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<Industrial field of application> The present invention relates to a vibrating body of a speaker
used for various audio devices. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention provides a
vibrator of a speaker in which a thin film of a synthetic resin is formed on at least one surface of
a fibrous base material and an ultraviolet curing resin is coated on the thin film. It is what
realized the change @ of down to the cost 1 of. <Prior Art> Conventionally, vibrators such as
speaker diaphragms and dustproof caps have been formed using materials such as natural fibers,
synthetic fibers, and resin films. <Problems to be Solved by the Invention> By the way, in general,
the vibrator for the speaker is required to be light in weight, high in rigidity, large in internal loss,
and inexpensive, but the following conventional vibrators are required. There was a similar
problem. ? Natural fibers such as paper are generally lightweight, inexpensive, and have large
internal losses, but low rigidity. ? Synthetic fibers generally have high rigidity but low internal
loss, and high rigidity fibers such as bamboo fiber are expensive. ? Resin film is relatively high
in rigidity and relatively low in price, but its internal loss is small and its specific gravity is also
slightly large. <Means for Solving the Problems> In the present invention, in order to solve the
conventional problems, a thin film of a synthetic resin is formed on at least one surface of a
fibrous base material, and ultraviolet light is formed on the thin film. It is a coating of a cured
resin. <Operation> Therefore, a lightweight, inexpensive fiber material is used as a base material,
and the cured UV curable resin secures rigidity, and the bonding effect of different materials
such as fiber material and UV curable resin also enables internal loss. It can be improved.
Embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail below with reference to the
attached drawings. FIG. 1 is a side sectional view showing an embodiment of a speaker provided
with a vibrating body of a speaker according to the present invention, wherein a voice coil 4a is
wound around the inner periphery of a damper 3 whose outer periphery is fixed to a frame 1 The
voice coil bobbin 4 is fixed, the lower half of the bobbin 4 is loosely inserted and held in the
magnetic gear tube g of the magnetic circuit 2 fixed to the frame 1, and the vibration is
generated in the two halves of the bobbin 4 The diaphragm 6 is fixed to the outer peripheral
edge of the frame 1 through the edge 5 while the plate 6 is fixed. Further, a dustproof cap 7 is
fixed to a central portion of the diaphragm 6. FIG. 2 is a partial enlarged cross-sectional view of
diaphragm 6 (FIG. 1 A) in FIG. 1; 8 is a fibrous base material; 9 is a composite formed on the
fibrous base material A thin film of resin, 10 is an ultraviolet curable resin formed in the second
of the thin film of the synthetic resin.
Here, the inventors used paper having a thickness of 0.6 m 11 and a density of 0.5397 cm 3 as
the substrate 8, an acrylic resin having a thickness of 5 ?m as the thin film 9 of synthetic resin,
and a thickness Q after curing as the ultraviolet curing resin 10. When a diaphragm of 2 mm in
diameter was used to make a diaphragm, as shown in Table 1, both the Young's modulus and the
loss factor could be improved. Further, as the speaker, a sound with little distortion was obtained
in the middle range. The thin film 9 of synthetic resin and the ultraviolet curing resin 10 can be
easily formed on the substrate by brush coating, spray coating, dipping or the like. The stain 3 is
another embodiment of the present invention, in which the thin film 9 'and the layer of the
ultraviolet curing resin 10' are formed in sequence on the other side of the diaphragm 6 along
the outer periphery thereof. By doing so, the strength of the outer peripheral portion of the
diaphragm 6 can be increased, and the warp of the diaphragm due to the rise of the ambient
temperature can be suppressed. As described above, the diaphragm 6 of the present invention
uses the lightweight and inexpensive fiber material 8 as a base material and secures rigidity by
the cured UV curable resin 10, and at the same time the bonding effect of the fiber material and
the UV cured resin The loss can also be improved. Furthermore, since the UV curable resin is
applied to the fiber material after forming the synthetic resin thin film, the UV curable resin does
not penetrate into the inside of the fibrous base material, and the warp of the diaphragm 6 does
not occur. . As described above, the vibrating body of the speaker according to the present
invention is smaller than the above-described configuration, and since the lightweight and
capacity fiber material is used as the base material, the vibrating body is lightweight, It can be
cheap. Furthermore, the rigidity, internal loss, and water resistance are combined, and an effect
that the manufacturing method of the vibrator is easy can be obtained.
Brief description of the drawings
Figure 1 is a side cross-sectional view of a speaker having a vibrating body according to the
present invention, and FIG. 2 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of part A of Figure 1-FIG. 3 is an
enlarged cross-sectional view showing another embodiment of the vibrating body is there.
6 иии Vibrator, 8 иии Base material, 9, 9 ? иии Synthetic resin thin film, 10 i?10 ? иии UV curable
resin. Agent Attorney Sugiyama Toru (1 other) Figure 2 3
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