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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to an
equalizer apparatus for correcting frequency characteristics in a loudspeaker system used in
theaters, halls and the like, which is important for sound effects. (Prior art) Loudspeakers used in
theaters, halls, auditoriums and other buildings where sound effects are important are shown in
Fig. 2 and their amplification 12), (3) and microphones as accessory equipment (+), Record player
and various speakers (4) etc. The frequency characteristics of the loudness level in the audio
frequency band due to the influence of these individual performances, the structure of the
building, interior finish materials etc. A dip occurs. Because of this, it causes characteristic
soreness and howling, and it is not possible to have a high quality sound. Therefore, in such a
loudspeaker system, the graphic equalizer (5) is used so as to electrically correct the abovementioned peaks and dips and to obtain a desired frequency characteristic in the listening space.
Fig. 3 is a block diagram of a conventional loudspeaker correction equalizer apparatus, wherein
(6) is an audio input terminal, (7) is an audio output terminal, and (8) is a filter (81), (82), (8a) иии.
... A correction unit incorporating (81), and (9) an amplification unit. The audio signal input from
(6) is output from (7) through the amplifier (9) after passing through the (81), (82). At this time,
correction of the audio signal is performed by the filter group of (8). N + 8) 1/1 and 1/2 of the
audio frequency band. It is covered with 20 to 30 filters divided into 1/3 octave bands.
(Problems to be Solved by the Invention) In the above-mentioned conventional equalizer
apparatus, even if there is no peak or dip in the loudness level in a certain frequency band, the
audio signal is composed of a filter circuit in this band. Since the signal passes through the
equalizer amplifier, degradation of characteristics such as S / N, distortion rate, and frequency
characteristics will occur. In addition, even when the correction is necessary, the amount of
correction depends on the degree of increase of the equalizer amplifier, so that there is a
disadvantage that further correction is impossible. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object
of the present invention to provide an equalizer apparatus for frequency correction in a
loudspeaker system in which the above-mentioned problems with the prior art are eliminated.
(Means for solving the problem) In order to achieve this object, the present invention is a theater.
Based on the frequency characteristics of the loudness level of the loudspeaker system measured
in a listening space such as a hall, of these, only the band requiring correction is 1/1, 1/2.
Adjust the equalizer amplifier which can change the selection variable and correction amount
(gain, attenuation, Q) of octave band such as 1/3 etc. and set the correction amount to the
desired value. This is inserted into a loudspeaker system. (Operation), (Embodiment) FIG. 1 is a
block diagram of the equalizer device of the present invention. (6), (7), (9) 11 The same reference
numerals as in FIG. (1 (h), (102)... (10,) can select and change the correction frequency within an
audio frequency band, such as 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, etc. Further gain 9. For example, C, R divided with
variable attenuation amount and variable Q. It is an equalizer amplifier consisting of a wellknown active filter circuit using transistors and the like as elements. (1 (h), (102)... (10,) are
exactly the same. These plural equalizer amplifiers correspond to the number of frequency bands
for correcting the frequency characteristics of the loudness level of the loudspeaker system
measured in the listening space to become the desired frequency characteristics in the listening
space. is there. Therefore, for a frequency band that does not require correction, this equalizer
amplifier is unnecessary, although this amount depends on the degree of the correction. It may
be considerably reduced from the conventional 20 to 30 and may be 5 to 8 in time. When it is
desired to correct the correction amount in a certain correction frequency band to be equal to or
greater than the middle level of the equalizer amplifier, it is possible to measure the increase or
decrease of the correction amount by using a plurality of equalizer amplifiers set to the same
correction frequency. It is possible. As described above, the present invention corresponds to the
number of frequency bands requiring correction, whereas the number of equalizer amplifiers
conventionally corresponds to the number of divided audio frequency bands. How to insert the
amplifier into the equalizer device. The plug-in method and the like may be performed by a
conventional method, and therefore, the equalizer device can be miniaturized. (Effects of the
Invention) As described above, according to the present invention, in the frequency band which
does not require correction, the equalizer amplifier is not used but is inserted only when it is
necessary to correct. It is also possible to eliminate characteristic deterioration such as ?,
distortion factor and waviness of the frequency characteristic and to make correction more than
the amplification factor of the equalizer amplifier. In addition, the number of equalizer amplifiers
to be used is generally smaller than that of the conventional ones, and therefore, the apparatus
can be miniaturized and made more economical.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a diagram showing one embodiment of the present invention.
FIG. 2 is an explanatory view of a loudspeaker system. FIG. 3 is a block diagram of a conventional
example. (1) ... microphone, (2) ... preamp (3) ... power amplifier, (4) ... speaker (5) graphic
equalizer (6) audio input terminal, (7) audio output terminal ( 8) Correction section filter group
(9) amplification section (101) (102) ... (10 ?) ... Equalizer amplifier
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