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Vibrator is made of a material in which titanium oxide is intervened in the joint surface of highquality ceramic fiber and wood pulp to make the joint partially loose, so that the propagation
speed is large and the internal loss is also large. It is an object of the present invention to provide
an acoustic diaphragm which has extremely desirable characteristics as an acoustic diaphragm.
For example, in the prior art, an acoustic vibration plate (Japanese Patent Laid-Open No. 5071318) made by mixing paper made of aluminous fibers and fibers such as natural pulp
(Japanese Patent Laid-Open No. 50-71318) or alumina silica fibers and other fibers are mixed.
An acoustic diaphragm (Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 50-106615) has been
proposed in which a resin for bonding between fibers is added. However, although these acoustic
diaphragms contain, for example, wood pulp as one component of the constituent material, in
order to use wood pulp as a binder, it has to be beaten, and if it is beaten, the wood pulp is
beaten空 The empty structure is destroyed, and the greatest merit such as increasing the internal
loss by using wood pulp as one component of the material of the acoustic diaphragm is lost. The
embodiment will be described. For example, after the NBKP wood pulp is beaten in a holendertype Peter until the freeness becomes about 4000 G with a Canadian freeness tester, the beaten
pulp is, for example, about 60 tess and ceramic fibers with a diameter of about 2-3 μm and a
distribution center Add titanium dioxide powder with a diameter of, for example, about 200
mesh, and add ceramic fiber and titanium oxide powder so that the weight ratio of beaten pulp,
ceramic fiber, titanium dioxide powder is about 72:18:10, and add this mixture to about 20 Mix
and stir for a minute and mix thoroughly. Next, about 3 cups of aluminum sulfate is added to this
mixture for sizing, and mixed for about 5 minutes with thorough mixing. Then, it is diluted to an
appropriate concentration and adjusted, and then formed into a speaker diaphragm shape and
dried to form a speaker diaphragm. Although this ceramic fiber has a large propagation velocity
desirable for its characteristic as a diaphragm, it has a poor surface adhesion and thus requires a
binder for low-temperature molding, and wood pulp has a characteristic as a diaphragm. In order
to function as a binder, it has to be beaten up to about 4000 C. Therefore, it is beaten in this way,
and one Bulhu's shell 2 m 1 fl is destroyed, and the inner loss is It will decline.
Therefore, if titanium oxide is added as in the present invention and titanium oxide is partially
adhered to the beaten pulp surface, the adhesion of the pulp surface is slightly reduced, and the
joint surface of pulp and pulp or pulp and ceramic fiber In this case, the loosening of the bond
leads to an increase of the internal loss, which can prevent the reduction of the internal loss due
to the beating and can make the internal loss large. For example, a speaker diaphragm of 100%
NBKP valve has a propagation speed of 2.11 atv's internal loss (sieving) of 0.025, and mixed
paper of NBKP valve 80 and ceramic fiber 20. The speaker diaphragm has a propagation speed
of 2.2 and the internal loss of # / Ss is 003, whereas the speaker diaphragm of the above
embodiment has a propagation speed of 2.0/@/S, the inside As a loss, such as 0.035, it is
extremely desirable that the speaker diaphragm be balanced in the characteristics of propagation
speed and internal loss. Further, as shown in the drawing, the frequency characteristics of the
speaker diaphragm of the above embodiment are flat characteristics in which divided vibration is
suppressed, and it is understood that they are extremely excellent. In the drawings, the solid line
indicates one according to the present invention, and the dotted line indicates one obtained by
mixing and making the NBKP valve 80 inch and 20% ceramic fiber. The blending proportions of
agate, alumina ceramic fiber, beaten wood pulp and titanium oxide are about 5 to 30% by weight
of alumina ceramic fiber, about 50 to 90% by weight beaten wood pulp, and about 5 to 20 weight
titanium oxide. %, The propagation velocity and the internal loss are both large and balanced, and
they have flat frequency characteristics with suppressed division vibration and are excellent as
an acoustic diaphragm. As described above, since the acoustic diaphragm according to the
present invention is made of a material containing an alumina ceramic fiber, an organic fiber, and
titanium oxide, the propagation velocity and the internal loss are large and balanced. Further, it
has flat frequency characteristics such as divided vibration and the like, and further contains
titanium oxide, so that it has such a feature that the sound quality is extremely excellent.
Brief description of the drawings
The drawing is a graph showing the frequency characteristics of the speaker diaphragm.
Patent applicant Nippon Victor Corporation
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