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With the rapid development of observational astronomy, in a wide range of frequencies and wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, along with amazing discoveries, a host of unsolved problems arose, the solution of which this work is devoted to. And
Raf Ibrahimovic.
The great unification of physical theories and problems of astronomy.
Part 1. PHOTON, as an unstable element of an open Universe.
The fundamental concept of the passage of time is based on the following
prohibition: the observer receives absolutely all information from the past, and it is
permissible to send a reaction with his influence only to the future. It is this
prohibition that determines the gap or a specific point on the timeline in which the
observer is located, as well as the fundamental relationship between the passage of
time and the events that occur. And they occur in the Universe sequentially, their
orientation determines an irreversible increase in the entropy of the Universe, that
is, from absolute order to complete chaos, which is what awaits us in the future. And
the world around us is changing, and our understanding of the Universe is changing,
and in quantum terms there is a “leap”, and we find ourselves in a new reality.
And then I will give an excerpt from a brief review: “As a result of the modern
development of astronomy, the use of increasingly powerful optical and other
telescopes in a wide spectrum of frequencies, our ideas about the Universe have
completely changed, even in the middle of the twentieth century it seemed a calm
and even solemnly majestic world of fixed stars In equilibrium. Now we are
witnessing the violent activity of the same stars that experience grandiose flashes
and are developing rapidly. The discovery of radio nebulae and radio galaxies has
led us to the idea of rapid change on an even larger scale. You can see that the
Astrophysical community is slowly but surely following the path of correcting the
basic paradigms of this science of the 20th century and realizing the need to
implement fresh ideas that have been decisively rejected before! ”Golden words, a
balm for the soul! Perhaps we will begin to introduce fresh ideas - so, let's go!
The physical vacuum is “nothing” from which “something” arises, and in such a
variety that we ask the question - is there “nothing”? This statement casts doubt on
the existence of a 'void' as such!
1. Further, I would like to draw attention to the existence of more than 700
stars in the immediate vicinity of the Sun, the shift of the spectrum of which is in the
violet region! Astronomers do not seem to notice them - they measured spectra and
distances and forgot! And if you apply the Hubble law, formally it turns out that this
mass of stars moves toward us with acceleration! And during the existence of planet
Earth, we should not be alive for a long time, but nonetheless we exist. And this fact
leads to the conclusion about the virtual nature of this movement, that is, when
photons enter the gravitational field of our star, their energy increases, and this leads
to a violet shift of the spectrum of radiation frequencies from stars. Another
interesting fact is the determination of the abnormal braking of the pioneer
spacecraft, which is set by shifting the frequency of the control signal from the
station. And again, a purple shift, which is interpreted as a slowdown, but it is
2. And then it is logical to assume the existence of the inverse effect, namely,
when the radiation leaves the star’s gravitational field, the photon energy is lost, that
is, their redshift of the spectrum is formed! And for nearby stars, the mutual
compensation of effects from the spectra of the input - output and emission of stars
does not change and this boundary is Rg ≈ 4.77 pc !!!
3. Well, but if there is a distance in Mpc between stellar objects, then it is
generally accepted that the Hubble law in combination with the Doppler effect is
valid. But let's not rush and do this procedure: divide the photon energy loss by the
number of ripples at a distance that we calculate from the frequency and time in
transit. And it turned out that this small part of the energy is a constant value for
Sn1a and quasars and is equal to ᴥ \u003d 1.5629E-33 ev [ultralight Rafa boson]!
Moreover, it turned out that the product of the fundamental constants of astrophysics
ᴥ = h*H (Planck and Hubble) is equal to the same quantity. And if you imagine it in
the form of a wave, then we have a distance, and as a frequency, then the lifetime of
the universe! Such a coincidence cannot be called accidental - it is only 'ᴥ - particles
from God.'
P.S. Some of the extensions of the Standard Model proposed by theoretical
physicists predict the existence of ultralight bosons, the class of which, for example,
includes photons. These hypothetical bosons are much lighter than any known
particles with nonzero mass.
4. We conclude: each photon pulsation n is associated with an energy loss ᴥ,
and therefore the extragalactic redshift of the photon energy is the sum of the energy
losses, and the magnitude of these losses linearly depends on both the initial energy
and the distance. And this dissipative and equidiscent mechanism of extragalactic
redshift of photon energy. We conclude: the expansion of the Universe, all the more
accelerated, as well as the term 'dark energy' and even more so 70% of its quantity
lose their meaning!
5. In fact, the EMR parameter n is the number of photon pulsations, because
in the case of a long lifetime it can theoretically lose its energy by e = ⅀n*ᴥ and
dissolve in a vacuum medium - or rather, the photon is unstable!
6. The properties of Red photons allow it to be used to quantize the space of
the Universe, that is: d ⅀n, where n = N is the total number of pulsations, and
the frequency is  = N*ᴥ. And now we got the opportunity to calculate the
partial speed of photons – Сn = n*n, which was done! And it turned out that the
partial speed of photons also slows down at C N = ~, 4*Co, where N ~ 10E+35, and
it damps in the region of microwave radiation! Obviously, an increase in the initial
energy of photons increases its lifetime. Well, the sacred burenka of physics - the
postulate about the constancy of the speed of light of Einstein could not resist, but it
needs to be clarified - at the beginning of the path it is constant and equal to the
measured one, but then eventually the burenka “gets tired”!
P.S. In fact, E. Hubble himself did not confirm the Doppler nature of redshifts,
and the discoverer of “new” stars and supernovae Fritz Zwicky as early as 1928
linked these shifts with energy loss by electromagnetic radiation quanta at
cosmogonic distances. Moreover, in 1936, on the basis of a study of the distribution
of galaxies, E. Hubble came to the conclusion that this cannot be explained by the
Doppler effect, and the Zwicky hypothesis is most likely the “slight fatigue” that he
put forward in 1928. But what happened with the adoption of the Big Bang theory
remains a mystery, because it turned out that physics was directed along the wrong
path of development!
To be continued
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