrylic acid are, for example, those
in which a missed seventh monomer acrylic double bond is substituted for methacrylic acid 2iL.
Moreover, as 11 shields used as frame | skeleton which has this double bond, for example,
aluminum in mm, polyester, an acrylic resin, polyurethane, an epoxy resin etc. are mentioned.
When using oligomers as mm. The self thing mentioned above! It may be used by converting into
an oligomer by a conventional method using-. The resin as described above is preferably used
together with a photosensitizer, and when irradiated with light, the sensitizer is decomposed to
generate a radical, and the radical is polymerized and crosslinked through the radical. Such
sensitizers include, for example, 5 benzoin compounds and mixtures of penzophenen-adian
compounds. Examples of benzoin compounds include benzoin alkyl ethers and the like, and
examples of the alkyl include methyl, ingrovir, n-butyl, t-butyl and the like. Examples of the
amine compound used in the penzophenone-based warming certificate include methyl
jetanolamine, triethanolamine, X-methylmorpholine, triethyl rare earth, diptylamine, N, Ndimethylbenzylamine, N, N-dimethyl aniline etc. are mentioned. If necessary, reinforcing
materials such as graphite and polyoxymethylene whiskers can be added to the curable web to
form a composite. The amount of the reinforcing material can be appropriately determined in
consideration of the conditions such as the curing speed and the pressure moldability. When this
curable resin is coated, the film is opaque. It is advantageous to use radiation, as it is less likely to
transmit% UV radiation. In the case of transparency, any irradiation means may be used. The
molding material obtained as described above is, for example, press-molded into a molding CEX
by 4 according to a molding method of 44 to produce a finished cone-like diaphragm. In this
case, it is not necessary to have Jils and Ezji's line. The capsule layer is valued by irradiating or stadding radiation-1 such as, for example, glass-, gamma- or the like, or ultraviolet-to the thusformed lm1lIII plate. Hereinafter, the present invention will be described in detail by means of
implementation H1. Husband Example 1 12 m thick polyethylene terephthalate haze film, UV mdegradable silk multi-blind monomer (trade name "1) P) I-M"; A coating was formed to a
thickness of 25 microns using a doctor blade.
In this m fat layer, an intensity of 80 W / sub-ultraviolet light was cured at a distance of f1120
as, a feed rate of j [50 oII / min, and a light intensity of t fi]. Note that this one-step irradiation
may not be performed depending on the type of resin O, coating means, and the like. m Valued as
obtained as described @ f, 201 J ░ C., 8 kl / C 1 M '4 D pressure under pressure 9! In the
forming t, a diameter 3 (j-a dynaic ? microphone for a microphone f: S was formed. The surface
of this diaphragm which was hardened by irradiating it under the condition of distance-201 ░
feed coupling 55 I / min. It was 560 ?, Q = 20, and it became sharp and became a good f / iL
of% solution * 1 f. ? m Example 2 A polyethylene terephthalate film with a thickness of 12
microns, on an acrylate thread that is an electron * curable resin T- (trade name "AROEX", Toa
Gosei Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.), to a thickness of 25 microns Were coated by the gravure
coating method. The fabric / layer was softly cured by irradiating it with 1.5 Mr ad O electrons II
& at a feed rate of 50 countries / sec. After that, it is pressure-formed at a pressure of 1200 ░ C8kg / ts2 and it has a diameter of 60 ? Guina built-in type! 1 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? was
completed. ? ? ? ? ? 9-Of 5 5, 5Mrad OS 5iit, fit fitL 50 country / sheet, hardened by
irradiation. This diaphragm showed a brushstroke identical to that of the ? 10- ?. The
advantages achieved by the axis with are as long as possible. r First,% molecular film tS squeezing
pressure growth, for example, when using a speaker o cone aiaim board, t do not use ductile ^
molecular film In this invention, the ductile ^ molecular film is uniformly coated with the curable
aj11, radiation, ultraviolet light, heat, etc. is applied and cured. Therefore, it became possible to
obtain an acoustic diaphragm capable of deep drawing and forming with rigidity. Second, if resin
is spread on a cone-like, dome-like, etc. diaphragm as in the prior art, it will cause weakening and
the non-defective characteristics will be uneven. By applying wI, there is an advantage that
uniform products can be obtained without unevenness in the characteristics of the obtained
product. Thirdly, even in the case of am-like tw, impermeable @ i4 such as gusphite, whiskers,
etc. t complexed **, it can be cured in a very short time.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. g1 is a cross-sectional view showing the structure of the material of the present invention,
the second weir is a cross-sectional view showing the shape of a cone-like diaphragm, and Fig.
116 is a cross-sectional view showing the curing means of the diaphragm of Fig.
In the reference numerals used in the drawings, (m) ииииииииииии Base film (2) иииииииииииии? ? ? ? One
layer is a weir layer. ? ? ? ? 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 NNNllNtN
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