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The present invention relates to a metal material suitable for a member such as a speaker, a
diaphragm such as a microphone or a cantilever, a member for an electroacoustic device such as
a ton-arm. The metal material of this type in the conventional example will be described, for
example, for a speaker diaphragm. Aluminum, titanium, magnesium and their alloys or metal as a
diaphragm metal material mainly for high-pitched speakers, mid-tone speakers and rarely bass
speakers. Many use of ceramic or composite of ceramic and metal れている。 On the other hand,
the diaphragm material is required to be lightweight (small in density) and large in rigidity (large
in specific elastic modulus), but aluminum has a smaller Young's modulus than the density, that
is, a small specific elastic modulus. Titanium has a very high density, magnesium has a very low
density but a small Young's modulus, and ceramic has complicated disadvantages such as the
complicated manufacturing process and the high level of the steel and not suitable for mass
production. Have. The present invention is a metal material having a large specific elasticity that
solves the disadvantages of these conventional examples, and is a metal material based on
aluminum-silicon alloy based on aluminum. Q wt% or less is desirable. The physical properties of
aluminum, ram-silicon alloy (sample 1) containing 25 wt 9 ≦ silicon as an example showing the
maximum specific elastic modulus are aluminum (sample 2), +1; '(test 1 fJr 8) and magnesium
The results are shown in Table 1 in comparison with (U fee 4). Table 1 However, E (Young's
modulus): X 10 ′ ′ dyn / Q n ′ ′ ((density): g / crn 8 E / ρ (specific elastic modulus): xl Q ′
′ dyn crr V / g Also, the inventors added silicon to aluminum As a result of measuring the
above-mentioned physical properties by changing the ratio variously, in the metal ion according
to the present invention, F / ρ is maximum when the silicon content is 25 wt% in 1 ^, and the
decrease rate of E / ρ Although it is relatively low, it decreases rapidly when the content is high.
Further, as an aluminum raw material in the example of the present invention, a rapidly solidified
aluminum powder manufactured by a vacuum evaporation method, a Gaku evaporation method,
a gas phase chemical reaction method or the like was used. This aluminum source metal is
characterized by a very fine, uniform structure and a large rigidity after the dam-shaping process.
As described above, the present invention is a material for an electroacoustic device made of
aluminum silicon alloy containing aluminum as a main component, and has a large specific
elastic modulus. Therefore, when applied to, for example, a speaker diaphragm, reproduction is
There is one that has the advantage of being able to increase the critical frequency and extend
the regeneration band.
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