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The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a speaker gasket that has been
subjected to a gluing process with an adhesive application device. In general, a cone-type speaker
is configured as shown in FIG. The pole piece 2 is placed on the middle fire portion of the back
play 1-1, and the magnet 3 is placed on the periphery thereof. The plate 4 is placed on the
magnet 3 to form a magnetic gap with the pole piece 2. A voice coil bobbin 6 carrying a voice
coil 5 is vibratably supported by the insertion sale damper 7 in the magnetic gap. A cone 8 is
connected to the voice coil bobbin 6 at its center hole, and a center gap 9 is crowned. The
opening peripheral edge portion of the cone 8 is supported by the frame 11 via the edge 1o. The
edge 1 o is fixed to the frame 11 by a gasket 12. At the time of operation of such a speaker, the
vibrations of the edge xo and the damper 70'i cone 8 and the voice coil 6 must be reliably
maintained. The eccentricity of the cone 8 supported by the edge 10 affects the frequency
response characteristic of the speaker. Therefore, the mounting of the gasket 12 for fixing the
edge 1o requires accuracy. Further, when such a speaker is attached to a mounting plate such as
a baffle plate via a gasket, for example, a predetermined thickness is given to the gasket in order
to protect an edge and a cone peripheral edge from contact with a net or the like. Conventionally,
a speaker gasket is manufactured by punching a plate of a predetermined thickness made of, for
example, paper, rubber, non-woven fabric, plastic or the like as a material using a pick blade in a
desired size and shape. The gasket has various sizes and shapes, for example, a circular shape, an
oval shape, and the like, and the size is 02% to 5% in thickness, 57% to 300% in diameter, and 2%
to 20% in width. In the speaker gasket made by the conventional manufacturing method, an
adhesive is applied to one side of the gasket using a paint brush in the process of manufacturing
the speaker, and thereafter the attachment is fixed to the edge and the frame. Since it is difficult
to obtain a uniform adhesive layer in the step of pasting the adhesive, the adhesive sticks out to
the edge in the next step of sticking, causing deformation of the gasket during drying, and the
like. Therefore, there is a disadvantage that the non-uniformity of the applied adhesive layer
affects the correct attachment of the gasket to the edge and frame and degrades the performance
of the speaker. Furthermore, the application of the adhesive to the gasket by means of a paint
brush has the disadvantage that the pasting step takes time in the case of accommodating
gaskets of various sizes and shapes. It is an object of the present invention to eliminate the above
drawbacks by providing a dimension that allows uniform application of the adhesive on the
gasket surface and easy handling of gaskets of various sizes and shapes.
A method of manufacturing a gasket for a speaker according to the present invention comprises
the steps of preparing a gasket having a predetermined shape f 'and forming an adhesive layer
uniformly on one side of the gasket. Only the main surface of the gasket that contacts the pasted
roller when passing the two pasted principal surfaces of the gasket in opposite directions to each
other by rotating the pasting roller and the process roller freely rotatable about the juxtaposed
axes respectively The adhesive is attached, and the surface of the glued roller is provided with a
groove extending in the direction perpendicular to the rotational direction, and the surface of the
processing roller is provided with a groove extending in the rotational direction, and all sizes and
shapes are characterized. An adhesive layer can be applied quickly and uniformly to the
thickness gasket in an easy operation to produce a speaker gasket having an adhesive surface.
The present invention will be described below with reference to the drawings. First, the gasket is
obtained by punching a plate material such as paper, rubber, non-woven fabric, plastic or the like
into a desired shape and size by a punching die using a pick blade or the like. The apparatus used
in the method of the invention illustrated next provides a uniform adhesive surface on one side of
the gasket. FIG. 2A is a view showing that the grooves on the surface of the processing roller
31? are provided in the same direction as the rotation direction. In the embodiment, the outer
diameter is 50%, and the interval between the pin and the span is 1.5%. There is a 1% deep
groove at about 60 ░. Fig. 2 (shows that the grooves on the surface of the pasted roller 31h are
provided in the direction perpendicular to the rotation direction, and in the embodiment, the
outer diameter is 5% and the flat knurl depth is about 0.3%) A ditch is provided. FIG. 3 is a front
view of an adhesive application apparatus used in the method of the present invention. The
configuration of such a device is as follows.-By rotating the drive shaft of the motor 33 fixed to
the substrate 34 and the plurality of gears 28 in reverse directions about the respective axes of
the processing roller 31? and the glued roller 315 The gear 28 and the two roller shafts are
respectively fitted to give. In order to support the pasting roller 31b and the processing roller
31a in parallel, the guide plate mounting plate 32 is placed on the substrate 34 with a
predetermined distance, and the pasting roller 31A is horizontally supported via the bearing 30
thereon. A guide plate 26 is fixed, and a bearing cover 25 which holds the processing roller 31?
horizontally via a bearing 29 and is vertically slidable is provided thereon. Note that the bearing
cover 25 is engaged by the guide stay 24 fixed to the guide plate 26 to prevent misalignment
during sliding and is fixed to the substrate 34 by the suspension 9 bolt 21 via the adjustment
screw 22. It is supported by 23
By means of the adjusting screw 22 and the pressing spring 27, the processing roller rod 31a
can be maintained parallel to the pasting roller 31b and maintain a predetermined distance
between both roller surfaces. The adhesive tank 20 is placed on the substrate 34 so that the
adhesive 35 adjusted with, for example, an acrylic ester type 50 wt% and a chlorophyllene type
50 wt, is in contact with the surface of the gluing port 31h. In the operation of this apparatus,
both the rollers 31a and 31b rotate and the adhesive 35 adheres to the glued roller 31b, and the
gasket 35 passes between the both rollers 31? and 31b simultaneously with the adhesive 35
being uniformly applied to one surface of the gasket plate. Applied to The device used in the
method of the present invention can be uniformly coated with adhesive on one side of the gasket,
and can be easily adjusted and replaced between the rollers of such device to accommodate
gaskets of different shape, size and thickness. it can. Also, when comparing the time required for
the conventional process and the working process using the apparatus of the present invention,
the gasket has, for example, a thickness of 0.45%, an outer diameter of 195% and an inner
diameter of 187%. When coating is performed with a paint brush, it takes 938 seconds per sheet,
but according to the apparatus of the present invention, the number of man-hours is greatly
reduced to 96 seconds per sheet, and the man-hour reduction rate becomes 84 parts. As
described above, according to the method of the present invention, it is clear that uniform
application can always be performed on one side of various gaskets and significant man-hour
reduction can be achieved.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 shows a cross-sectional view of Sbi Tka where a speaker gasket is used, FIG. 2 (A) shows
an enlarged front view of a glued roller, and FIG. 2 (B) shows a front view of a processing roller A
partially enlarged view is shown and FIG. 3 shows a front view of the device of the present
Explanation of the symbols of the main parts 12: gaskets 20: glue tank 21: iH) bolt 22:
adjustment screw 23: stay 24: guide stay 25: bearing cover 26 иии Guide plate 27 и и и Spring 28 и и и
Gear 29 и и и и и и и и и 30 и и и processing 31-и 31A и ░ SUt roll 32 и и и guide plate mounting plate 33 и и
и Motor 34 ... Substrate 35 ... Adhesive
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