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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to a
thin speaker, and more particularly to a thin speaker which is thin and lightweight. 2. Related Art
In conventional loudspeakers, a voice coil is provided on a diaphragm made of paper or
reinforced polymer, and a magnet of a magnetic circuit for applying a magnetic flux to the voice
coil is provided. Further, in the diaphragm, a lead wire from a voice coil is connected to a
terminal attached to a frame that supports the diaphragm from the periphery via an edge.
Problems to be Solved by the Invention However, in the speaker having the above configuration,
for example, when attempting to make the speaker thin by making the diaphragm flat, etc., the
diaphragm is a thin plate such as paper or polymer, so that the vibration is generated. However,
it is difficult to reduce the size or weight of the speaker because the split vibration is likely to
occur and the magnet is large. In addition, it is necessary to slacken the lead wire between the
diaphragm and the frame and to reinforce the lead wire so as not to be broken by the movement
of the diaphragm. Furthermore, there has been a drawback that the lead wire may inhibit the
movement of the moving plate and the sound quality may be degraded. Then, an object of this
invention is to provide the thin-shaped speaker which eliminated said various defects. In the
present invention, the strength of the diaphragm can be improved by making the thin plate
diaphragm as a permanent magnet and providing the diaphragm drive coil on the substrate
opposed to the diaphragm, and thinning can be achieved. And weight reduction. Embodiment
FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 show an embodiment of a thin speaker according to the present invention. In
both figures, 1 is a diaphragm of a thin speaker, which is composed of a thin plate permanent
magnet. Further, the diaphragm 1 is supported by the square frame-shaped frame 3 via an edge
2 which displaces a square-shaped peripheral edge according to the movement of the diaphragm
1. A diaphragm driving coil 5 wound in a flat coil pattern is provided on the upper surface of the
substrate 4 facing the diaphragm 1. The diaphragm 1 is held at a position separated by a
predetermined dimension necessary to vibrate from the coil 5. The coil electrode terminal 6 is
connected to both ends of the coil 5 and is provided on the side of the frame 3. Therefore, the
diaphragm 1 does not require a lead wire, and the movement of the diaphragm 1 is inhibited by
the lead wire, so that the sound quality is not deteriorated. When a voice or music signal is
supplied to the coil electrode terminal 6 from an amplifier (not shown) or the like, a current flows
in the coil 5 formed on the substrate 4. For this reason, a magnetic flux is generated which is
supplied to the coil 5 and corresponds to the signal, and the diaphragm 1 reciprocates with the
planar shape according to the change of the magnetic flux.
The diaphragm 11 is made of a thin plate-like amorphous magnetic alloy, heat-treated and then
magnetized to form a permanent magnet. In addition, as a magnetic material of the diaphragm 1,
FE (FE-Fe, Co, Ni etc.)-M (M-B, St, Ae). Ga, Ge, P, etc.), FE-R (R-La, Y). Pr, Nd, 8m, Gd, Tb etc.) or FEMR. For example, (Tb,): e), (Pr. Fe)、(Nd、Fe)、(Fe、B)−(Tb。 La)、
Magnetic alloys such as (81, Co) can be considered. That is, the diaphragm 1 is an amorphous
magnetic alloy in which the magnetic material is heat-treated to cause crystallization or phase
transformation and then magnetized to form a permanent magnet. These amorphous magnetic
alloys are made amorphous by a quenching method, a sputtering method or the like. Therefore,
when producing a thin plate-like amorphous alloy, for example, in the case of a quenching
method, an amorphous ribbon having a thickness of 100 μm or less can be obtained by heating
and melting a magnetic alloy and then passing it through a rotating iron or copper roller. can get.
Thus, the produced amorphous magnetic alloy is crystallized to have a large coercive force. In
particular, some amorphous alloys containing rare earth metals exhibit a large coercive force of,
for example, about 10 kOe after crystallization. In addition, the amorphous magnetic alloy is
mechanically toughened by improving its mechanical strength such as bending strength due to
its amorphization. For this reason, the diaphragm 1 made of an amorphous magnetic alloy has
mechanical strength that can reciprocate as it is flat even in the high frequency range, and does
not cause divided vibration. Moreover, since it can be produced in an extremely thin plate shape,
the weight is reduced. Therefore, when the diaphragm 1 reciprocates, an excessive force does not
act on the edge 2 and the frame 3 which hold the peripheral edge of the diaphragm 1. The
diaphragm drive coil 5 provided on the substrate 4 is formed in a flat coil pattern by printing,
etching or the like. The coil end 5a at the center of the coil 5 penetrates the substrate 4 and is
continuous with the bottom surface side of the substrate 4 and is connected to the electrode
terminal 6 through the connection wire 5b embedded in the bottom surface 4a. Further, a space
7 is provided between the diaphragm 1 and the substrate 4, and the diaphragm 1 and the
substrate 6 are separated so as not to abut on the coil 5 when the diaphragm 1 reciprocates. is
there. Therefore, the thickness dimension of the thin speaker is equal to that of the diaphragm 1
and the space 7.
コイル5. The total size of the substrate 6 may be very small, for example 10181 or less. For
this reason, it can be easily used by hanging it on a wall, for example, regardless of the
installation place. In addition, since it is thin, lightweight, and easy to miniaturize, it is
particularly advantageous to be applied to headphones and the like. In the above description, the
material of the diaphragm 1 is FE-R. Although the magnetic alloy is described as a magnetic alloy
such as FE-M and FE-RM, an alloy containing Cu in this magnetic alloy (for example, (Fe, Co, Ni,
Cu, A, J, Li (Si)). The alloy of B) may be used. In the above embodiment, the external shape is
described as a quadrangular shape. However, the external shape is not limited to this, and may
be, for example, a circular shape, an elliptical shape, a rectangular shape, or another polygonal
shape. Furthermore, in the above embodiment, the diaphragm drive coil was placed on the
substrate facing one side of the diaphragm, but the present invention is not limited to this. The
substrates facing the both sides of the diaphragm are provided on each substrate. A plate drive
coil may be formed, and signals of opposite phase may be supplied to the respective coils to drive
the diaphragm. As described above, according to the thin speaker of the present invention, since
the thin plate diaphragm is a permanent magnet and the diaphragm drive coil is provided on the
substrate facing the diaphragm, the speaker can be made thin and light. In addition, since the
mechanical strength of the diaphragm is high, it is possible to eliminate the inconvenience of
causing divided vibration, and even if it is hung on a wall, it does not get in the way and it is easy
to miniaturize. This is particularly advantageous when applied to headphones. In addition, it is
not necessary to connect a lead wire to the diaphragm as in the prior art, and the disadvantage
that the movement of the diaphragm is impeded by the lead wire and the sound quality is
degraded can be eliminated.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a longitudinal sectional view for explaining an embodiment of a thin speaker according
to the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a plan view of the thin speaker shown in FIG.
DESCRIPTION OF SYMBOLS 1 ... Diaphragm, 2 ... edge, 3 ... flame | frame, 4 ... board | substrate, 5
... diaphragm drive coil, 6 ... coil electrode terminal.
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