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The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a piezoelectric speaker used for a
piezoelectric buzzer or the like. Generally, the piezoelectric sounding body for buzzers is one in
which a piezoelectric ceramic plate is fixed to a metal diaphragm with an adhesive, and an
adhesive made of, for example, a two-component thermosetting epoxy resin is used as the
adhesive. The adhesive is left in a 110 ° C. heating furnace to be thermally cured. At this time,
the heat from the heating furnace is absorbed by the metal jig for collectively supporting the
metal plate of the produced grandchild and a large number of the sounding bodies, and the
working efficiency of the heat curing is significantly reduced. It took time to work. In addition,
the thermal expansion coefficients of the metal diaphragm (stainless steel plate or flat plate) and
the piezoelectric ceramic plate (PZT) are largely different from about 17 to 21 × 10−E ′ / ′
′ C2 about 1 to 3 × 10−8 / ′ C. There is also a disadvantage that the piezoelectric ceramic
plate is easily cracked at the time of heat curing. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present
invention provides a method of manufacturing a piezoelectric sounding body, which eliminates
the above-mentioned conventional defects, enables thermal curing of the adhesive in a short
time, and prevents cracking of the piezoelectric ceramic plate at the time of thermal curing. The
purpose? する。 That is, according to the present invention, an adhesive is interposed on a metal
diaphragm to stack piezoelectric ceramic plates, and the adhesive is thermally cured by a high
frequency induction heating method, specifically, brass, stainless steel, etc. The thermosetting
adhesive is coated on the metal diaphragm of the above, l'Ef [ceramic plates are stacked to form a
sounding body consisting of PZT etc. to which an electrode is applied, and this sounding body 4
high frequency induction heating It is put in the device, and it adds ^ frequency electric power W
to the sounding body. When a high frequency electric field is applied to the sounding body, P =
0.556 × 10-12x (ε · tan δ) × XE2P: heat generation amount per unit volume of the sounding
body (W / co + 3-sea) ε: permittivity of the sounding body tan δ: sounding Body power factor f:
frequency of i% frequency electric field (Hz) E: high frequency electric field strength (V / cm) The
heat is generated in the "body" based on the relation of electric field strength (V / cm). Here, if a
thermosetting resin having a large ε · tan δ such as an epoxy resin, phenoxy resin, copolymer
polyester, copolymer nylon, nylon-epoxy resin, etc. is used as the adhesive, only the adhesive in
the sounding body It is heated and cured in a short time. Therefore, the bonding work of the
metal diaphragm of the sounding body and the piezoelectric ceramic can be performed in a short
time. Moreover, since the heating speed of the metal diaphragm and the piezoelectric ceramic
plate is larger than that of the adhesive, the metal diaphragm p and the piezoelectric ceramic
plate are hardly heated at the end of the bonding operation, and the trouble due to the difference
in the thermal expansion coefficient There is also an effect that it does not occur.
Patent application applicant Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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