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Corrector of electrodynamics and microcirculation

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Research in Russia
Copy with information on 7 sheets (English)
MicroFa (First aid)
/ The author of the invention V. Aljas. Estonia /
15221. Russia. Moscow. Borisov Ponds 10
Тел. + 916324 08 67, + 9037199648
Copy with information on 7 sheets (English)
Scientific and historical information
The theoretical and experimental base of EHF-therapy was created in the USSR in
the period
second half of the 1980s academician N. D. Devyatkovym, professor M. B. Golant
and their colleagues. They performed a large amount of work. dedicated to the
study of the effect of microwave electromagnetic low intensity radiation.
Possibilities of millimeter waves and their high the effectiveness was subsequently
confirmed by clinical trials in more than 100 medical institutions of the USSR for
patients with various diseases.
The authorized bodies of the USSR Ministry of Health were approved.
Methods of using EHF-therapy in clinical practice. After the scientific publication
of the test results, similar experiments were carried out in a number of countries
(Kayleman and Grundler in Germany, Berto in France).
Millimeter waves have low penetration into biological tissues (0.2 - 0.8 mm) and
are almost completely absorbed by the surface layers of the skin (molecules water,
hydrated proteins, collagen molecules, connective cells tissue), millimeter waves
do not directly affect internal the patient’s organs do not have a thermal effect.
Areas of skin with increased the sensitivity at which pain occurs during an illness
is called the Zakharyin-Ged zone.
In 1883, Zakharyin and after 15 years G. Ged discovered that with the pathology of
one organ or another, certain areas of the skin become hypersensitive, and
sometimes painful.
Physiologically, the occurrence of hyperesthesia zones is explained by the fact that
painful stimuli entering through the sympathetic fibers from the internal spinal
cord organs radiating all sensitive cells of this segment, excite them.
Subsequently, the reflex mechanism was studied, and, as it turned out, the essence
is a compensatory increase in blood circulation (microcirculation).
EHF of the EHF range contain complete information about the state of the body,
including pathological processes at the earliest stages of their development.
Human organism - bio-cybernetic system and to determine the causes of
any pathological process it is necessary to have an idea of the relationship of all its
subsystems starting at the cellular micro level (cell, cell membrane, cell nucleus,
DNA, RNA, genes, etc.).
Copy with information on 7 sheets (English)
Which are the basis of the individuality of any organism, and changes, including
pathological, inevitably lead to corresponding changes at the macro level
(tissue, organ, system, organism). Currently considered the most informative millimeter-wave frequencies, that is, natural frequencies electromagnetic fields of
cells of internal organs. Therapeutic method itself by the influence of millimeter
waves on the human body in the literature is often called "Informational", in
contrast to the energy (thermal) impact positive effect is achieved at low
electromagnetic intensity radiation. EHF-therapy is used as a treatment method
without drugs, with which has virtually no side effects. EHF-methods allow you to
"erase", destroy information about the disease, violate disease plan and prevent it
from forming.
Radiometer INFO MM - captures changes in homeostasis of the internal environment of the
body and allows you to record, analyze, systematize and register ultra-weak electromagnetic
fields with power in the millimeter range up to 10 -17 W / cm2.
Copy with information on 7 sheets (English)
The vital activity of any biological system, including humans,
is accompanied by ultra-weak electromagnetic oscillations in a wide spectrum of wavelengths:
from super-long-wavelengths to very short ones, the sources of which are cells, organs, systems
and the body as a whole and which are essentially informational.
EHF electromagnetic radiation contains complete information about the state of the body,
including pathological processes at the earliest stages of their development. It is proved that for
the study of processes in living organisms, millimeter waves are of the greatest information value
both due to the very small values of the propagation velocity of acoustoelectric vibrations in
polarized cell membranes and due to the small energy costs for exciting vibrations at resonant
frequencies that determine the state of the system.
Practical studies of recent years in the field of genetics, biophysics, microbiology have shown
that the bulk of information between biological objects of all levels is transmitted using
electromagnetic waves of ultra-low intensity. And today there is a good opportunity to register
and analyze the electromagnetic radiation of various organs at the cellular level. This allows you
to get more accurate information about the mechanisms of development of various pathological
conditions of organs and systems.
The frequencies in the range of which living cells emit electromagnetic radiation through their
membranes are in the region (EHF) of extremely high frequencies of millimeter waves. Using
these signals in the EHF range, cells maintain contact with each other. Therefore, the normal
functioning of all organs and systems of a biological organism depends on the quality of this
important connection between cells. In the study, a millimeter-wave receiver-radiometer was
used with a sensitivity (10 - 17 ... 10 - 18) W / cm and subsequent computer processing of the
received signal in the form of spatio-temporal and spectral characteristics.
To register the oscillations, the Fourier series was used. The method is based on the phenomenon
of excitation of coherent oscillations in living cells. The measurement object is the projection
zone of bioactive points, the Zakharyin - Ged zone on the skin surface.
Power spectral density (SMP) - signal processing that defines the distribution of signal
power over frequencies. Its value is the dimension of power divided by frequency
Formal definition: Let x (t) be a signal, considered over a period of time. Then the signal
energy in this interval is equal.
, where FT (jω) is the spectral function of the signal.
Copy with information on 7 sheets (English)
At, average power
- spectral power density (function of the power spectrum density). The power density
spectrum of a signal stores information only about the amplitudes of the spectral
components. Phase information is lost. Therefore, all signals with the same amplitude
spectrum and different phase spectra have the same power density spectra. Evaluation of
the NSR is performed by the Fourier transform method, which assumes obtaining a
spectrum in the frequency domain by means of a fast Fourier transform (FFT). A
continuous transformation, in fact, is a generalization of the earlier idea of Fourier series,
which are defined for 2π-periodic functions and represent the expansion of such functions
into a (infinite) linear combination of harmonic oscillations with integer frequencies:
Fourier expansion also applies to functions defined at limited intervals, since such functions may
periodically continue throughout the line.
Copy with information on 7 sheets (English)
Photo 1.
Photo 2.
Phones without corrector Phones with corrector
Photos from the monitor screen from the INFO-MM radiometer
Copy with information on 7 sheets (English)
Spectral Characterization Analysis
Evaluation Criteria
The frequency of biological protection is located in a zone close to 0 in abscissa.
Normally - the highest peak, indicating the stability of the system. The nature of
the curve connecting all the peaks in the spectrum of low-frequency oscillations.
Normally, it has the form of a curve, with the largest value near 0 and gradually
decreasing exponentially to 1.0. In pathological conditions, it has several bursts in
different areas of the spectrum, depending on the nature of the process. The level
of metabolic metabolism (MO) is the number, location and nature of the frequency
component in the spectral characteristic of the signal in the range from 0 to 1.0 Hz.
Pathological frequencies - the presence of pronounced peaks in the spectrum range
from 2.0 to 4.0 Hz.
The study was conducted on volunteers aged 40 to 62.
Was selected:
1. Projection of the hypothalamus
2. A painful area on the body.
Group of photos under number 1.
The curves have a torn appearance with a maximum value in the zone of 0.25. The
frequency of biological protection is sharply reduced the level of MO is within
normal limits. There are peaks in the area for 0.1. Changes indicate an acute
metabolic disturbance and microcirculatory stasis in the initial phase. Exponents are
traced from 0.2 - C 0.7 and goes beyond 1.0. The picture is characteristic of the
inflammatory process of a bacterial nature in the initial stage of development.
Group of photos under number 2.
Dynamic vibrations are present.
Exhibitor is traceable.
Peaks of 0.4 and a group of small peaks are insignificant. There are no peaks for 1.0.
Spectrograms are within normal limits.
The study was also conducted over the projection area of the trachea. The
indicators indicated the presence of an inflammatory process in the initial phase.
After projecting for 10 minutes, on the studied area, the LCD screen of the
telephone with the corrector showed a positive spectrogram indicator. Clinically
observed and a positive dynamics of symptoms. That is, in the shortest possible
time managed to stop the inflammatory process.
Copy with information on 7 sheets (English)
During the study with phones of different brands equipped with a corrector, good
dynamics of microcirculatory circulation with compensatory reactions in places of
impaired homeostasis were noted, which indicates the effect of a therapeutic effect.
The results obtained allow us to conclude that there is a new health-improving and
preventive method.
General Director Medical Sciences Kirchik O. P.
Copy with information on 7 sheets (English)
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