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The present invention provides a metal diaphragm of high characteristics, that is, small density
、 and high Young's modulus E1 high loss IW / W, more specifically, a diaphragm of an acoustic
speaker, a turntable mat, and a turn. The present invention relates to a metal diaphragm used for
a player-related diaphragm, a bass absorption panel, etc. of a table or the like. Conventionally, as
a diaphragm for acoustics, particularly, as a metal material of a diaphragm for a speaker, which is
required to have high characteristics, B (Gero /), Be (Beryllium), Ti (Titanium), Di-Lumin,
Aluminum-(At Etc.) have been used, but each had advantages and disadvantages. The properties
of these metals are shown in Table 1. Mg is light (ρ is small), E is properly transmitted through
the diaphragm, and the speed of sound V transmitted through the diaphragm is 51 × t 02 (Iv /
s). Because it is large, it is difficult to laminate it in air and use it as a diaphragm. B has desirable
characteristics from all points of 、, E and 40,000, but it has a very high melting point Tm of
2225 ° C. It is difficult to machine it into a thin plate because it is high and hard, and until now,
stereo! It has been used only by a method such as coating on other metallic material pigs by
chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method on cantilevers / 4'iso of layer pick ag. With regard to Be
having excellent characteristics, although it has been put to practical use in some speakers, Be
has a problem in that it is toxic to the human body, and can not be said to be an optimal metal
material in manufacturing and use. As for Ti, 〆 〆 と ラ ル is the same as diaralmin, At, etc., but
since ρ is thick, there is a problem that when it is used as a speaker diaphragm, the
reproduction efficiency is lowered Has the disadvantage that the sound gets poor. Also, the price
is higher than aluminum etc. Noeralmin and AA are excellent in terms of ease of processing and
cost, but the characteristics, particularly E, are not very high, and therefore, only the value of A
jig-(50 to 52 X 102 n1 / s) can be obtained, There is a problem that the frequency response is a
little bad. The present invention is a metal material that solves the above-mentioned drawbacks,
problems and the like of the above-mentioned metal material, and in the configuration thereof, in
the At-B system, the region of B is 0.1 to 30 (At T) as the main component. Metal diaphragm.
Furthermore, it is a metal diaphragm which makes it special to use what thinned this At-B type
metal using the super-quenching method. The effects of the present invention will be described
using the At-B binary alloy phase diagram (extracted from "Metal data book (Maruzen)") of FIG.
In the At-B alloy, the liquidus of the alloy moves to the high temperature side as the at% of B
increases, as can be seen from the state silver diagram in FIG. 1, and the liquid metal that was on
the high temperature side of the liquidus Separates out by two-phase separation of AL and AtB2
during cooling. In the present invention, the ratio of At to B is changed, and melting is performed
by high frequency induction heating so as to obtain different compositions (B: 0 to 50 at%), and
the molten metal melt is cast in a mold to form a master alloy. As mentioned above, this mother
alloy is one in which AtB2 is precipitated in mother crystals of At and AtB2 and AA. And as a
result of measuring density rho and Young's modulus E about this mother alloy, it discovered
that a remarkable characteristic was shown in the field of 0-30 at% B. The results are shown in
FIG. 2 where the abscissa is at% of B and the ordinate is ρ and E. As shown in FIG. 2, ρ
decreases with the concentration of B, and EiliB is 308t%, which is four times At. However, as the
concentration of B increases, the toughness and toughness of the entire mother alloy decrease,
and when it exceeds 30 ILtts, B becomes difficult to dissolve, and further processing becomes
difficult and thinning for a diaphragm becomes difficult. The It was also found that the increase
in Young's modulus E by B in this way was from 0.1 at% or more as shown in FIG. Therefore, the
present invention can be applied to a metal diaphragm having as a main component a region of
0.1-30 at% of B in the At-B system. Furthermore, the metal structure of the At-B alloy of the
present invention is observed, and a method of manufacturing and processing the parent alloy is
examined, and in this alloy, the crystal phase of AAB 2 is precipitated in the parent phase of AL. It
has been found that finely and uniformly dispersing this precipitated phase is effective in
reducing the variation in the strength and Young's modulus of the alloy and improving the
toughness. Therefore, the metal obtained by using a liquid ultra-quenching technique to try to
form a metal strip by blowing a bath metal directly onto a rotating metal roller, or by blowing
and rolling the gap between a pair of metal rollers. The ρ and E of the ribbon were measured,
and the observation of the metal structure and the measurement of Vickers hardness (Hv) were
performed. As a result, since the rapidly quenched metal thin body has a large cooling rate of -10
° C./see, AtB2 is finely and uniformly distributed in the matrix, and Young's modulus not more
than 9 decreases, and Hv is 10 It was found that it increased by 30 to 30 cycles. The ultraquenching of the At-B alloy according to the present invention is not limited to the liquid ultraquenching method, and the effect on the properties of the obtained thin film can be seen not only
by the other super-quenching methods (sp. It was done.
Therefore, in the present invention, a metal diaphragm of At-B system (B: 0.1 to 30 at%) is
thinned by using an ultra-quenching method to constitute a metal diaphragm. As a result of
measuring vibration damping ability Δw of the obtained metal, (aH 2 −an 2 + j 2) / An 2 (a H is
the amplitude intensity of the n th vibration) in 'w, it becomes higher than M of At and duralmin
by at least 950%. Found out that It is considered that the high loss and high damping ability of
this alloy may be due to the viscous flow of the metal structure at the interface between the
matrix phase and the second phase. The characteristic values of "98B21, At80B20" having a
typical composition of the present invention are shown in Table 1. The melting point Tm is
shown with 0 in the sense that the present alloy can be bathed in the entire alloy system. As can
be seen from this table, the At-B alloy according to the present invention has a small ρ and a
large E, and as a result, it has a value of 60 to 100 × 102 (-, an intermediate value of At * Ti, B,
and Be). It is an excellent diaphragm material that can be used in combination, and has the
opposite properties of high loss and high damping ability, is excellent in processability, can be
mass-produced inexpensively, and is a material extremely suitable for a diaphragm. The addition
of a third element such as Cu t Tt + Mg to the At-B alloy of the present invention to improve
mechanical workability and the like has no problem at all, and is desirable also from the point of
property improvement. Next, an embodiment of the present invention will be described. Example
1 At 16.5. 6 g of granular At 22.51 g of purity 99.99 q 6 and 83. 70 g of crystallized granular
(purity 99.9%) so that the composition ratio of At and 6B 4 is made of alumina? The reaction
solution is put in a vacuum, substituted with Ar (alden), substituted with Ar (alden), induction
heated at high frequency (30 kHz) under Ar pressure 68 c In) Ig, dissolved by raising At to about
1400 ° C., B is dissolved therein, A homogeneous melt of H was produced and cast into an iron
mold. After cooling to room temperature, it was taken out to the atmosphere, and the properties
of this mother alloy were measured. The density is measured by the Archimedean method, ρ =
2.7 (g / In ′), the Young's modulus is measured by a flexural vibration method in which one end
of a strip-cut sample is fixed, E = 1. I X 10 '2 (ciyn / J) was obtained. When Mel 4 was determined
from this value, it was calculated to be 63 × 102 (W′8). Example 2 A master alloy adjusted to
have a compositional ratio of At8oB2o in the same manner as in Example 1 was prepared by an
operation of melt casting by high frequency induction heating. This mother alloy was introduced
into a quartz nozzle having a 0.2 + fiI width and a 10 cm long slit at one end, and melted at a
temperature of 1500% in an Ar atmosphere.
The liquid is rapidly quenched by adding Ar rapidly from the other end of the quartz nozzle to
the circumference of a copper roller rotating with a diameter of 300 m and a width of 30 mm
and a 160O rpm, and a molten metal is blown to perform liquid superquenching. A metal strip
with a thickness of 50 μm was obtained. The ・ · E of this thin metal strip was measured to
obtain a value of p = 2.66 (g / an 3), E = 2.5 × 10 12 (dyn / m 2). From this value, it was
calculated that 4−−97 × 102 (% ′ 8).
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 shows the state of the AA-B system, Fig. 2 shows the relationship between the
concentration (t%) of B in the At-B system, the density ρ and the gearing ratio, and Fig. 3 shows
the At-B system. It is a figure which shows the density | concentration (at%) of B, and the
relationship of the Young's modulus E. FIG.
Figure 1 w + @ Figure 3 8 (av I '/, 1B (at%)
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