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The present invention relates to a diaphragm for a speaker. Generally, the performance required
for the speaker diaphragm is mainly light weight, high Young's modulus, low density, and
appropriate internal loss so that the output sound pressure frequency characteristics of the
speaker can be obtained favorably. It is to have. That is, the higher the Young's modulus and the
lower the density, the higher the resonant frequency of the diaphragm and the wider the piston
movement area, the wider the frequency range of the speaker, and the larger the internal loss,
the smaller the split resonance of the diaphragm. The frequency characteristic is flattened. As a
diaphragm satisfying the above-described required performance, a diaphragm formed of a papermade substrate of a conventionally beaten natural aim, a chemical fiber, or a fiber material in
which these are mixed is manufactured (produced). Such a diaphragm is, for example, a speaker
diaphragm formed by applying an acrylic ester resin or the like on the main surface of the
substrate in order to improve the characteristics and the appearance. In addition, a nylon sheet
processing method in which a nylon sheet is attached to the main surface of the substrate to
make it a diaphragm is also made rigid. However, in the conventional diaphragm described
above, the strength of the formed diaphragm has not been improved. Moreover, it could not be
said that it was sufficient also from the waterproof and moisture-proof side. Therefore, it is an
object of the present invention to provide a speaker diaphragm having an increased strength
while maintaining the surface gloss. The speaker diaphragm of the present invention comprises a
base material made of natural fibers, chemical fibers or a mixture thereof, and a first layer
comprising zirconium salt or activated zirconium attached to the main surface of the base
material. It is characterized by comprising a second layer of an acrylic-styrene-based co-resin or
an acrylic resin laminated on the main surface of the first layer, and having a laminated structure
of a waterproof film on a diaphragm substrate. I assume. The preferred embodiments of the
present invention will be described based on the attached drawings. First, as a first embodiment,
a diaphragm is manufactured in the next step. A natural fiber such as NBKP (softwood bleached
kraft pulp) is subjected to beating as a raw material to adjust the beating degree to 20 to 22
degrees SR. Thereafter, the resultant is dispersed in a suspension of a paper making tank, and
paper making is carried out with a desired imaging plate shape, for example, a cone-shaped
papermaking net, and thereafter with a cone-shaped mold at a temperature of about 180 ░ C.
The mixture is dried under a pressure press of about 0 kg / cm 2 to form a cone-shaped
substrate. Next, for example, Zircoveil FA-8 (trade name) or Zircoveil FA-40 (trade name) is
diluted with an appropriate solvent such as thinner or trichloroethylene to prepare a solution (2%
solid content) containing zirconium salts.
Then, the cone-shaped substrate is dipped in the solution prepared by m to attach a thin film of
the solution to both major surfaces of the substrate. Thereafter, as a normal temperature drying
step, the solvent is volatilized and dried at a temperature of 60 ░ C. or less to fix the zirconium
salt to the base fiber. Next, as a heating and drying step, drying is carried out for about 3 minutes
with a heating dryer at about 90 ░ C. to activate the zirconium salts and produce activated
zirconium. Thus, 17th! On the base side of the base material! Form l. Next, a solution (solid
content 10 to 50%) of an acryl-styrene copolymer resin is prepared. After forming the eleventh II
with a zirconium salt, a solution of an acrylic-styrene copolymer resin is attached by spray
spraying to the main surface of the first layer on one side of the base material on which the base
material is formed. Under the present circumstances, in order to make the film of this acrylicstyrene-type copolymer resin into desired thickness, it can easily carry out by adjusting the
viscosity of this solution, and the amount of adhesion. The solution may also be deposited by
application rather than by spray spraying. Thereafter, the solvent is volatilized and dried by a hot
air at a temperature of about 60 ░ C. to 100 ░ C. in a dryer, completely cured, and fixedly
formed as a second layer a coating of an acrylic-styrene copolymer resin on the main surface I
will do it. The base material having undergone these steps is cut into a predetermined shape to
obtain a speaker diaphragm. It was found that the diaphragm of this example obtained physical
properties substantially equal to or higher than that of the base after eliminating the extreme
increase in density, and that the strength was increased. FIG. 1 is a partially enlarged crosssectional view of the speaker diaphragm 1 of the present embodiment obtained by the abovedescribed manufacturing method, in which both main surfaces of the base material comprising
fibers 2 of pulp are activated zirconium or zirconium salts The second layer 4 of an acrylic resin
or a styrene-acrylic copolymer resin is provided on one principal surface of the base that is
sealed by the first layer 3 of . Furthermore, as an example of lamination according to another
embodiment of the present application, as shown in FIG. 2, a first layer 3 of activated zirconium
or zirconium salt is provided on one main surface of a substrate comprising pulp fibers 2 as
shown in FIG. In the diaphragm on which the second layer 4 of acrylic resin or styrene-acrylic
copolymer resin is provided in order, or as shown in FIG. 3, activated zirconium or zirconium salt
is applied to both main surfaces of the base made of mN2 of pulp. It was also confirmed that the
diaphragm provided with only the first layer 3 slightly increased in strength as described above.
Next, as the second embodiment, the one to which the zirconium salt solution (solid content 2%)
is adhered is made to be the 1111 on the main surface of the substrate by the same method as
the above-mentioned manufacturing method, A second layer is formed of an acrylic resin on the
main surface to manufacture a diaphragm.
The diaphragm obtained in the second embodiment has physical property values similar to those
of the first embodiment, and is confirmed to be a diaphragm superior in strength and superior to
the conventional diaphragm. The solution containing a zirconium salt in the examples of the
present invention can be prepared from zirconyl chloride (ZrOCI2), zirconyl acetate (ZrO (C211302) 2>, zirconyl ammonium carbonate ((NH4) 2ZrO (Co3) 2)). It is a waterproofing agent
containing the selected compound and is very useful as a waterproofing agent. Also, even if a
substance which contains activated zirconium, that is, a substance containing zirconyl group
(ZrO) and is extremely useful as a waterproofing agent is used as the first layer provided on the
base material of the present embodiment, vibration having the same anti-penetration effect is
obtained. A board is obtained. In the above embodiments, natural fibers have been described, but
substrates made of chemical fibers or their composites may also be applied. In addition,
waterproofness can be further improved by adding an inner surface sizing material such as urea
formaldehyde resin and styrene resin to the beaten pulp in the papermaking process. Further, the
present invention exhibits the same effects as those of the above-described embodiment not only
with the diaphragm but also with other speaker members such as a center cap obtained by paper
forming. Effect of the Invention According to the present invention, since activated zirconium or
zirconium salts are attached to the base material by papermaking at the first Fm, they can be
attached as a fixing agent as a curing agent, so that the acrylic of the subsequent second layer -It
is possible to reduce the penetration of styrene resin or acrylic resin solution into the inside of
the substrate and to form a thin film of such resin. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a diaphragm
which is lightweight, has an increased waterproof effect inside the base material, maintains the
acoustic characteristics, and increases its strength. ?
Brief description of the drawings
1, 2, and 3 are each a partially enlarged cross-sectional view of the speaker diaphragm of the
present invention.
Explanation of symbols of main parts 1 ииииииии Diaphragm according to the present invention 2 ииииии
Fiber 3 иии First layer 4 иии Second layer
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