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BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION 1. Field of the Invention The present invention relates to
improvement of a speaker diaphragm, in particular a soft dome diaphragm. [Background Art]
Conventionally, a soft dome type speaker has been adopted mainly as a speaker for middle to
high-pitched sound reproduction. The diaphragm of such a speaker is: ■ a diaphragm in which a
cotton cloth is impregnated with a phenol resin as a shaping material, and then an acrylic resin is
coated as a filler and an internal loss imparting material and heat-press molded; And the like are
coated with a rubber latex, etc. and heat-pressed into a diaphragm, etc. [Problems to be Solved by
the Invention] The following problems have been confirmed in the conventional diaphragm
described above. That is, since the phenolic resin is used as the shape-imparting material in the
above-mentioned diaphragm 2, the moisture resistance is not sufficient, and gap defects and the
like tend to occur due to deformation due to humidity. In the case of the diaphragm of {circle
over (3)}, since the internal loss of the polyester resin of the base material is small, a peak / dip
which is harmful to the frequency characteristics of the speaker occurs, and there is a problem
that it is difficult to obtain good frequency characteristics. Further, in the dome-shaped
diaphragm using a woven fabric as a base material, since the dome shape is formed by utilizing
the misalignment of the base material, directionality is generated in the rigidity of the diaphragm,
which causes the vibration form There is a problem that variation occurs and the abovementioned cloth deviation is different for each diaphragm, so that it is difficult to obtain a
diaphragm of constant quality. [Means for Solving the Problems] This invention has selected a
thermoplastic olefin elastomer having a two-layer structure in which a microdomain layer of
polypropylene resin is dispersed in an ethylene-propylene-diene-methylene linkage rubber
matrix as a material of a diaphragm. It is a shooting board for speakers. EXAMPLE A sheet of 200
j 7711 was prepared by extrusion molding of a thermoplastic olefin elastomer (trade name:
Sandplane # 20 / -87, manufactured by Mitsubishi Monsite). Next, a dome-shaped diaphragm of
251 n 11 φ was obtained by vacuum molding. In addition, as Conventional Example 1, a plain
weave woven fabric with a basis weight of 50 g / 7 Ff was impregnated with a phenol resin, and
an acrylic resin was further coated, and a coated fabric with a basis weight of 100 glrd was heat
press molded to obtain a diaphragm of 25all 11φ. . As Conventional Example 2, a plain weave
monofilament polyester woven fabric having a basis weight of 60 g / m was coated with SBR
latex to obtain a coated polyester woven fabric having a basis weight of 1,100 g / m, which was
heat pressed to obtain a diaphragm of 25 sφ.
Then, each diaphragm was incorporated into the same magnetic circuit component to obtain a
dome-shaped speaker. Then, after preparing 50 speakers each using the above-mentioned
diaphragms and leaving them in an atmosphere of 60 ° C. and 95% humidity for 200 hours, an
operation test was conducted to check the number of gap defects and voice coil dropping defects.
1 Table 2 Also, when the light deterioration test (black panel temperature 60 ° C., humidity 90%
RH ′) was performed with a xenon fade meter, Comparative Example 2 was deteriorated by 23%
in tensile strength value, but in the Example It has stopped at 8%. Furthermore, the frequency
characteristics of each of the above speakers were measured, and the results of FIG. 1 were
obtained. [Effects of the Invention] As is clear from the above results, according to the
embodiment of the present invention, the moisture resistance and the light resistance
characteristics can be remarkably improved, and in the frequency characteristic, the peak of the
high region is suppressed and flatter. A speaker having frequency characteristics can be
provided. This is considered to be attributable to the fact that the internal loss of the diaphragm
of the embodiment of the present invention is larger than that of the conventional diaphragm.
Further, since the dome-shaped diaphragm of the present invention forms a sheet-like substrate,
it provides a diaphragm with stable quality without generating rigidity directivity as in the
conventional diaphragm based on woven fabric. be able to. Furthermore, according to the present
invention, since molding can be performed by a vacuum molding method, the mold cost can be
greatly reduced.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a frequency characteristic diagram of each speaker using the diaphragm of the
embodiment of the present invention and the conventional example.
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