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The present invention relates to a high elastic diaphragm for a speaker. It is well known that as
the high elastic diaphragm material for speakers, theoretically, the smaller the density ρ (KO / m
3) and the larger the speed of sound C (m 2 / sec), the better. Examples of high modulus
materials having small ρ and large C include beryllium (Be) and boron (B), and high elasticity
imaging plates using these materials are, for example, light such as aluminum (AA) In some cases,
a film of a highly elastic metal such as beryllium (Be) or boron (B) or a compound thereof is
formed on one side or both sides of a metal substrate. However, such a high elastic diaphragm is
not only expensive for materials such as beryllium (Be) and boron (B), but also difficult to form
on a metal substrate, and it is also possible to use Be film and B film A 基板 substrate There is a
drawback that the adhesion with is weak. Also, a high-elasticity moving plate is used in which
aluminum (A)) is vapor-deposited on a plastic substrate and nitride (Ti N) or carbide (Ti C) of
titanium (Ti) is formed on this AN vapor-deposited film. there were. In such a diaphragm, the
method of forming a TiN film or a TiC film on a plastic substrate is complicated, and the thermal
expansion coefficients of the plastic film and the high elastic film (Ti N film, TiC film) do not
match. A special jig is required at the time of film formation, and there is an internal distortion
even after formation, and there is a defect that a crack is easily generated. The present invention
eliminates all the drawbacks of the conventional high-elasticity diaphragms for speakers
described above, and by using a completely new aluminum nitride (A.rho.N) film as a diaphragm
material for speakers, the frequency characteristics are excellent and the electric It is made
possible to realize a mass-produced low-cost high-elasticity diaphragm for speakers despite high
sound efficiency. In the present invention, as shown in FIG. 1, a film 2 of aluminum nitride
(A.rho.N) is formed directly on one side of a light metal substrate 1 such as aluminum (A.rho.) To
constitute a high elastic diaphragm. . The formation of can be carried out in
mass production by directly depositing the A.sub.N film 2 on the A.sub.11 substrate 1 by using
an aluminum metal as a target and direct-current or high-frequency sputtering in an opposing
atmosphere. The Aj 2 N film 2 deposited directly on the substrate 1 by this mass production
method has a density が of 3.05 (K (1 / m3) and an acoustic velocity C of 11.5 (ffl / SeC). It was
obtained. The density お よ び and the speed of sound C of conventionally known high modulus
materials, for example, Aρ, Ti, Be, B are as shown in Table 1. From this table, AρN used in the
present invention is the highest as a high modulus material It can be seen that it exhibits
characteristics substantially comparable to Be and B of
The high elastic diaphragm according to the present invention has no difference in the thermal
expansion coefficients of the A.rho. Substrate 1A and the QN film 2, so there is no internal strain
and the adhesion of the A.rho. N film 2 becomes strong. . Furthermore, since aluminum is cheap,
a diaphragm with a large industrial value can be obtained at low cost. Furthermore, since A A N
and the density ρ of the film 2 are small and the sound velocity C is large, a high elastic
diaphragm having good frequency characteristics and high electroacoustic efficiency can be
obtained. FIG. 2 shows an example of a bag, in which an A.rho.N film 2 is formed only on the
dome portion except for the peripheral portion 1a of the dome-shaped A1 substrate 1, and the
peripheral portion 1a is subjected to tangential direction corrugation It is. According to this
embodiment, only the dome portion of the A 基板 substrate 1 becomes the high elastic
diaphragm, and the corrugation portion! Since it is the substrate itself, it becomes soft
corrugation, and good frequency characteristics can be easily made. Although each of the
illustrated embodiments is directed to forming A.rho. Till only on one side of the .rho. Substrate,
according to the invention. For example, the AρN film may be formed on both sides of the AQ
substrate, and the formation of the AρN film is not limited to the sputtering method, and a CVD
method, an ion plating method or the like may be used.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the high elastic diaphragm according
to the present invention, and FIGS. 2 (a) and 2 (b) are a plan view and a cross-sectional view
showing another embodiment, respectively.
1 is a / l substrate and 2 is an A ρ N film. Patent application applicant Murata Manufacturing
Co., Ltd. Figure 1
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