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«Урок английского языка»
по теме:
“Moscow and Great Muscovites”
Учебник Enjoy English 8 класс, М. Биболетова
Подготовили учителя английского языка
МОУСОШ№12 с УИОП Костюлина Ю.С., Бабаева С.Р.
Today we will …..
make different interesting exercises
learn more about our native country
read the text : “Some words about Moscow”
answer questions
listen the text
sing a patriotic song
Let’s read words:
Garden Ring-Садовое Кольцо
Circular Road-Кольцевая дорога
The Moscow Kremlin-Московский Кремль
Slavonic monastery-Славянский монастырь
Saviour Tower-Спасская башня
Cathedral Square-Соборная площадь
Dormition Cathedral-Благовещенский Собор
Cathedral of Saint Basil-Собор Василия Блаженного
Answer questions:
Do you like travelling?
Do you enjoy travelling by plane? Why?
When and who was Moscow founded by?
What is the heart of Moscow?
What Moscow streets do you know?
Is Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow or in St. Petersburg?
Name the Russian painters, whose works are kept
Read the text : “Some words about Moscow”
and match synonyms:
district famous-
wonderful cathedral-
attraction highscrapers large-
Make up a dialogue in which you are welcome to speak
about Moscow State University
Use the words- combinations:
1. The Lomonosov University is the oldest university in
2. It was founded in 1755
3. It was founded by the great Russian scientist M.V.
4. There are 21 faculties.
Will you stand up?
Hands up! Hands down! Shake! Shake!
Stand up! On the tiptoes
Turn around. Step aside,
Step left! Step right!
Sit down!
Listen to the text: “The Andronikov Monastery.
The Russian icon painter Andrei Rublyov”
Answer questions:
1. What the most beautiful construction is it in Moscow?
2. Who is the outstanding Russian icon painter?
3. Where did A. Rublyov live?
Give a short description of
Tverskay street of Moscow
Example: I think this street is bright.
Let’s sing a song
Moscow Suburd Nights
Music by V. Solovyov-Sedoy
Words by M. Matusovsky
Not a rustling leaf, not a bird in a flight
In the sleepy grove until dawn.
How I love these night, Moscow suburd nights,
The caress of the walking sun.
Dawn is nigh and pale grow the amber lights.
Left me hope, my dear, that you too
Will remember these Moscow suburd nights
And our love that has been so true.
Write down several sentences about your impression of
Moscow attractions.
Let’s sum up
The heart of Moscow is the Kremlin.
The Lomonosov University is the oldest university in
Icon painter A. Rublyev lived in the monastery and died
Russian painters are: Ilya Repin, Ivan Shishkin, Viktor
Vasnetsov, Vasily Surikov and others.
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