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Vibrator for acoustic converter +1. ! The present invention relates to the improvement of the
above-mentioned vibrator as a 'πMg or Mg alloy busy substrate. If this vibrator is used as an
example of an fjdI plate for a lambda h speaker, it will be described below that, as a diaphragm
material of a conventional speaker, a metal material such as Afl, 1'i, etc. The speaker diaphragm
and [2 were necessarily satisfied in the point that the large point and the internal loss (tan δ)
were small. Therefore, as a metal with a large amount of internal loss in low density, IVIg or Mg?
It is well known that it is known to be an alloy (hereinafter simply referred to as an Mg alloy) or a
diaphragm material, but it is well known to be a chemically active Mg Mg alloy and oxygen in the
air. Can not be put to practical use simply by corrosion, moisture, or other corrosive agents. For
this reason, it is necessary to form a surface acoustic wave 6 ') on the surface of the Mg or Mg
alloy, and to shield it from the Mg or tj Mg alloy air which is formed by the diaphragm substrate.
As a means to form such a coating sound, a method of forming a coating film, a chemical plating
method, 6 empty plating method KJ: form of an corrosive film 1 Oy, or 1 而 1 醜 + '1 immediately
Is it coated on a substrate using a sputtered oxide or other compound sound sputter link method
or an ion breeching method? It is a means to form or someone λ. 1) In the first stage of the
above synthetic resin coking, the Iariki resin dissolved in a solvent is applied, and then the
drying-f, etc. step is carried out by flowing or moving the synthetic resin bath solution by gravity,
and the coating Uneven thickness or occurrence 11 ct Cotten's snake relatively heavy thing
influences the characteristics of the diaphragm? r: iiλ · 〃 · 重) · Increase in conversion efficiency
may cause reduction in conversion efficiency. The waste liquid that is harmful to the means by
the father Chemical Menogi will be in the palace grounds, and the processing equipment will
require a great deal of expense -A-. Fushimi, vacuum menogi, sputtering, 1 on 7 7 ff, f coating Q:
1 pinhole or slight rack is generated, base substrate and mind? Completely V't: 'I'll be able to cut
off, I'll see if it is a (i't) film by the (i't) film size by 1 means, I X 4 卯 r film weight increase
because it is a gold (I) film, it leads to a decrease in conversion efficiency Disadvantages such as
Therefore, this σ) invention 'C has a relatively small density of phenol resin 1 at a relatively low
density, or the entire coating of the resin is covered with a high frequency sputtering, and an
extremely thin film layer is formed. The following is an example of the history K # F L, <Twilight.
Vacuum (yl + 1 ~ I (1 l 'l' i 'b of Ar gas), target electrode with 7 conors, base-base, other electrodes
with a desired shape, eg 1, dome-shaped The Mg base metal r1 formed on the substrate is
disposed, and a frequency of 18.5 fi MH2 I7) is directly applied between the both electrodes, and
the power (about 2 t + (I W) S-supply) is applied. Then, it collides with the surface of the phenol 1
fat which is Ar ion and Ar 11 at 4 and the ionism, P 1 or inelastic collision, and this collision
causes the phenol position (+ post fracture) of the target coating surface. B. Or, 1-radical-strided
particles or particles I'IvI (e.g. Then, the deposited particles -ir, j'Fj, and U polymerize to
polymerize. In this way, J), the above-mentioned to the part II of the oil at the nil position, and the
above-mentioned) <4'l: I No generation of holes or slight racks 1 is observed, or a film thickness
of 10.1 μm can form a thin <IJk layer, so that the film has a thin "::-Wtll root weight increase by
1 tt And substantially does not affect the conversion efficiency. As described above, according to
the present invention, tl is described in detail in the above-mentioned Example W7, and it is
described in detail as follows. The extremely thin and dense phenolic resin film is covered with
the vibrator surface or the cylinder circumference 77 ヅ sputtering. Therefore, it completely
shields the substrate Mg or Mg alloy and air completely from the air and completely prevents the
corrosion of the substrate, and the increase of heavy phase by the film is negligible and the
conversion efficiency substantially There is an advantage that can reduce the resistance to rain.
The above explanation has explained the diaphragm for bess beaker, or the vibrating egg for the
microphone! It can be applied to a plate, a cantilever of a big amplifier cartridge, and the like.
’I’! + ° patent applicant Onkyo Co., Ltd. Attorney Attorney Satoshi Satoshi Department
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