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Christmas in Great Britain and Russia

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Christmas in Great Britain, the
USA and Russia
About Christmas in Great Britain and the USA
Real Christmas in England
Christmas’ tree
About London’s celebrity Christmas
Christmas in Russia
Traditions of Christmas in Russia
Secrets of Christmas traditions
Christmas is a time for Families, Fun, and
Festivities! A time of family gatherings and
holiday meals. A time for Santa, stars, and
singing carolers. A time for ornaments,
gifts, and twinkling lights. Of sleigh rides,
hot cocoa, and gingerbread cookies.
For English children
Christmas appears
indistinctly in October yet,
at this time they sit at the
table and putting out their
tonguage tips with effort
write Christmas list for
Father Christmas. Shop
owners sell different
thematic togs just from
this moment.
The majority of building are decorated
only in two weeks before Christmas.
Trees in many of which the leaves are
left are enmeshed in tinsel, coloured
lights and different ribbons. Lawns in
front of houses are usually hidden
almost completely with holly and ivy
garlands and with statues of Father
Christmas. In Christmas Eve children
go to bed right after they are read
prayers and thrilling Christmas stories.
But before this they are sure to leave a
pie with meat topping and some milk
for Father Christmas and a carrot for a
certain Rudolf to receive presents. And
in the morning at this unearthly hour
children rush upstairs to the living
rooms where everything what they
were looking forward to, is under the
fir-tree in their stockings.
London is true Christmas House
and a cradle of most traditions
without questions streets are
sparkled with thousands of lights
and other designed enterprises.
Fresh air pricks occasionally
cheeks and nose and frost
changes the city into Christmas
Wonderland like by Dickens.
London allows feeling all nuances
of festival atmosphere. All kinds of
choirs sing at churches, all public
houses offer special menus and
some peculiar amusements,
streets, squares and theatres are
flooded by organizers of
entertainments, clowns and with
In Russia the religious festival of
Christmas is being replaced by the
Festival of Winter but there are some
traditions that are still kept up in some
parts of the country. In the traditional
Russian Christmas, special prayers
are said and people fast, sometimes
for 39 days, until January 6th
Christmas Eve, when the first evening
star in appears in the sky. Then begins
a twelve course supper in honor of
each of the twelve apostles - fish, beet
soup or Borsch, cabbage stuffed with
millet, cooked dried fruit and much
Hay is spread on the floors and tables
to encourage horse feed to grow in the
coming year and people make clucking
noises to encourage their hens to lay
On Christmas Day, hymns and carols are
sung. People gather in churches which have
been decorated with the usual Christmas
trees or Yelka, flowers and colored lights.
Christmas dinner includes a variety of
different meats - goose and suckling pig are
Babushka is a traditional Christmas figure
who distributes presents to children. Her
name means grandmother and the legend is
told that she declined to go with the wise
men to see Jesus because of the cold
weather. However, she regretted not going
and set off to try and catch up, filling her
basket with presents. She never found
Jesus, and that is why she visits each
house, leaving toys for good children.
The role of Father Christmas was played by
Dedushka Moroz or Grandfather
In Great Britain present are ordered at Father Christmas. He was
written detailed letter enumerating everything is wished and this
letter is thrown into the fireplace. Smoke out of the chimney is
thought to supply this list right its purpose. But of course to buy gifts
one should go shopping. In the family circle the ceremony of gift
distribution is run according to old-standing tradition, with a lot. And
the custom of sending of postcards with Christmas topics is kept
without fail. In the eve Britain Mass midi as report the traffic on the
principle highways to be half-petrified for the Britains have rushed
for the journey. The whole family is gathered to celebrate Christmas
according to the tradition. And on the 24 of December traditional
main service takes place at churches late in the evening.
But nowadays some Britains, especially youth deviates from
traditions of family holyday and they leave for having rest to
mountain-skiing health-resorts or to warm South Seas.
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