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The present invention relates to a diaphragm used for a speaker. (Prior art and problems of the
prior art) The physical properties of the imaging plate for a speaker are light to enhance
efficiency, to improve transient characteristics, and to have high elasticity to widen a band, and
In order to suppress the divided vibration and make the frequency characteristic flat, it is
required that the internal loss be appropriately large. As a diaphragm intended to increase the
elasticity $, there is a video pickup board for a speaker formed by molding a high elastic fiber
cloth such as carbon fiber. However, although it is desirable to increase the elastic modulus in
the radial direction for the imaging plate for a speaker, in the case of molding a high elastic fiber
cloth, it is insufficient in enhancing the elasticity in the radial direction. In addition, carbon
aligned in one direction for the purpose of enhancing the elasticity in the radial direction!
Although there is one in which Qtltuns are arranged in the radial direction and a diaphragm is
formed, this diaphragm requires a great deal of man-hours and increases the cost. (Means for
Solving the Problems) The present invention has been proposed in view of the above points, and
the object of the present invention is to provide a speaker diaphragm excellent in each physical
property required for the diaphragm and easy to manufacture. 8 to provide a treatment. That is,
to achieve the above objective, lT '! (i) In a speaker imaging plate based on an elastic fiber cloth,
the speaker oscillation is based on the provision of a stitch with rS elastic fiber thread in the form
of q1 wire from the top to the periphery of the diaphragm. The board is the gist. (Function) lV ′
′ used as a base of S moving plate for speakers! (i) By using an elastic cloth and forming a seam
with a high elastic fiber thread in a radial manner, a diaphragm with kliΔ being easy, high
elasticity, and radial rigidity reinforced can be obtained. Hereinafter, the present invention will be
described in detail with reference to the drawings. FIG. 1 is a side view showing an embodiment
of the present invention, and FIG. 2 is a view for explaining a base before forming a diaphragm.
In the figure, reference numeral 1 denotes a cone-shaped diaphragm having a conical shape, and
a configuration in which 10 parts 1a are open toward the peripheral part 1b. The u-body 2
forming this diaphragm 1 is formed by press-molding high-elasticity 11 fiber city, and the high
elastic fiber cloth is made of inorganic fibers such as carbon fibers and silicon fibers, and organic
fibers of aramid fibers. Woven fabrics or pressed cities are used. J, 3 go from the top 1.1 to the
periphery 11) of the diaphragm 1 111. It is the 1st by the high elastic fiber yarn provided in
radiation shape. That is, the first eye 3 also acts as a reinforcement along with the radial rigidity
of the diaphragm 1 at I21.
Next, the formation of the imaging plate will be described with reference to FIG. First, release the
stitch 3 of the high elastic fiber yarn in a j-line shape into the high elastic fiber cloth 2 '. It is easy
to use an industrial sewing machine or the like. Next, the high elastic fiber m2 ° containing the
stitches 3 is treated with resin impregnation or the like, and then press-molded by the upper and
lower molds to obtain the diaphragm 1. Also, at the time of forming the F + 1 slot and forming
the imaging plate, a plurality of high elastic fiber cloths 2 ° may be sewed in at once or a
plurality of high elastic fibers If t52 'including the stitch 3 may be shifted the stitch 3 Bonding
and pressing are embodiments of-). (Effects of the Invention) As described above, according to
the present invention, according to the present invention, a speaker diaphragm having a high
elasticity fiber cloth as a base is Jj, and a high elasticity fiber is formed in a tIio4 line shape from
the top to the periphery of the diaphragm. By providing the stitches with the thread, there is an
advantage that the diaphragm which is reinforced with high rigidity and is reinforced in the
radial direction by using the high elastic fiber cloth as the base body 14 by a simple
manufacturing method.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a view showing an embodiment of the present invention, FIG.
Fig. 71 is a view for explaining a base body before temporary forming. Reference Signs List 1 · · ·
diaphragm, 1a · · · top portion, 1 b · · · peripheral portion, 2 · · · base, 2 ° · · · high elastic fiber
cloth, 3 · · · seam features Revised applicant Foster Electric Co., Ltd. Attorney Patent attorney
Michio Takayama, J or one person Figure 1
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