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Children’s council of Volgograd
Goal of creating children’s council of
Volgograd – implementation of the cooperation between local
governments, to attract young people
to address children's issues, active participation of children
in the social life of the city, strengthening the friendship between
young people of all nationalities and faiths.
A meeting of representatives of
children and youth councils of
Belgium and Volgograd
On-line conference of children's councils of
cities of Liege and Volgograd on the theme:
"Tolerance through the eyes of those, who
15-17 years oldВ»
From 5 to March 20, 2012 held city competition of movie clips "Volgograd - the
multinational city“, in which the members of Children's Council of Volgograd took
an active part.
The competition was presented 23 works of
students from school в„– 14 of Volgograd:
11 works in the "12-14 years“ nomination,
12 works in the "15-17 years“ nomination.
Themes of works were varied: "Tolerance" (MOU
school в„– 59 of the Kirov district of Volgograd),
"Volgograd - the multinational city" (secondary school
в„– 3 Traktorozavodsk district Volgograd Region),
"Rainbow's Lines "nationality""(Gymnasium в„– 13
Traktorozavodsk district Volgograd region);" We are
together "(secondary school в„– 88 Traktorozavodsk
district Volgograd Region)," I, you, he, she - with a
happy family "(secondary school в„– 93 of the Soviet
district of Volgograd)," School - the basis of friendship
"(secondary school в„– 27 Traktorozavodsk district of
Volgograd ) "," One day in the life of Dagestan's boy
"(secondary school в„– 36 of Dzerzhinsky district of
Volgograd), and others.
A meeting of the Presidium of the Children's Council of the
city of Volgograd with the deputy mayor, Andrei
Nikolayevich Lyah
Christmas concert for children Being treated
at the Oncology Center of Volgograd.
Concert in the military
garrison hospital
Meeting with members of
the Volgograd City Duma
ACTION "Hand in hand ...!"
Creating a kind of circle of peace down the
street of Peace from the Planetarium to the
Square of Fallen Fighters
Urban action "Hand in
hand ...!" Involving
members of the city and
district children’s
councils, students,
Volgograd residents,
initiated by the members
of the Children's Council
of Volgograd, is
scheduled for September
21, 2012 in celebration of
International Day of
Peace by United Nations.
The initiative "Don't forget those days"
August 23, 1942 at 16:18 minutes, a massive
bombardment of the city of Stalingrad had began.
We would like to in our town was established a
tradition every year on this day in 16:18 minutes to
remember the beginning of the mass bombing
with a sound signal, a moment of silence with the
participation of residents of Volgograd and the
Volgograd region and stop the mass transport.
Initiative "Scarf of sister cities"
There will be no word "peace" , when people will not know that is war.
After all, what was previously called "peace", would be simply called
Thank you for your
We - for peaceful
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