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Faculty of History
Higher School of Economics
St. Petersburg
(established in 2012 )
Faculty of History
Higher School of Economics – St. Petersburg
Bachelor of Arts in History degree
пЃЅ Ph. D.
пЃЅ Center for Historical Research (research
division of the Faculty of History)
Our BA in History program today:
first- and second-year students
пЃЅcoming from 40 regions of Russia (including the
Southern and Ural Federal Districts)
пЃЅAdmission requirements: Russian Unified State
Exam with a total score of at least 304 (a total of
four subjects)
BA in History today:
Courses offered by exceptionally qualified faculty members, some of
whom are recruited on the international market
пЃЅ Student research supervised by established scholars who teach at the
пЃЅArcheological, museum, and archival internships
пЃЅAnnual international summer/winter schools in English
Student exchange with HSE – Moscow
пЃЅVibrant student life
Our Faculty Members
Evgeny Anisimov, Dr.Sc. in History, tenured professor, academic advisor of the
Faculty of History;
•Winner of the Alexander Nevsky Prize in History and Literature;
•Winner of the Antsiferov Prize for a Contribution to Contemporary Research
on St. Petersburg
Alexandra Bekasova, Cand.Sc. in History, Associate Professor of the Faculty of
History, Senior Research Fellow of the Center for Historical Research
•Member of ESEH, SHOT and T2M
•Research Interests: history of mobility and transportation, environmental
history, history of technology, history of science and education in the 18th – 19th
Tatiana Borisova, Cand.Sc. in history, Associate Professor of the Faculty of
History, Doctoral Student at the Faculty of Law, Leiden University, NL, Senior
Research Fellow of the Center for Historical Research
•Research Interests: history of political thought and law.
Our faculty members
Kaplun, Cand.Sc. in Philosophy, Associate Professor of the Faculty of
•Research Interests: modern social and political theory, historical sociology, history
of Russian and European Enlightenment.
Lajus, Cand.Sc. in History, Associate Professor of the Faculty of History, VicePresident of the European Society of Environmental History, Senior Research Fellow
at the Center for Historical Research
Loskutova, Ph. D in History, Associate Professor of the Faculty of History,
Research Fellow of the Center for Historical Research
•Research Interests: history of science, history of education, environmental history,
oral history.
Our faculty members
Dmitry Panchenko, Cand.Sc. in History, Associate Professor of
the Faculty of History,
Research Internship at Harvard University, fellowship at the
Center of Hellenic Studies (Washington DC, USA), Alexander
von Humboldt research fellowship at the University of
Konstanz (Germany), research fellowship at the Collegium of
Fundamental Research, the University of Helsinki.
Co-editor of Hyperboreus: Studia Classica,
Research Interests: Ancient history.
Ivan Sablin, PhD Candidate at Heidelberg University (Germany),
Senior Lecturer, editor of the portal the
Network of Empire and Nationalism Studies
Research Interests: historical Geography and History of Siberia
and Asia.
Adrian Selin, Dr. Sc. in History, Professor, Director of the
Center for Historical Research, co-supervisor of the “Swedish
Novgorod” project. Research Interests: Historical
Prosopography, Early Modern History of Central and NorthEastern Europe.
Our faculty members
Semyonov, Ph. D, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of History,
member of the Editorial Board of international scholarly journal В«Ab
Imperio. Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the Post-Soviet
SpaceВ», Visiting Professor of University of Chicago and University of
Michigan (USA)
•Research Interests: intellectual history, history of the Russian Empire in the
19th-20th centuries, comparative history of empires, colonialism and
Uspensky, Senior Lecturer, Vice Dean for Education, Junior
Research Fellow of the Center for Historical Research
•Research Interests: social history of the Middle Ages, quantitative analysis
in historical research.
Courses taught in English
Lajus. Introduction to Environmental History
•Marina Loskutova. Introduction to History of Science
•Ivan Sablin. Russia in Eurasian and World Politics
•Vladimir Uspenskiy. Russian Political Institutions in Historical Perspective
Getting practical experience: Student Internships
Archeological Fieldwork Opportunities
Our undergraduate students enjoy a wide range of opportunities to
have some practical experience in archeology, archival research and
museology by working on respective internship programs. Our
archeological internships take place in Staraya Ladoga and at the
Left Bank archeological excavation project supervised by the
Institute of Archaeology of the Ukrainian National Academy of
Sciences led by UNAS corresponding member Aleksandr Motsi .
Archeological excavations in Staraya Ladoga are carried out on the
grounds of the Staraya Ladoga Historical and Architectural Museum.
The excavations are supervised by the Institute for the History of
Material Culture, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and take place
from mid-June to mid-August. Each year the project attracts
students from St. Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, as well as
experienced researchers from Russia and Scandinavian countries.
The head of Staraya Ladoga Archeological Internship Program at
our faculty is Professor Adrian Selin.
Archeological Internship 2013
in Staraya Ladoga
Participants speak:
“The Group from
our Faculty had an excellent
opportunity to take part in the research that explored
objects of daily life of local inhabitants; we learned new
archeological skills”
If you’d like to summarize the discoveries made by our
team, we’ve found about 10 pendants, pieces of jewelry
and clothes that belonged to ancient Slavs, many bones
and pieces of ceramics, we even found a part of an iron
tool of the Bronze Age. Presumably, it was used for
International Summer Schools
Petersburg – the Capital of the Russian Empire” in cooperation with
University of Basel, June 3-11, 2012
Annual Summer School of the European Society of Environmental History
“History of Change and Natural Resource Management: Society, Nature, Technologies
and State” August 28-31, 2012
between Past and Present: Russian Politics, History and Culture in
Comparative Perspective”, in cooperation with the University of Pittsburgh,
July 2-11, 2013
International Summer School “Russia between Past and Present: Russian Politics, History and Culture in Comparative
Perspective”, in cooperation with the University of Pittsburgh, July 2-11, 2013
Summer School Participants speak:
think today it is important for young Americans to know
Russian history”;
 “Within just a few days spent at the summer school we got
plenty of different impressions that concern the ways the
Americans perceive the Russians, the American culture, the
interest that the Americans express towards our country”
пЃЅВ«Summer School has become an excellent experience of
cooperation between Russian and US students in the
research sphere. It was interesting to discuss with young
Americans the ways in which older generations in both
countries perceive each other, their understanding of
world politics and their actions towards each other. All
of us, we hope that it is not our last meeting.
Center for Historical Research
Director of the Center
Professor Adrian Selin
Research Scope:
•Nationalism and empires in comparative perspective;
•Boarders, contact zones and mobility
The center hosts international academic conferences, accepts foreign students as interns and
scholar in the positions of affiliated research fellows, and offers many opportunities for those
students who study at the History Department to get engaged in its research projects as research
“Borders of History” Research Seminar
(Scientific Advisor Professor Alexander Semyonov)
The focus of the seminar:
- The writing of history in historical perspective, the functions of
historical narratives in contemporary society, the role of historian as a
public intellectual.
- Cross-disciplinary dialogue in humanities and social sciences, the
current state of inter-disciplinary research (environmental history,
empire, nationalism and colonialism studies, historical anthropology,
historical sociology, intellectual history and social theory)
-The current state of history as a profession in Russia, problems and
perspectives of its international cooperation
Interns of the Center for Historical Research participate in the workshop
“Borders of History” Research Seminar
Evgeny Anisimov
Human feelings in the 1812 War ;
Stephen How Aftershocks of Empire: Recent
Debates on Decolonization in the UK
Roundtable with Irina Prokhorova For Public
and Professional Use: humanities and history in
contemporary Russia
� Ronald Suny “Legacies of Empire in Russian
пѓ� Andrew Zorin Is it possible to reconstruct
individual emotions and sensibilities of the
past? A contribution to the study of Russian
nobility and its culture in the 18th – 19th
� Benjamin Natans “Amnesty International
and the Dissident Movement in the Soviet
International Research Interns
Andrei Cusco, Al. I . Cuza University of Iasi, Research Fellow
Research project: "Visions and Perceptions of Romania in the
Russian Imperial Discourse and Public Sphere in the Late 19th
and Early 20th Century”
Kimberly Powers, a postgraduate student from the University
of Michigan
Research project: "Mullahs by Appointment, Legitimate
Marriages, and Birth Record Books in the Russian EmpireВ«
Brandon Schechter, University of California,
Berkeley, Graduate Student
Research project: “The People’s Instructions”: Indigenizing the
Great Patriotic War Among “Non-Russians”
Our faculty is actively engaged in international research
International Research Seminar “Historical Biography in the Context
of Regional and Imperial Borders of Northern Europe,”
October, 24-26, 2013 Рі.
Seminar “The Dialogue between Post-Imperial and
Postcolonial Studies: sovereignty, the politics of diversity and
composite societies in comparative perspective,” May 27-28, 2013
International Workshop “Borders, transnational communication and
mobility in the Baltic region of Europe. Past and Present,” November,
21-22 2012
Workshop “Circulation of Knowledge in the
Divided World: Attraction, Confrontation, Cooperation of
Expert Communities in the Cold War,” September, 5, 2012.
Workshop “History of Exploration and
Management of Natural Resources: Society, Nature, Technology
and State”, August 30-31 2012 г.
International Project on “Russian Environmental History”
Supported by the Leverhulme Trust (UK). The project unites scholars from 6 universities in the UK, the US and
Conferences and retreats:
2013 – Solovetsky Islands
2014 – Chernobyl
2015 –Lake Baikal
Student Life
Student trip to Novgorod Velikii
On this trip, students had an excellent opportunity to learn alternative narratives of Russian
history. They explored medieval material and written culture, art and architecture. They
studied cross-cultural transfers and exchanges in the Baltic region.
Our professors offered master-classes in reading medieval architectural monuments
through the prism of sacral texts of the Russian Orthodox Church.
Participants: Professor Anisimov, Professor Semyonov, Associate Professor Tatiana
Borisova, Professor Troianovskii (the head of the Novgorod Archaeological Expedition).
The visit was organized by the students of the Faculty of History.
Student Life
HSE Championship in Intellectual Games
and Open Championship of Russian
– “Club of the Funny
and Inventive”, humor
show and competition
Welcome to the Faculty of History
HSE – St. Petersburg!
Follow the news on our web page:
…and social networks
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