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(A) Industrial application field This invention is a stereophonic sound recording by left and right
two channels (in contrast to the conventional stereo recording by two channels, recording of the
sound field which people are actually hearing, spreads up and down, left and right, front and
back) And the microphone installation device. (B) Conventional Technology Conventionally, there
have been the following methods and microphone installation devices similar to the present
method. (1) Binaural recording using a dummy head (2) Binaural recording using a human head
by combining earphones (3) A method of embedding a microminiature microphone in the ear
canal, etc. may be mentioned. Regarding the method of (1), there are many cases where the head
resembles the human body but the shape of the pinna is not similar, and a few of them are
different from the human body even though they are wearing the pinna The microphone position
was too deep, and some parts corresponding to the ear canal could record a resonating sound. It
also cost more. In the method (2), depending on the method of use, although it is possible to
attach it to the part of FIG. 2-b of the external ear canal like this method, it is difficult to fix. In
the method of (3), setting similar to this method is possible, but for that purpose the microphone
must be made small enough, and in the case where it is usually used, the sound pickup portion
comes to the ear ? Therefore, in many cases, sound waves with unformed sound field
information are picked up, and there is also a drawback that it becomes difficult to hear external
sounds. In each of the methods (1) to (3), it is not possible to relatively easily obtain sound field
information provided from the human body, particularly from the face part and the pinnae, and It
seems that there was a lack of awareness that it had a significant impact on the sound field and
the recognition of sound. (C) Problems to be Solved by the Invention The present invention uses
the microphone installation, so that the recording person can easily move while listening to the
external sound inexpensively and easily, without adding unnecessary resonance sound. The
purpose of the present invention is to provide a recording system with a method for recording
three-dimensional floor space information with less destruction of sound field information
developed up and down, left and right, front and back, which is not particularly useful in the
stereo recording technology of. (2) Means for solving the problem (when using the two channels
on the left and right) In the case of implementing this recording method, a microphone
installation unit for installing the microphone pickup portion (f) at the entrance of the ear canal
(b) is required. Two examples will be given of performing a three-dimensional sound recording
using this microphone placement device. FIG. 3 is a mounting example of the microphone
installation device when used in the standard system of the present recording system. First, the
end (FIG. 5B) of the head fitting (2) is inserted into the hole of the width adjustment tool (1).
Adjust the head bracket by bending it along the side of the head. Next, the other end (FIG. 3C) of
the head fitting is inserted into the groove (FIG. 6D) of the connector 3 and bonded. Thereafter,
the connector (3) is inserted into the cylindrical portion of the installation arm. Also, insert the
end (Fig. 8-F) of the ear hook into the other groove (Fig. 6-E) of the connector (3). Further, the
upper end convex portion (FIG. 9-H) of the microphone holder adjustment tool (6) is inserted into
the concave portion (FIG. 7-G) at the end of the installation arm (4). Finally, fit the hole (Fig. 10-I)
of the microphone holder (7) into the projection (Fig. 9-I) of the microphone holder adjustment
tool (6) and finally the microphone (e) to the microphone holder (7) Installing. Perform this work
on both the left and right sides to complete the assembly. The width setting (h) and the vertical
direction (n) of the microphone installation device assembled in this way so that the width
adjustment tool (1) is on the top of the head and the ear hooks (5) are along the upper half of the
base of the ear Adjust the Next, the arm portion (4) of the installation arm adjusts the vertical
direction (i) and the horizontal direction (j) to a position along the outer pinnae line. At this time,
the arm portion should be kept in contact with the pinnae as much as possible. Then adjust the
microphone adjustment tool (6) in the horizontal direction (k) and the microphone holder (7) in
the vertical direction (l), again without contacting the pinna as much as possible, from the ear
canal entrance (b) Turn to). Then, the microphone is moved in the back and forth direction (m) to
position the microphone collection unit at the entrance to the ear canal (b). Then connect the
microphone cord to the left channel of the recording device. Perform the above assembly and
adjustment so as to be symmetrical on the left and right sides, connect the right microphone cord
to the right channel of the recording device, and record. An embodiment of the simplified method
of the present recording type is shown in FIG. Assembly of the microphone is completed by
inserting the width adjustment tool (1) into the simplified installation fitting (8) and attaching the
microphone to the grip portion of the tip. The position adjustment of the microphone is
performed so that the microphone becomes equal to the above-mentioned standard method by
changing the bending angle of the bent portion shown by (k). Then connect the left and right
microphone cords to the left and right channels of the recording device and record. In this case,
although it is unavoidable that each part of the microphone placement device touches the pinna,
the ease of installation can be obtained. (E) Fig. 14 shows an example in which sound waves in
the working environment are reflected by the forehead. Also, FIG. 15 shows an example of the
path in which the sound wave from the front changes depending on the wall surface and the
human head, and FIG. 16 shows an example of the path of the sound wave formed by a part of
the ear.
There are many sound sources in the actual outside world, and it is considered that sound waves
from all directions are repeatedly reflected, absorbed, refracted, etc. in external obstacles and
parts of the human body until they reach the ear canal. FIG. 16 shows an example of the progress
of sound waves from the front of the pinna by arrows, but the direction of the sound is changed
by each part of the pinna. In each method, the purpose is that the sound waves from the outside
reach the ear canal through various paths, but they almost gather at the entrance of the ear canal
(b), like the above-mentioned standard method and simplified method. By positioning, it is
possible to record sound waves close to the waveform reaching those tympanic membranes. (E)
Effects of the Invention The effects of the three-dimensional sound recording of this system can
be confirmed by performing reproduction as follows. The first is 2-channel reproduction by the
in-ear type headphone (r). (FIG. 17) The effect of the present method is that the microphone
pickup position of the present recording method and the reproduction sound generation position
are almost equal, and the mass of the diaphragm of the microphone and the headphone is close.
You can check the sound field (including the localization of the sound image) that is very similar
when recording in the vertical direction. Second, the same effect is observed in two-channel
reproduction with general headphones. Third, in the reproduction by the speakers, as shown in
FIG. 18, a three-dimensional sound field is obtained when the speakers (s) are placed with the
speakers (s) placed opposite to each other at equal distances on the extension connecting the left
and right ears. In all of the first to third reproduction methods, when the reproduction apparatus
selects one having a good group delay characteristic, the effect of three-dimensional private field
reproduction is large. In addition, comparing the standard system and the simple system of this
recording system, the reproduced sound field of the standard system is more three-dimensional
and the effect is large especially in the case of large recording, and both the microphones used in
both systems have small size and high performance. Is effective.
Brief description of the drawings
Fig. 1 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и the AA cross section of the figure in Fig. 1;
Figure и и и Front view and partial projection view of the width adjustment tool (1) и и и и Front view
and plan view of the head fitting (2) и и и и и Front view of the connector (3) Figure and left and
right side view Fig. 7 и и и Front view and plan view of installation arm (4) и и и и Front view and side
view of earpiece (5) и и и Microphone A front view, a plan view and a lower side view of the holder
adjustment tool (6) и и и и и и и и и и A front view and a side view of the microphone holder (7) и и и и и и и
A sketch of a simplified method embodiment of this method Fig. 12 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и
и и и и и и и и и и и и Figure showing the adjustment direction of the microphone installation unit used in
the standard method of this method Fig. 15 showing an example Fig. 15 и и и Fig. 16 showing an
example of the path of the sound wave from the front Fig. 16 и и и и и Fig. 17 showing an example
of the path of the sound wave by the auricle FIG. 2 is a view showing an example of mounting of
the present invention, the cross sectional direction is the same as FIG.
1 иии Width adjustment tool 2 иии Head fitting 2 иии Connector 4 иии Installation arm 3 иии Ear hook 6 иии
Microphone holder adjustment tool 4 иии Microphone holder 8 иии Simple type installation bracket a
... Ear pin b ... Microphone installation range c ... Ear d ... ... Conduit cavity e ... Microphone f ...
Microphone code g ... Microphone sound collection unit h ~ n ... Adjustment direction of
microphone installation device (for standard method) r ... Inner ear type headphones s ... Speaker
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