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London ? the capital
of Great Britain
Places of interest
There are a lot of
places of interest in
London. Among them
there are: Westminster
Abbey, the Houses of
Buckingham Palace, St
Paul?s Cathedral,
London Bridge, and the
Tower of London.
The Tower of London
London stands on
the river Thames.
Crossing the river by
the Tower Bridge
you can see the
Tower of London. It
is one of the oldest
buildings of the city.
The Tower of London
Many centuries ago
it was a fortress, a
royal palace and
then a prison. Now
it is a museum of
The Houses of Parliament
On the bank of the
Thames, not far from the
Tower of London, you
can see Westminster
Palace, or the Houses of
Parliament. It is the seat
of the British
government and it is one
of the most beautiful
buildings in London.
Big Ben
In one of its towers
there is famous Big
Ben, the largest
clock of England. It
strikes every quarter
of an hour.
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace
is the Queen?s
official London
residence. Tourists
always go to see the
ceremony of
changing the Guard
Trafalgar Square
London has many
fine squares. Some
of them are quiet,
others are busy like
Trafalgar Square.
Trafalgar Square is
the central square of
the city.
The National Gallery
To the right of the
square there is
the National
Gallery which has
a fine collection of
St Paul?s Cathedral
St Paul?s Cathedral is
the biggest English
church. Another
famous church is
Westminster Abbey
where kings, queens,
and many famous
people are buried.
Parks of London
London is also famous
for its beautiful parks.
Hyde Park is the most
democratic park in
the world, as anyone
can say anything he
likes there. Regent?s
Park is the home of
London Zoo.
The sights of London
Now look at the
slide. Here you can
see the descriptions
of some sights in
London. Listen to my
stories and name
the sights.
What is this?
It is very old. It has a long
and cruel history. You can
see it from the river
Thames. It is not just one
building. Many years ago
the Kings and the Queens
of Britain lived in this place.
(The Tower of
What is this?
It stands near the
Houses of Parliament.
It is really a bell. It
weighs 13,720
kilograms. It has a
deep tone and you can
hear it on the radio. It
is a famous clock.
(Big Ben)
What is this?
London's largest
and most famous
cathedral, built by
Sir Christopher
(St. Paul's
What is this?
They stand beside the
river Thames. You can
also see them from
Westminster Abbey.
The country's leaders
speak at this place. The
famous clock Big Ben
stands near them.
(The Houses of
What is this?
London residence
of the Queen, the
principal seat of
the monarchy.
What is this?
It is not far from the
Houses of Parliament.
It is a symbol of
England. It was
founded by St. Peter
and built by King
Edward in 1065. Some
famous people are
buried there.
(Westminster Abbey)
What is this?
It includes an
amazing collection
of British and
foreign Art.
(British Museum)
Do you know London?
Now look at the
slide ?Do You
Know London??
Can you answer
these questions?
Do you know London?
Who gave London
its first name?
(the Romans)
What is the name of
the underground
system in London?
(the Tube)
Do you know London?
What river runs
through London?
(the Thames)
What birds according
to the legend protect
the Tower of London?
Do you know London?
What is the only
London bridge that
can be raised?
(Tower Bridge)
What is the London
(an observation
Do you know London?
What is a
(a bus)
What is the
famous airport in
Do you know London?
His monument
stands in the centre
of Trafalgar Square.
(Horatio Nelson ?
Гарацио Нельсон)
Who was called "An
Iron Lady"?
(Margaret Thatcher)
Do you know London?
The English author
known as the Queen of
(Agatha Christie)
The most illustrious and
exclusive department
store in London.
(Harrods - Харродс)
Do you know London?
A busy square in central
London known for the
statue of Eros( ангел,
любовь к ближнему).
(Piccadilly Circus)
The oldest London park
with excellent views of
Buckingham Palace.
(St. James's Park)
Thank you
for your work!
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