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Winter Olympic Games in Sochi
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МБОУ СОШ №5 им. А.М.
Танасейчук Полина
Учитель: Абратова Е.Т.
Kate Galkina
• Ekaterina Galkina (born August 10, 1988,
Moscow) - Russian kerlingistka, European
champion in 2006, three-time Olympic
participant (2006, 2010and 2014). Winner World
Junior Championships in 2006 in the Russian
team. Champion of Russia of 2005-2006.
International Master of Sports. Personal Trainer:
Olga Andrianova.
Student of the Russian State Humanitarian
University, Faculty of International Relations .
Ann Sidorova
In 2009, led the second Russian curling team.
At one of the competition, the team Anna
made ​more successful than the main team.
Shortly after this success Sidorova was invited
to the main team. At the Olympic Games in
2010 she played the vice-skip positions, and in
some games and skip.
In 2012, held in Karlstad (Sweden) European
Championships Anna Sidorova in the Russian
team won the "gold".
Studying at the Faculty of Political Science and
Law History of the Russian State University for
the Humanities.
Luda Privivkova
As a child engaged in artistic gymnastics . At age 12,
started practicing curling Olga Andrianova , which
soon put a promising athlete to skip the position .
After 2 years Lyudmila took part in the Junior World
Championship .
A graduate of the CO number 654 them . Friedman
AD 2003, in the class of IIR ( Biology and Chemistry ) .
She graduated with honors from the Faculty of
Economics MATI in 2008 enrolled in graduate school .
International Master of Sports .
Skip Russian curling team at the Winter Olympics in
2006 and 2010 . Ludmila Privivkova took sixth place in
the ranking of the most beautiful female athletes of
the Olympic Games in 2010 .
Curling competition at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi was held from 7 to 23
February at the Palace of winter sports "Iceberg". Was played 1 sets of medals. 8
skaters went to the Olympics team from Russia.
Adeline Sotnikova
At the 2014 Olympics in Sochi Adeline did not participate in the team tournament , but
in the short program of the main tournament ( at Sotnikova it was called " Carmen" and ,
according to most athletes , was very emotional and hot [4] ), it was the second , behind
Yong A Kim by 0.28 points, and in the long program became the first and won the
Olympics . Total score - 224.59 .
Eugene Plushenko
Plushenko finished second in the short program in the team tournament and brought the
team 9 points. Won the long program , bringing the team 10 points. Russian team won the
team competition , bringing Plushenko title twice Olympic champion .
Julia Lepnitskay
Yulia V. Lipnitskaya ( June 5, 1998 , Ekaterinburg, Russia
) - Russian figure skater serving in women's figure
skating . Olympic champion in 2014 in the team
competition, the European champion in 2014 . Silver
medalist at the 2014 World Cup . Junior world
champion in 2012 and vice-champion in 2013 . Silver
medalist at the final Grand Prix of the season
2013/2014 . Silver medalist Russia , 2012, 2014 ,
Russian Junior Champion 2012 , winner of the Grand
Prix Final Championships 2011/2012 season . Honored
Master of Sports of Russia (since February 10, 2014 ) .
As of April 2014 in third place in the ranking of the
International Skating Union ( ISU ) . [1] Julia is one of
the youngest Olympic champions in figure skating
history .
Figure skating competition at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi was held
from 7 to 23 February at the Palace of winter sports "Iceberg". Was played
5 sets of medals. 7 skaters went to the Olympics team from Russia.
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