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Interesting Facts About Australia

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Презентация к учебнику «English VI»
(Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В.)
Выполнила: учитель МАОУ «Гимназия №23»
Михалева Н.Г.
• James Cook, an
Englishman, is known
to be the first who
opened Australia in
• But the Chinese had
some knowledge of
the continent as far
back as the 13th
• In 1931 Australia got
independence from
Great Britain.
• Australia is the oldest, the flattest and
the driest continent in the world.
• Australia is sometimes called
“Kangarooland”, “The land of Wattle”
(акация), “The lucky country” or “Down
• The main mountain chain is the Great Dividing
Range (Большой Водораздельный хребет)
which is known as “the Australian Alps”.
• The highest point is Kosciusko (2,000 metres
• The capital of Australia is Canberra
• The largest and the oldest city is Sydney.
• A symbol of Sydney’s cultural life is Sydney
Opera House
• They are marsupial (сумчатые), endemic
(свойственные данной местности):
• The kangaroo
• The koala
• The wombat
• The echidna
• The platypus
• The dingo
• The emu
• The kookaburra
• When European explorers
first saw these strange animals
they asked a native Australian
Aborigine about their name.
He answered “kangaroo’ to say
“I don’t understand your
• The name koala is
the Aboriginal name
for “no water”
The koala is not a bear.
It’s related to the wombat
and the kangaroo.
• Camel racing is a popular sport
in the Northern Territory.
The Camel Cup is a celebration
with fun rides, great food
and live music.
The winning camel rider and
camel’s owner get the trophy.
• “The bush” for Australians is something
opposite to town. “The bush” is the natural
countryside of Australia.
• The Australian National Flag
was established in 1954.
There is the Union Jack
in the canton .
There is a large
seven-pointed star known
as the Commonwealth Star under it .
To the right there are 5 white stars.
They depict the Southern Cross.
• Symbols of 6 states are on the shield.
• The kangaroo and the emu are on it.
• The national floral emblem is the golden wattle
• The platypus and the kookaburra are the
symbols of New South Wales
• The koala is Queensland’s
Symbol and
the symbol of Western Australia
is the black swan.
• National colours are green (landscape, forests,
eucalyptus trees) and gold (beaches, harvest,
• Australia’s national day is
on January, 26 in honour of
Captain Arthur Phillip sailed
into Port Jackson (Sydney)
The Australian National
Anthem is called “Advance Australia Fair”
(«Развивайся, прекрасная Австралия»)
• An Aborigine means first inhabitant.
• Aborigines came to Australia
over 40,000 years ago.
They are good hunters, caring parents.
• Children begin to attend school at the age of 6
up to 15.
• Australia’s four-term school year begins in
February with a two-week holiday between
• The Christmas holiday coincides with the end
of school and the beginning of summer
• 1)What names of this country do you know?
• 2)Who is thought to be the first discoverer of
• 3)When was it?
• 4)How do they call the Great Dividing Range?
• 5)Which is the highest peak of it?
• 6)What does the word “Canberra” mean?
• 7)What is the centre of Sydney’s cultural life?
• 8)Name as many as you can Australian animals?
• 9)What does the word “kangaroo” mean?
• 10)What does the word “koala” mean?
• 11)What racing is the most important in Northern
• 12)Explain the word “the bush”.
• 13)Describe the Australian Flag and the Coat of Arms.
• 14)When do Australians celebrate the national day?
• 15)How do we call the native inhabitants of Australia?
• 16)When do Australian pupils have summer holidays?
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