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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
dome type loudspeaker having excellent frequency characteristics and little high frequency
distortion, and more particularly to an improvement of its diaphragm. [Technical background of
the invention and its problems] In general, a dome-shaped speaker having a dome-shaped
diaphragm, which is frequently used for middle and high-pitched portion reproduction, has the
structure shown in FIG. The voice coil 3 is placed in a magnetic field generated in a magnetic gap
in a magnetic circuit that causes the magnetic flux generated by the magnet 20 to generate a
driving force by the current flowing in the coil. The dome-shaped diaphragm 1 is attached to a
bobbin around which a voice coil is wound, and is vibrated by the driving force of the voice coil
to play a role of converting an electrical signal input into an acoustic output. Therefore, in order
to increase the electroacoustic conversion efficiency of the speaker and to make the sound with
less distortion, a lightweight, high-rigidity diaphragm with I / c is required. For this reason,
aluminum, which is generally lightweight, is used. However, to make the primary resonance
frequency higher than the audible range, which causes the distortion of sound. The height of the
dome was increased because there was no rigidity. The dome diameter must be reduced, which is
a problem in the speaker design. Although it has been proposed to use t-diaphragm, such as
beryllium, boron or ceramic, for these measures, it is not easy to make a simple manufacturing
method that must be done by vapor deposition method or sintering method, and the damping
capacity There is a problem such as large distortion of sound due to divided vibration generated
near the top of the dome. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present invention
to solve the above-mentioned problems, and to provide a dome-shaped speaker with less
harmonic distortion. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention is a dome-shaped
speaker characterized in that the top of the diaphragm is reinforced with an aramid fiber and the
periphery is reinforced with a high-rigidity inorganic fiber. Since the dome-shaped speaker
according to the present invention is reinforced with aramid fibers near the top of the dome of its
diaphragm, the vibration damping capability near the top of the dome is extremely large. For this
reason, in the vicinity of the dome top where the distance from the dome peripheral portion,
which is the drive part of the speaker loss plate, attenuation with respect to resonance and
divided vibration becomes large, and harmonic distortion decreases. In addition, since the
peripheral part of the dome is a resin reinforced with lightweight and highly rigid inorganic fiber,
it exhibits excellent nine-frequency characteristics. Here, as the inorganic fibers used in the
present invention, SiC, 5iaNa, B4C, BeO, B, C, At 20s, etc., upper bimic fibers and whiskers
thereof, or Fe, Ni, Co, Mo.
Metal fibers such as W and whiskers may be mentioned, but C and B are suitable in terms of
particularly light weight and high rigidity. Polyethyl ketone and the like can be mentioned. As
described above, according to the present invention, it is possible to obtain a dome-shaped
speaker which exhibits excellent frequency characteristics with less harmonic distortion.
[Embodiments of the invention] Carbon fibers with a diameter of 8 μm, a fiber length of 1 to 3 m
will be described below with reference to embodiments of the present invention. Make sure to
prepare aramid fibers with a diameter of 12 μm and a fiber length of 1 to 2 長. Aramid fibers
are arranged in a dome shape (25 瓢 in dome outer diameter) from the center to 5 ■, and carbon
fibers are arranged on the outer side, which is an epoxy resin (Epon 815 Nidzoku Chemical Co.,
Ltd.) Manufactured under the trade name of 92% by weight, triethylene tetraamine (TETA); 8% by
weight 'impregnated, vacuum pack method-autoclave method, L 130 ° C 3 hours of
confirmation treatment, plate thickness 50μm dome outer diameter 25 瓢 1 A diaphragm with a
weight of 52 m1 F was obtained. A dome-shaped speaker equipped with this diaphragm was
manufactured, and output sound pressure characteristics at an input IW and a distance of 1 rn
were measured. The results are shown in FIG. Moreover, the speaker which made only the
diaphragm of the speaker of the Example into an aluminum was produced for comparison. These
are respectively referred to as Comparative Example 1. As apparent from FIG. 2, the loudspeaker
of the present invention exhibited output sound pressure characteristics superior to the
loudspeaker of Comparative Example 1 up to the high frequency side. The frequency fH at which
a peak occurs at a high frequency is 2 in the comparative example 1 in the embodiment. . The
frequency is doubled. Also, comparing the peak value of the harmonic distortion of Comparative
Examples 1 and 2 with an example of manufacturing a speaker having a diaphragm reinforced
with carbon fiber as a whole in Comparative Example 2, the Example is about more than
Comparative Example 1. It is about 3 db lower than that of 4 db and Comparative Example 2.
This indicates that the peak value of strain has become less than%.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 is a cross-sectional view of a dome-shaped speaker, and Fig. 2 is a frequency / high voltage
level characteristic curve port.
l ・ ・ ・ diaphragm
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