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The present invention relates to a sound field improvement method for the purpose of obtaining
a good acoustic effect regardless of the position of a listener in a hall or an auditorium or the like.
Conventionally, in order to obtain a good acoustic effect in a hole or the like, the reverberation
time is set as the optimum condition, and the condition of the next reflected sound is considered
to be necessary. ■ Arrival of early reflections (reflections that arrive after direct sound arrival by
the goms) reach at a sufficient level ■ Side reflections reach at a sufficient level The above
condition is related to the intelligibility of the sound Since the conditions of (1), (2) open up to
special impreso soyon (feeling of being in one place with the sound) in the classical sound l, it is a
place where it is particularly hard to design a concert hall or the like. In order to satisfy the
above conditions, a flat rectangular as shown in FIG. 2 with a high ceiling (a relatively narrow
rectangular hole or the like is preferable, but if the width is narrow, the number of people to be
accommodated decreases, and the management Since it is not preferable, many holes and the like
have a planar shape as shown in FIG. Since the sound radiated from the stage S is reflected as
shown by arrows / a, / b and reaches the audience at the lift of the flat shape hole t as shown in
FIG. Also, the above condition を @ will be satisfied, and a suitable sound field can be obtained.
However, in the wide Ho Shihiro etc. which became fan-shaped as shown in Fig. 3-, the sound
radiated from the stage S is reflected as shown by arrows 2a and xb to reach the audience, so the
central part For example, the 3rd seats will have a lack of reflections, and the space car can not
satisfy the above condition of @, and the sound field may differ depending on the position of the
audience, resulting in the possibility of making the evaluation in the concert different. . Such a
defect is intended to be improved to some extent by the role of the side wall surface or the
ceiling, etc., but it is difficult to obtain a sound field that can still satisfy all the audience seats.
However, the present invention assumes a preferred initial reflection and a side reflection in the
audience, and the necessary number of speakers are placed opposite to the reflective surface so
as to be able to satisfy this. It was possible to reach the sound and the side reflection sound, and
succeeded in greatly relaxing the acoustic constraints in the design of the hole and the like. That
is, according to the present invention, in the hall q as shown in FIG. 1, the speakers S are installed
on the stage S facing the wall surface, and the speakers' 7. If '7a' is installed toward the wall j @
g, ga, the sound field can be improved by reflecting as shown by arrows 9, 10 ° 10a,
respectively. Also, in the hole shown in FIG. /, Install 2a, wall surface / 3. / 3 a speaker / 41. / LIa
is installed, each shown by arrow / 3.
/! You can get reflected sound like a, / / crane / 乙 a. The embodiment shown in FIGS. 1 and 2
is an installation location of the speakers, and the number of the speakers is one example, and
the present invention is not limited thereto (the number of installation speakers can be increased
and decreased by the reflecting structure of the wall surface Of course, (sidewalls, ceilings, etc.)
may be selected as appropriate. That is, according to the present invention, the program sound
from the microphone is projected to the side wall such as a hole, ceiling or other reflecting
surface by the speaker to improve the sound field at the stage or each seat. Even in the case of a
hole which is easy to form, there is an effect that the sound field of the optimum condition can be
formed. Therefore, there is also an effect that the restriction based on the sound effect can be
greatly eased in designing the hole and the like.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is an exemplary plan view of the present invention, FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of sound
reflection of a conventional rectangular hole, FIG. 3 is an explanatory view of sound reflection of
a conventional fan-shaped wide hole, and FIG. It is another example top view implemented in this
S · · · Stage 3. · Hall 3.7.7a, /: l, '/, 2a, /' l / / total · · · speaker patent applicants 1 1) 代理人 agent
工 608 procedure 甫Original book (Spontaneous) 39/23, 1984 Secretary of the Patent Office
Kazuo Waka Sugi, 1. Display of the case Shown in 1983 Patent Application No. 70747 No. 2,
name of the invention Field improvement method Name Naga 1) Ho 4, agent Person's number
160 Telephone (353) 3407 (1) In the specification, the column “Detailed description of the
invention” and 1 Brief description of the drawing ”(2) Figure 6; Contents of correction (1)
Specification page 2 In the third to fourth lines, "special impressions" are corrected to "special
impressions". (2) Specification page 4 line 7 "Of course. Join the following to j and below. Note
that, in an actual system, each speaker (Sp) has a frequency characteristic variable device (GE),
time as shown in FIG. 5 according to the position of the speaker, the reflecting condition of the
reflecting surface, etc. The signal of the delay device (D) can be added. This makes it possible to
simulate the conditions of reflection from the actual wall 1-1. In the figure, M indicates a
microphone. (3) Correct the section of the brief description of the drawing as follows. BRIEF
DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS FIG. 1 is an exemplary plan view of the present invention, FIG.
2 is an explanatory view of sound reflection of a conventional rectangular hole, and FIG. FIG. 4 is
another illustrative plan view implemented in the present invention. S: Stage 4: Hall 5.7.7a,
12.12a, 14.14a,... 7. List of attached documents (1) Additional drawings (Fig. 5) 1 through JP 59196695 (4)
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