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The present invention relates to an improvement in the teaching method of a speaker diaphragm,
in particular, a fiber-reinforced plastic yarn swing plate for the middle-low range. In general,
every m as a speaker diaphragm. Paper 1 Mixed paper of synthetic fiber and inorganic
reinforcing fiber, plastic, fiber reinforced plastic, etc. are used, but for diaphragm for medium-low
effect area mehica. Physical custom-made water with high ill Young's modulus 12) moderate
internal loss (3) low density is reduced. For this reason, 7 nossimicum, titanium and so on. The
Young's modulus is a factor, but the density is large and the inner radius is small. Therefore, even
if it is used as a naural plate for the naural range, it is not suitable for the mid-low range
diaphragm. Although paper-based ones have an internal loss of i4 degrees. The Young's modulus
is somewhat low, and the same tendency is observed in the case of plastic, so that the final base
material and the plastic yarn are not sufficiently satisfactory as the mid-low range diaphragm.
Fiber-reinforced plastics, in particular, those using a bearing surface as a reinforcement, can
exhibit a Young's modulus, and it is possible to have an appropriate internal loss due to the
plastic edge treatment. It is suitable as a low frequency range diaphragm. However, in the
conventional manufacturing method of fiber reinforced plastic yarn narado temporary, the oil
bath solution is mentioned in the distribution, and after drying to make a prepreg, it is heated
and pressurized in a mold to obtain dM JJl ¥ k It is something to be cured. Not only does this
heating, acid addition, etc. require considerable equipment, but when heating and pressurizing,
the purpose is to make the pot life of 1 repreg t *) l)! l Between FC # j8 for curing, because resin
composition that usually slows curing is used? : There is a disadvantage that the molding cycle is
long and the productivity is bad. The present invention is a method 1 for back-fabrication of 1Mt
fiber reinforced plastic yarn sliding plate without the above drawbacks. -It is intended to be
obtained. In the present invention, therefore, the reinforced fiber-woven fabric, which has been
W-contacted with the molding die, is taken out by immersion in a polymer resin bath solution,
and then removed by a dissolving at-si bed to form a diaphragm. It is. As the reinforcing fiber
woven fabric used in the present invention. Glass fiber, carbon fiber, plain woven fabric made of
aramid fiber, satin woven fabric, etc. are opened, but non-spun cloth is preferable in that it is
easy to be old. The polymer resin solution is a single resin such as 9 ordinary acrylic resin,
styrene resin, vinyl chloride resin, vinyl acetate resin. Although these mixtures, those mixed with
a bath solution which is excessive for copolymerization fat, etc. are opened, the dry bead time for
# media removal is short, @ foam is not pressed, environmental pollution does not occur, etc. The
above-mentioned side oils are most commonly used as aqueous marzin.
These emuldielectric 100j [2 to 5 parts of a film forming aid such as 2 to 5 parts of butyl calpitol
acetate, butyl cellosolve, ethyl cellosolve, etc. This is particularly preferable because the wording
to Next, one embodiment tPII of the present invention will be described. Implementation 9IIl As
shown in the fifth symbol (longitudinal sectional view) and FIG. 2 (plan view), a pair of satin
weave glass fiber woven piles of thickness 01 · 1111 m and a basis weight 95 t Δ− @ A
diameter of 10 cm, a cone-shaped mold 121 closely attached to the solid and rectangular fitting
13), as shown in FIG. 3, aron) 11) -12 (I good * m, 70) HD- 4801it part (each is a mixture of Toho
Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Emuldi Brazón [, and further, it is immersed for 30 seconds
in enemy 141 which is added in triple portion to butyl carpitol acetate t Emulgi Bran and
polymer resin t glass Layer the fiber woven fabric + 11 Next, with the resin-treated material pile
along with the molding fJ 121, k116 out of 1% k 141 of the emulsion, left for 20 cycles at 9M
temperature, and then subjected to 120 cycles of drying and removed from the molding die (2) 9
removed. The relative Young's modulus and internal loss obtained by the full-size seed method
for the flat test pieces cut out from the diaphragm were as shown in Table 1. Example 2 The
same procedure as in Example 1 was carried out except that it was used for a two-layered tube
made of satin woven carbon fiber woven fabric having a thickness of 0.15 and a basis weight of
120 f /-. The characteristic of this diaphragm is #! As shown in Table 1, it was Comparative
Example Example! Heat in a mold according to a conventional method using a plug of epoxy
resin 'ttt made of the same glass fiber woven fabric as that used in. Pressure was applied to make
a conical diaphragm. Curing of the resin was carried out at 120 ° C. for 3 hours. The
characteristics of this diaphragm were as shown in Table 1. As apparent from Table 1, the
diaphragm according to the present invention does not perform 71 + 1 pressure at the time of
molding as compared with the conventional method, so the resin content m is slightly increased,
but the ratio Young No. The present invention is the same as the above-mentioned meridian
injection, and at the same time, it is possible to obtain a diaphragm having a very high I / c. Note
that the upper B **-# 1 is for a cone-shaped hypoallergenic but it is needless to say that the
present invention is not limited to this and that a ground-shaped one can be used. As described
above, according to the 9th #IAVc, the 1 / + feature of ultra-shallowed plastic makes it
unnecessary to create a Shun American grade 19 preg, heating and pressing molds, and the
productivity is healthy. Thus, it is possible to obtain a method of making a steel sheet for a steel
sheet which can make the characteristics for the middle-low range extremely excellent.
Brief description of the drawings
1 and 2 show the shape of reinforcing fiber woven fabric closely placed on the forming mold in
the embodiment of the present invention at-showing, respectively, a longitudinal 1 rEIi figure, a
flat plate, and FIG. 3 shows FIG. 1 FIG. 3 is a longitudinal 11h elevation view showing a state in
which the reinforcing fiber cloth shown in FIG. 2 is immersed in a polymer resin solution.
ill ... ladder area glass fiber woven fabric, (2 J ... cone-shaped mold, 131 ... fixing bracket, 14) ...
polymer resin bath Figure 3
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