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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
loudspeaker system, and more particularly to automatic control of a network suitable for
auditory correction. [Background of the invention] As a method of correcting a sense of hearing,
there is a method of controlling an amplifier output for driving a speaker by & C, MFBK as
disclosed in, for example, JP-A-56-15610, but in this method The need for a separate image path,
the need for a connection terminal for feedback in the speaker connection, and the ability to
perform auditory sense correction if these two points are not satisfied at the same time 〔[Object
of the invention] It is an object of the present invention to provide an automatic auditory sense
correction device that automatically controls a network so that music and the like can always be
heard with the same image regardless of the size. [Summary of the Invention] It was considered
that if the output of the speaker system was corrected according to the human hearing
characteristic, the same image would be obtained from the sense of hearing whether the volume
is large or small. The amount of auditory sense correction can be known to some extent by
looking at the input, which is proportional to the speaker output + S and the input. Therefore, it is
possible to automatically correct the sense of hearing by adding a circuit that controls the
network by knowing the level of the speaker input signal. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE
PREFERRED EMBODIMENT An embodiment of the present invention will be described below with
reference to the drawings. トクイータ5. This is a block in the case where the present invention
is implemented in a two-way system with a configuration in which a control circuit 5 is added in
a spy man system A including a woofer-4, a network 2 and a hiss-biker input terminal 1. The
signal input from the input terminal 1 enters the control circuit 5, where the average level of the
signal is detected, and a command for giving an amount of correction that is aurally perceived is
transmitted to the network 2. The network 2 corrects the signal received from the input terminal
according to the command of the control circuit 5 to obtain the tweeter 5. Tell Uuha-4. In this
way, it is possible to automatically output the audibility-corrected volume from the speaker
according to the average level of the speaker input terminal. According to the present invention,
since auditory sense correction can be performed automatically, there is an effect that music can
be heard with the same image regardless of the volume.
Brief description of the drawings
The figure is a block diagram showing the configuration of the present invention.
1 ... speaker input terminal 2 ... network 5 ... toeator 4 ... woofer-5 ... network control circuit
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