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The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm used for a speaker. 0 A speaker vibration
obtained from carbon fiber, glass fiber and epoxy resin instead of one constituted only by pulp
fiber as a conventional speaker diaphragm The use is limited because it is common, the cost is
low and the internal loss is small, and the speaker diaphragm mainly made of glass fiber has
excellent physical properties but is small and fragile because the internal loss is small. It was not
enough for speakers or high-input speakers. The present invention is intended to eliminate the
above-mentioned conventional defects, and to provide a nonconductive speaker diaphragm in
which internal loss is moderately large, light weight, excellent in rigidity, and improved in
fragility. It is In order to achieve the above object, the present invention is characterized in that it
comprises mica composite, powdered potassium titanate whiskers, and natural pulp fibers as
main components, which is impregnated with a thermosetting resin, and heat-pressure molded. It
is An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with reference to FIGS. 1 and
2. FIG. In FIG. 1, reference numeral 1 denotes a cone-shaped speaker diaphragm having a voice
coil coupling portion 2 at the center, and the speaker diaphragm 1 has a free edge attached to
the peripheral portion and a voice coil is coupled to the voice coil coupling portion 2 Then, they
are incorporated into a frame coupled to the magnetic circuit to constitute a speaker. The above
speaker diaphragm 1 is made up of mica powder 3 ° potassium titanate whiskers 4. It is
composed of natural pulp 6 and thermosetting resin 6 such as epoxy resin. Concretely, 60 to 70
wt% of assembled mica powder, 5 to 20 wt% of potassium titanate whisker, and 6 to 30 wt% of
natural pulp fiber are main components, and thermosetting resin such as epoxy resin and diallyl
phthalate resin is added thereto. It is impregnated and heated and pressed to form a speaker
diaphragm. The impregnation rate of the thermosetting resin is 1 o to 3 o%, # 硲 硲 す な わ ち,
that is, when the main component is 100 parts, the thermosetting resin is 10 to 30 parts. The
above-mentioned mica powder 3 has high rigidity but is fragile, and tends to make it difficult for
thermosetting resin 6 to penetrate uniformly, but it is easy to dissolve epoxy resin which is very
permeable by heating and diallyl phthalate which is easily soluble in solvents. Fully bond the
assembled mica powder 3 together using a resin or the like. In addition, potassium titanate
whisker 4 is very high in rigidity, has a fiber length of 20 to 30 μm, and a fiber diameter of 0.1
to 0.3 μm. It has an action.
In addition to increasing internal loss, the natural pulp fiber 6 works to reduce the weight and
thickness and to improve the bending rigidity. Next, to explain an example of the method for
producing the speaker diaphragm of the present invention, a sheet obtained by blending 65 wt%
of the mica powder 3 laminated and 15 wt% of the natural pulp fibers 6 is obtained by a wet
sheet-forming method. After this sheet is dried, a mixture of 15 wt% epoxy resin 6 and 5 wt%
potassium titanate whisker 4 is impregnated into the sheet and this is subjected to a pressure of
20 K 17 cm with a molding die heated to a temperature of 170 "C. Heat and pressure for 8
minutes to form a cone-shaped speaker diaphragm. The physical properties of the speaker
diaphragm obtained in this manner were as shown in the table below, and had adequate internal
loss Q values while being rigid and lightweight compared to conventional speaker diaphragms
made of paper or aluminum It is a thing which has a physical property preferable as a speaker
diaphragm. In addition, when the atmosphere temperature at which the cone shape is deformed
is examined as heat resistance of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention described
above, the speaker diaphragm of a conventional paper speaker and the speaker diaphragm of a
Mylar film, the speaker diaphragm of the present invention A speaker diaphragm for a speaker of
200′C paper 13 ° 1 ° C. Mylar film for a speaker 10 to 10 ′ C 44. The speaker diaphragm of
the present invention is excellent also in terms of heat resistance. The deformation after
immersion in water for another 24 hours is observed. Although the present invention and the
paper speaker diaphragm were not deformed at all regarding the moisture resistance, the paper
speaker diaphragm had no function as a diaphragm and was completely deformed. In addition, a
full-range speaker of 12 m aperture, 1 W input, and 4 ohm in impedance is created by the
speaker diaphragm of the cover of the speaker diaphragm of the present invention, and its
frequency characteristics are shown in FIG. 3 and FIG. From this result, according to the present
invention, the upper limit frequency is extended, and the second and third distortions are
significantly reduced. As described above, since the speaker diaphragm of the present invention
is configured, it is light in weight, excellent in rigidity, not brittle, moderately large in internal
loss, non-conductive and not limited in use, weather resistance, It can be excellent in moisture
resistance and heat resistance, and has a great industrial value.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 shows an embodiment fPff of a speaker vibrating tube according to the present invention
f) half) [iff IP 61i 91 Ia I'iil drawing m / 7-1 cup -a-1w!
rva Fig. 3 is a frequency characteristic diagram of a speaker using the speaker diaphragm of the
present invention, and Fig. 4 is a frequency characteristic diagram of a speaker using a
conventional paper speaker diaphragm. Loudspeaker diaphragms, 2 ..... voice coil coupling
portion, 3 ..... assembled mica powder, 4 ..... potassium titanate whiskers, 6 ..... natural pulp fibers ,
6 · · · · · · · · thermosetting resin.
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