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FIELD OF THE INVENTION This invention relates to speakers. 2. Description of the Related Art In
the conventional diaphragm of this type of loudspeaker, the edge of the loudspeaker diaphragm
is provided with an edge formed by applying an acrylic copolymer emulsion to the sheet of the
link valve. There is also known one having a urethane foam sheet or an edge formed by coating a
rubber edge on a cloth edge. Generally, as a diaphragm of a speaker, as in the above-mentioned
example, there are a free edge type in which an edge portion is made of a material different from
that of a cone portion and a fixed type in which a cone portion and an edge portion are integrally
formed. As shown in FIG. 2, in the fixed type diaphragm, the corrugation 2 is formed around the
cone portion 1 to form an edge portion. The diaphragm of this configuration is made of paper 9
synthetic resin film, etc., and it is lightened overall, and is effective in improving the efficiency,
but the edge is not large in compliance, and the strength is weak and the input is weak. It can
only be used for small speakers. Further, as shown in FIG. 3, the free edge type diaphragm is
constructed by sticking an edge 3 made of cloth, a urethane foam sheet or the like to the
peripheral portion of the cone portion 1. According to this configuration, the edge 3 has an
advantage that a large compliance can be obtained. However, it has the disadvantage that the
mass is increased and the efficiency of the speaker is reduced. From such a thing, the edge of the
diaphragm of the speaker is light and flexible, has good moldability, and has a strong edge. From
this, a free edge type edge coated with a rubber wedge on the link valve seat has been proposed
and put to practical use, but it has the disadvantage of being weak in moisture resistance and
weak in strength. Therefore, the present invention provides a speaker having a diaphragm to
which an edge is attached that is light, flexible, formable, and excellent in strength. Means for
Solving the Problems In order to solve this problem, the present invention comprises a
diaphragm made of a sheet made mainly of manila hemp which has been subjected to piscose
processing and which is impregnated with a rubber-impregnated edge. is there. The edge with
the above configuration is light and flexible as a speaker diaphragm, and it has excellent
formability. The strength is also good, and excellent reproduction can be performed from the low
band to the high band, and the improvement of the efficiency is also measured, and the excellent
effect is exhibited. Embodiment A speaker according to the present invention will be described
with reference to FIG. 1 of one embodiment.
In the figure, reference numeral 4 denotes a field section, and in this case, an external-magnet
type field section is shown, and a plate 6 having a center pole 5 erected at the center on the
upper surface, a ring magnet 7 disposed on this plate ?, A ring-shaped upper plate 8 is disposed
on the magnet 7 and configured by bonding them with an adhesive. A frame 9 is connected to
the field portion 4 by welding or the like, and a diaphragm 11 is connected to a peripheral
portion of the frame 9 together with a gasket 1 o. The diaphragm 11 is of the above-described
piece type, and pulp fibers are made into a sheet, and the peripheral portion of the cone portion
12 obtained by molding it is formed into a sheet of fibers mainly composed of manila hemp that
has been subjected to piscose processing. Then, an edge 13 formed by impregnating or coating
with an acrylic copolymer emulsion is formed to be adhered thereto. This edge 13 is light as a
sheet (non-woven fabric) made of a paper (nonwoven fabric) made of paper of Manila hemp
fibers processed with piscose as the main component, and its strength is good. It is possible to
improve the water resistance and the strength as well as to improve. A coil bobbin 15 in which a
voice coil 14 is wound around the lower periphery is coupled to a central portion of a diaphragm
11 provided with such an edge 13, and an intermediate portion of the coil bobbin 16 is
supported by a damper 16. A dust cap 17 is attached to the center of the upper surface. As
described above, since the speaker of the present invention is configured, the edge of the
diaphragm is larger in compliance than the fixed type, lighter in weight than the free end type,
and excellent in formability. As well as being able to perform reproduction with excellent
frequency characteristics up to the frequency range, it is also possible to improve efficiency,
obtain a speaker with good sound quality, and become a dog of practical value. As a detailed
description of the edge, a sheet obtained by mixing 100 parts of manila hemp which has been
subjected to piscose processing and 4 parts of rayon is used as a base material. Weighing of the
sheet is 25 f / rrl. An acrylic resin is impregnated into this, and the weight of 45 f / tn is used as
an edge material. An edge formed by molding this, an edge coated with rubber on a fabric, and an
edge consisting of a link valve seat (a link valve seat 3tsy / rl is coated with an acrylic emulsion
20 f / m '1 and the total weight is 56 f / rn) A comparison with 'assume' is shown below (10 cm
speaker). The resistance to input of the speaker is the state in which the edge portion is not
broken even if a continuous load is applied for 1000 hours. The bending resistance strength
represents the number of bending in the MIT chuck test.
Effects of the Invention As described above, the present invention is a speaker using a diaphragm
having a light, flexible, and strong edge, which is excellent in efficiency for excellent reproduction
from low to high frequencies. Effect.
Brief description of the drawings
FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view showing an embodiment of the speaker according to the present
invention, FIG. 2 is a cross-sectional view of a main part of a fixed type diaphragm used in the
conventional speaker, and FIG. 3 is a diaphragm of the free edge type. It is principal part
sectional drawing.
4 иии Field field, 9 и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и и cone portion, 13 и и и и и и и и и и и и .... Voice coil.
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