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This% light relates to a stereo audio output switching device. In the case of a tw or eliminator
having two stereo headphone jacks (hereinafter referred to as "jacks"), Ken-US has vctA of both
speaker and stereo headphones when the plug is inserted into a 10,000 jack. When I put out the
output and inserted the plug into the 1 to 10,000 jack, I stopped the audio output to the speaker
and configured it to output the audio output to the stereo audio output / only 従 っ て Therefore,
the headphone audio of the close As it spreads, Kamakura 1 鵬 こ と が 多 く 曾 秦 ベ ッ ド 就 就
就 就 就 就 す る に は す る に は, す る に は 用 211 211 211 a a a a a a a a a a a a a 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼
瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼 瞼It had to be inserted into the jack and
it was necessary to make sure that the speaker did not go out of business, and the handling was
complicated. The present invention # -1t is provided as a solution to whitening such prior art
identical points. In the embodiment of FIG. 1B, the present invention will be WA in FIG. 1 (the
amplifier for the left channel of the IOLM left channel-(1)) is the power amplifier for the right
channel. (ILL) is a speaker for the left channel river, and a speaker for the (IIR) d right channel.
(12 L) #i 1st stereo headphone jack (hereinafter referred to as 1 jack), (13't) is a 2 ス テ レ オ
stereo headphone jack (hereinafter referred to as 2nd jack), and these jacks (12LX 12R) are
switches The terminals (υ-1 /), <;) to ti> t 45, and amplifiers (1α) (1 (to), Sveika (IIL) (IIR),
resistance (Rt) (R There are no pillows at (R1) and (R4). Next, the action in the above
configuration is 4! We divide into r field and carry out general light. ■ 1st. When no plug is
inserted for m2 jack (1 x 12 R) 音 声 Audio output of left channel power amplifier (10 L) ri, agl
jack (12 L) from terminal (1) to terminal (2) t-R9 left Go back to the channel's speaker (IIL) and
go to ground through the terminals (6 to terminal (2)) of the 'M2m2 jack 2R'. The sound output
of the stone channel power amplifier (1) is transmitted from the shoulder 1 jack (12 L) terminal
C through the terminal (5) to the right channel speaker (IIR) through the second jack (II) Make
terminal (6) from terminal ti> of) and go to the ground. ■ Go back to the first jack (if the plug is
inserted only in 12LX, the audio output ri of the left channel power amplifier (IL) L) and go back
to the first jack (12L) from the terminal (3) to the headphone Of the left channel speaker and go
to the ground through the first jack (12L) terminal (7) to 0. At this time, the switch on the 琳 1
jack (12LX) terminal (1) and the terminal (February ... open) Therefore, the left channel speaker
(IIL) does not output an audio output-the O right channel power amplifier Cl0R) 42) the voice
output is resistance (Rm) t-as it is the terminal of the first jack (12L) 4) Go through the speaker of
the right channel of the color headphone and go to the ground through the terminal (7) of the
first jack (12L).
At this time, since the switches of the terminal (5) and the terminal (6) of the first jack (121) are
open, the speaker (IIR) K of one stone channel does not output an audio. (Analyzer 0 left channel
power amplifier (1QL +) 2) (only 9l 1 K 2 jack (12R) IC has a plug inserted) Audio output is
resistance (R1) t-as shown in the second jack (1, J terminal (3) From the left channel speaker tpassage switch of the headphone is open, the left channel speaker (11Lm- et al. Has no audio
output). The audio output of the right channel power amplifier (IOR) is a resistor (Rn) t-retain, the
right channel speaker t-structure of the headphone from the 2 jacks (IJ jacket + 4). Go to the
ground through terminal (7) of (2 jack (12R) 0 At this time, 02 jack (1,? LX: The switch between
the I terminal (6) and the terminal surface is open, so no sound is output from the right channel
speaker (IIR). ■ A plug is inserted into both gl and m2 jacks (1 animal) (12R) パ ワ ー Channel
power amplifier Cl0 L) Z) Audio output is resistance CR1) t-street 1 j 1 jack (1 animal side A
bamboo <to the earth through the terminal t (7) of the speaker of the pressure channel of the
headphone from 遍 (3) and the stripe 1 jack. Also, the audio output of the other channel passes
through the resistor (Rs), and from the 菖 2 jack (12 RX) terminal (3) through the speaker of the
left channel of the headphone, to the terminal (i) kym of the connected 2 jack (IZ) to ground Go
this 0, the terminal of this 藁 1 jack (12L) [1] and terminal 42) Dark switch and 1 part 2 jack (12
RX) terminal (1) and terminal + i) Because the switch is dark, No audio output from left channel
speaker (IIL). Right channel power amplifier (IOR) Z) f Voice out Kaniya Anti (R3) t-street, Jiill
Zee? y I (12LX) From the jiil child (4), go to the speaker of the right channel of the headphone, go
to the ground through the first jack (1 x, X) terminal (7). In addition, the sound output of the
right channel is resistance (R4) rim 2 jack (121-IX) terminal (from the heart to headphone υ left
channel speaker m, Ji K 2 jack (1 1 child (7)) to ground At this time, the switch between the
shield 1 jack (12L side terminal (5) and the terminal (6) and the switch between the terminal
front of the 纂 2 jack (1z) and the terminal (Ili) are open. No sound output from the right channel
speaker (IIR). As described in detail above, the actual picture $ 1 i 1 C According to the present
invention, according to the present invention, the plug is inserted into which one of the stereo
headphone jacks having a plurality of IMs. Also, since the audio output does not come out to the
speaker, it is very easy to take care of it, as there is no need to push the plug into the jack as
before and make sure that the neck does not come out from the 7 force. .
Brief description of the drawings
The drawing is a circuit diagram showing one real ms * of the present invention.
Cl0L) (1 (to) is a power amplifier, (IIL) (IIR) 扛 speaker. (12L)(17)dステレオヘッドホ
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