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TECHNICAL FIELD The present invention relates to a speaker diaphragm used as an acoustic
output device. 2. Related Art In recent years, a cassette tape recorder, a microphone award
cassette tape recorder, and a speaker that is superior in output sound pressure, distortion rate,
and flatness even in acoustic characteristics in the hi-fi stereo industry are also desired.
Loudspeaker diaphragms that influence the characteristics are increasingly regarded as
important. Hereinafter, the above-mentioned conventional speaker will be described. A
conventional speaker is composed of a vibration system such as a diaphragm, a voice coil bobbin,
and a voice coil, and a magnetic circuit system (not shown) including a magnet, a ball, a plate,
and a yoke. When a voice current flows in the voice coil in a uniform magnetic field, an
electromagnetic force in the vertical direction is generated in the voice coil, which vibrates in
response to the current and is properly transmitted to the vibration of the diaphragm and
radiated as a sound wave. (Eg, Hisao Hayasaka: Introduction to Acoustics, Nikkan Kogyo
Shimbun). Problems to be Solved by the Invention However, the diaphragm of the speaker is
ideally subjected to piston movement over the frequency band to be used, and if the diaphragm is
deformed or split vibration occurs during vibration, the sound pressure-frequency characteristics,
distortion Rate, phase characteristics, etc., and it interferes with high fidelity reproduction. In
addition, the conventional paper cone diaphragm and plastic diaphragm have a low E / ρ (where
E: elastic modulus, :: density) of the diaphragm material, so the high region resonance frequency
is low and the speaker is reproduced to the high region There was a drawback that it was
impossible. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In view of the above problems, the present invention
is to provide a speaker diaphragm having a high high-resonance frequency, in which the
diaphragm is not deformed during vibration to cause fc divided vibration. Means for Solving the
Problems In order to achieve this object, the speaker diaphragm of the present invention is
coated with lacquer on at least one side of a molding obtained by heat compression molding a
prepreg sheet consisting of flaky mica and an epoxy resin. The molded product thus obtained is
used as a diaphragm. Since this speaker diaphragm is made of a complex of flaky mica having a
very large elastic modulus and an epoxy resin, its bending rigidity is very large, and multi-divided
resonance in which the diaphragm is deformed during vibration It has excellent sound pressurefrequency characteristics, distortion factor, and phase characteristics, and by coating lacquer on
the surface of the scaly mica / epoxy resin composite, it is possible to prevent peeling of the
composite. The reliability is improved and the internal loss is also increased. Further,
compression molding is performed on the prepreg sheet, and lacquer is coated and formed, so
that it can be processed into any diaphragm shape.
In addition to the flat plate-like diaphragm, it can be freely processed regardless of the shape of a
dome-like diaphragm or the like, and any acoustic characteristic can be obtained. EXAMPLE
Hereinafter, a speaker diaphragm according to an example of the present invention will be
described. The speaker diaphragm in one embodiment of the present invention is a diaphragm in
which lacquer is coated on at least one side of a molding obtained by heat compression molding
of a prepreg sheet made of flaky mica and an epoxy resin, and the tip is attached to this
diaphragm The voice coil at the end of the fixed voice coil bobbin is inserted into the magnetic
gap (not shown) of the magnetic circuit and vibrated to form a speaker. Hereinafter, a method of
manufacturing the speaker diaphragm configured as described above will be described. First, a
prepreg sheet made of flaky mica and epoxy resin is used as a diaphragm material. The prepreg
sheet is formed by sheet-forming and drying a sheet of mica flakes by a paper-making method,
and impregnating the mixture into a mixed solution of an epoxy resin and toluene. The
compounding ratio is adjusted so that the film thickness becomes 20 μm after molding with
flaky mica 70 W 10% and epoxy resin a 0 W 10%. The prepreg sheet thus obtained was molded
into a dome-like (dome diameter φ 30 film) molding by compression molding at a temperature
of 160 ° C. and a pressure of 201 g / crl for 20 minutes. A molded product coated with a brush
is used as a diaphragm. As described above, according to the present embodiment, a speaker
using a diaphragm in which lacquer is coated on at least one side of a molding obtained by heat
compression molding a prepreg sheet made of flaky mica and an epoxy resin is very effective.
The composite of flake-like mica having a large elastic modulus and an epoxy resin does not
cause deformation of the diaphragm and split resonance, so that good acoustic characteristics
can be obtained and the distortion factor is lowered. In addition, the high frequency resonance
frequency also rises, and the output sound pressure rises because the diaphragm becomes
lightweight. Further, the lacquer coating improves the reliability without losing the abovementioned characteristics, and the internal loss also increases. Effects of the Invention As
described above, the present invention uses as a diaphragm a molding obtained by coating
lacquer on at least one side of a molding obtained by heat compression molding a prepreg 7-to
made of flaky mica and an epoxy resin. Thus, the composite can be prevented from being peeled
off by coating with a silkworm which has a low shear distortion coefficient and a high highresonance frequency by the composite of flaky mica and an epoxy resin, and the reliability is also
Furthermore, since the internal loss is also large, unnecessary resonance can be suppressed, and
an excellent speaker having flat frequency characteristics and good acoustic characteristics can
be realized.
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