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Baranovichi State University is an
institution of higher education
established in accordance with the
Order of the President of the
Republic of Belarus в„– 293 dated on
June 23, 2004.
Baranovichi State University is not
only a higher professional school
focused on training highly-qualified
specialists with deep theoretical
and practical knowledge, but also a
center of scientific research and a
powerful ideological support. It is a
diversified structure harmoniously
combining education, research and
innovation activities.
The most important in the educational
process is to provide deep fundamental
and modern practical training of potential
specialists. Independent student work,
efficient innovative teaching technologies
and forms of the educational process,
modern methods and forms of the
academic performance control aimed at
the development of student creative
abilities, rational use of scientific and
human resources acquire a particular
importance in this connection.
BarSU was established on June 23, 2004 by the Order of the President of
the Republic of Belarus A.G.Lukashenko в„– 293 В«On the creation of the
educational institution В«Baranovichi State UniversityВ»
University administration office
University emblem, flag and badge for graduates of the educational
institution В«Baranovichi State UniversityВ» were approved during the
Heraldic Council of the President of the Republic of Belarus meeting
on June 11, 2008 by the report в„– 3.
The university carries out high quality specialist
training at the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty
of Slavic and Germanic Languages, the Faculty of
Pedagogics and Psychology, the Faculty of
Economics and Law:
• first grade of full-time education in 22 specialties
and correspondence education in 17 specialties,
• second grade of full-time and correspondence
education in 2 specialties,
• first grade of postgraduate full-time
correspondence education in 1 specialty.
Nowadays there are more than 10 000 students at
of Engineering
•Machine-Building Technology
•Technological Equipment of Machine-Building Production
•Information Systems and Technologies
•Automated Technological Processes and Production
•Technical Support of Agricultural Production
•Economy and Production Management
•Machine-Building Technology
•Technological Equipment of Machine-Building Production
•Information Systems and Technologies
•Automated Technological Processes and Production
•Technical Support of Agricultural Production
•Economy and Production Management
Practical training in Tractors and Cars
Practical training in Botany
Practical training in Machine Elements
Practical training in
Technological Methods of Machine Elements Reliability
Practical training in Physics
Practical training in Agricultural Machinery
Industrial enterprises supporting
the Faculty of Engineering:
• Branch of «Atlant» CC - Baranovichi Machine-Tool
Building Plant
• «Automated Lines Plant» PC
• «Automobile Unit Plant» PC
• «Machine-Tool Accessories Plant» PC
• «Torgmash» PC Baranovichi
The laboratories, design offices and shops floors of these
industrial enterprises are used for carrying out laboratory
experiments and scientific researches. Students undergo
their production and pregraduation practical training at these
Practical training on a factory floor
of Pedagogics
and Psychology
Practical Psychology
Pre-School Education
Home Economics and Entrepreneurship
Home Economics and Visual Arts
Primary education
Social Pedagogy
Practical Psychology
Pre-School Education
Primary education
Enlarged seminar in Interactive Pedagogics
Work in the research laboratory В«Correlation of the psychological
culture and personality mental health formingВ»
Practical training in Technology of Sewing Production
Individual practical work in Music
Practical training in Technology of Food Production
Student practical training
in the branch of the Pre-School Education Department
Practical training
in Principles of Clothing Construction and Design
of Slavic
and Germanic
English Language. German Language
German Language. English Language
Belarusian Language and Literature
Foreign Language (English)
The use of satellite television, multimedia equipment,
audio and video recorders, student work in computer
classes, phonetic laboratories contribute to a high quality
of the educational process. There is a rich video collection
in foreign languages at the Faculty, the Internet access is
There are student video clubs in English and German and
the club В«PolyglotВ» which allows studying English,
German, Spanish, Old Slavonic and other languages.
Turkish and Chinese studies are to be launched in the
Special author course
В«Traditions and innovations in Belarusian literatureВ»
Practical training in Audition in the phonetic laboratory
Practical English grammar studies
German language summer school within the cooperation
with the Goethe-Institut
of Economics
and Law
Economics and Tourism Industry Management
Accounting, Analysis and Auditing
Lectures in Marketing
In the forensic laboratory
of Pre-University
• Рre-university training of young people for entering institutions of higher
education of the Republic of Belarus:
– evening preparatory courses (7.5 months);
– short-time evening preparatory courses (3.5 months);
– 2-weeks preparatory courses;
– foreign citizens training for entering institutions of higher education of
the Republic of Belarus;
– Russian language courses for foreign citizens (2, 3, 5 or 6 months);
• Organization of the annual Olympiad «BarSU Applicant»;
• Organization of centralized testing on the university basis;
• Organization and management of vocational guidance work.
of Refresher Training
and Retraining
The main areas of the Institute activity are the following ones:
• retraining of staff with higher education and graduate students in
11 specialties: В«Accounting, Analysis and Auditing in IndustryВ», В«Economics
and Management at Industrial EnterpriseВ», В«MarketingВ», В«BankingВ»,
В«InformaticsВ», В«LawВ», В«Information and Legal Support of BusinessВ»,
В«FinancesВ», В«Personnel ManagementВ», В«Information Systems SoftwareВ»,
В«Business AdministrationВ»;
• retraining of staff with specialized secondary education in Economy;
• refresher training of staff with higher education in Communications, Law,
Economics and Production Organization;
• author courses and methodological seminars of famous scientists, lecturers,
researchers of the Republic of Belarus.
The Department of Distance Learning was created and
functions successfully for the purpose of introducing modern
educational technologies on the basis of telecommunication
and information facilities into the educational process. The main
goals of the Department of Distance Learning are the following
• organization and support of the distant studies educational
• improvement of educational process efficiency by using
innovative educational methods and other teaching
instruments based on modern communication and
information technologies; educational services expansion.
The university launched in 2010 the second stage of higher
education (master studies) in the following specialties:
• 1 - 08 80 06 «General Pedagogics, History of Pedagogics and
• 1 - 36 80 03 «Machine Building and Engineering Science».
Forms of education: full-time education - 1 year,
correspondence education - 1, 5 years.
In 2011 the university graduated its first master students in General
Pedagogics, History of Pedagogics and Education.
Since 2010 the university uses programmes of post-graduate training in the
specialty 05.02.07 – Technology and Equipment for Mechanic and
Physicotechnical Treatment.
Forms of education: full-time education - 3 years,
correspondence education - 4 years.
Postgraduate course is aimed at mastering methods and means of scientific
researches, implementing scientific search on topical subjects,
systematizing and generalizing the results obtained for the thesis
preparation and defense for the academic degree of candidate of sciences.
Doctoral researches are carried out at
the Department of Organization and
Automation of Production of the Faculty
of Engineering under the guidance of
highly qualified professionals.
The Center of the Turkish Language and Culture
is opened on September 18, 2012 under the
aegis of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey
in the Republic of Belarus and the Turkish
company В«Kodzha GroupВ».
The Center insures a successful organization of
the educational process of the Faculty of
Economics and Law groups (specialty В«Economy and Management in Tourism
IndustryВ») studying the Turkish language.
Students are offered:
• Satellite television with TV program in the Turkish language;
• Media system, interactive board;
• Computers and office equipment;
• Electronic resources:
– book database;
– full-text CD-ROM databases, audio cassettes ;
– feature films;
– Internet access;
– online communication with native Turkish speakers.
The structural subdivision
В«Lyakhovichi State Agrarian CollegeВ»,
an integral part of continuous
education, joined the university
in 2006.
Application of theoretical knowledge into practice
Study of the sunflower inflorescence structure
The research and innovative activity is one of key
elements of university staff, postgraduate, master and
undergraduate students work. It's an integral part of
education, retraining, refresher training and highlyqualified professional training.
Scientific search is aimed at acquiring fundamental
knowledge, solving applied problems, creating new
pedagogical and social technologies, ensuring a high
level of scientific professional training, providing
scientific and methodological support of innovative
processes and implementing scientific research results
into practice.
The research activities are carried out within the scope of the State
Programme of Scientific Researches, on the instructions of the Ministry
of Education of the Republic of Belarus, the State Committee for Science
and Technologies and on the basis of contracts concluded with
organizations and enterprises of the Baranovichi region.
The high-quality research and development activities allow the university
to obtain the following patents:
• a patent for the invention «Grinding of gas-thermal protective
• patents for the useful model:
– «Telescopic generator for spray dispersion in confined space»;
– «Device for accelerated testing of
sewing needlesВ»;
– «Selective optical irradiator for farm
– «Mode and device for defining the
geometric form of plywood logsВ».
The Scientific and Technical Council functions at the
university in order to develop and implement actions
aimed at enhancing and improving the quality of
research and innovation activities.
The following scientific-educational schools successfully function at the
initiative of the university scientists and under their immediate highly
skilled guidance:
• Scientific-Pedagogical School for the development and improvement
of energy-saving technologies of cereal and legumes cultivation.
Supervisor: Prof. Kochurko Vasiliy Ivanovich, BarSU Rector, Doctor
of Agricultural Sciences.
• Scientific-Pedagogical School of Machine Building and Engineering
Supervisor: Prof. Blagodarnyy Vladimir Markovich, Professor of the
Machine Building Technology Department, Doctor of Technical
• Scientific-Pedagogical School for studying the effect of
magnetoimpulse field on structural and phase transformations and
mechanical properties of steel products aimed at enhancing their
Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Alifanov Alexandr Viktorovich, Professor of
the Equipment and Automated Production Department, Doctor of
Technical Sciences.
International theoretical and practical conferences held at the university,
became an annual tradition:
• International theoretical and practical conferences of young
researchers В«Scientific CommonwealthВ» and В«New Science FormulaВ»;
• International theoretical and practical conferences «Actual Problems of
Economics and LawВ», В«Eco- and agrotourism: development
perspectives on local territoriesВ», В«Technics and Technology:
Innovation and QualityВ», В«XXI Century Professional: Psychological
and Pedagogical Culture and Professional CompetenceВ»;
• International theoretical and practical seminar «Preschool Education:
Experience, Problems and ProspectsВ».
Participants of theoretical and practical conferences come from various
countries. Representatives of higher education institutions of the Russian
Federation, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Poland,
Germany and the Czech Republic take an active part in these
The university faculties also hold theoretical and practical conferences of
university and national levels.
Theoretical and practical conference
Student scientific work is a priority task of the university faculty.
A continuous introduction of educational technologies in the
educational process for implementing the research principle of
education and improving the student research work efficiency
is performed in order to contribute to this work.
The variety of student research work topics is considerably
defined by the Problem Book of the Baranovichi region
industrial enterprises and organizations. University researches
financed from the State budget and performed on the
instruction of the National Academy of Sciences and ministries
also serve as a starting point for student research work.
A wide rage of methods of motivating and attracting students to
the scientific search shows a high efficiency of results, what is
proved by annually obtained national and international
conference, exhibition, contest, forum, competition diplomas,
certificates, prize-winning places, categories both of students
and student teams and groups.
The Student Scientific Society created at the
university, initiates the holding of theoretical and
practical conferences and contests, the foundation
and functioning of research laboratories and clubs for
the purpose of improving the quality of professional
training, preserving the scientific potential and
creating conditions for the development of student
scientific creativity, their integration in the scientific
and educational space.
The university pays a particular attention to the
development of international relations as a source of the
cultural and historical enrichment and the creation of a
positive university image. The international activity is
performed in compliance with 85 international agreements
on cooperation.
BarSU holds annually international theoretical and practical
The university keeps extending the range of its
participation in international programmes, projects and
International cooperation map
Visit of the Republic of Turkey delegation to the university
Signing an agreement on cooperation
Signing the agreement on cooperation
with a Turkish university
Signing the agreement on cooperation
with an Iranian university
Since 2008 the university provides training to foreign
nationals. Nowadays the university is one of the
leading higher education institutions of the Brest region
per number of foreign students.
Citizens of Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine,
Uzbekistan, Shi-Lanka and Turkey carry out their
studies (full-time/extramural) at the faculties, the
Preparatory Department and the Russian Language
Nowadays the university trains 402 foreign nationals.
Russian Language Course graduates
Tours of university foreign students
Annual university contest for first-year students
В«BarSU talentsВ». Rewarding a Turkmen student
University material resources
University material resources comprise
comfortable student dormitories, medical
facilities, Culture and Art Center, library,
canteens and cafeterias in academic
buildings and dormitories.
Students have at their disposal the university library
with 3 lending departments and 4 reading rooms. The
library fund comprises more than 290 000 copies of
documents. More than 250 periodicals are being
subscribed annually.
Library users have the opportunity to work with full-text
databases of world-known producers University Library
and Grebennikon, with the Electronic Thesis Library of
the Russian State Library.
The library's electronic catalog numbers more than
113 000 bibliographic records.
The university web-site became a new service tool for
announcing general information about the library and
actual everyday information. Lists of new arrivals are
presented monthly.
In the library
Literary and musical composition
В«Word and wisdom disseminatorВ»
The University offers favorable conditions for student
personality development and organization of student
leisure and everyday life:
There are 3 dormitories in the university campus. Every
room unit is fully furnished (a bed, a separate cupboard,
a separate bookshelf, a nightstand) and has an
equipped kitchen (wall and floor cupboards, a sink, a
stove, a kitchen table, stools, a fridge), a bathroom and a
toilet. There is a gym with changing rooms and
bathrooms, a shaping gym, a coaches' room, a
cloakroom, washing and drying rooms at the dormitory
basement floor. The dormitories have blocks of domestic
service and dance halls.
Complex of student dormitories for 1 200 students
Room unit in a student dormitory
Gym and washing room in the dormitory
The University’s medical and health-improving
work is carried out on the basis of health units
with modern medical equipment.
Medical staff takes regular sanitary and
epidemiological measures in order to improve
student health, prevent and decrease the
morbidity and injure rates.
Pharmacy, massage, dental and treatment rooms
in the student health center
The Department of Public Catering includes 2 canteens, 3
cafeterias and 2 retailing units.
The cafeteria В«GAUDEAMUSВ» for about 100 people is
situated in the university campus.
The academic building of the Faculty of Pedagogics and
Psychology and the Faculty of Slavic and Germanic
Languages has 2 dining halls with modern equipment.
There are cafeterias in the academic buildings of the
Institute of Refresher Training and Retraining, the Faculty
of Engineering and in student dormitories.
University students and staff have a wide choice of
The implementation of the unified state policy
in the field of mass sport and physical culture
development, the improvement of student and
university staff health is one of the main activity
areas of Baranovichi State University.
Chess tournament
Various sport clubs and groups function at the
university. Many year-round sport contests are
held with the participation of university,
faculties and dormitories staff. BarSU
combined teams represent successfully the
university at the National Student Games,
championships and cups of the Republic of
Annual track and field race
Year-round sport contest of university students
Year-round sport contest of university staff and faculty
University volleyball, kettlebell sport
and streetball combined teams
Baranovichi State
University is the winner of
the National Track and Field
Race Student Games 2012
Women’s volleyball team «Atlant-BarSU»
Hokey team В«Textile worker-BarSUВ»
16 creative groups and clubs (4 of them have the
honorary title of «popular amateur ensemble» – the
ensemble В«Muzychny GastinetsВ», the fashion theatre
В«SvitaВ», the theatre of miniatures В«SafitВ», the popular
studio of variety song «Talent») fulfill students’ spiritual
Numerous creative projects contribute to the
development of university traditions, the formation of
corporative consciousness and multicultural thinking.
University creative groups are famous for winning
national and international contests and festivals not only
in Belarus, but also far abroad.
Popular fashion theatre
Popular ensemble В«Muzychny GastinetsВ»
Popular theatre of
miniatures В«SafitВ»
Winner of the title В«Photo MissВ»
of the national beauty contest
В«Miss Belarus 2006В»
Winners of the university intellect,
beauty and grace contest
В«Miss BarSU 2012В»
Vocal group В«Folk-majorВ»
Dance emsemble В«ImprezaВ»
BarSU traditional cultural events - initiation into the student
body В«Vivat, first-year students! Vivat, BarSU!В»; subject
«Mother’s heart is beating for us»; subject
concerts «My motherland – Belarus» of the ensemble
В«Muzychny gastinetsВ»; ceremonies of celebration in honor
of veterans of the Great Patriotic War and Armed Forces
В«Salut, Victory!В», solemn ceremonies of celebration in honor
of better University’s graduates «For those who have been
waiting for this moment for so longВ».
Striking examples of the student cultural activity are creative
and intellectual contests В«Miss BarSUВ» and В«Mister BarSUВ»
and the first-year student contest В«BarSU talentsВ».
The university clubs В«Guitar and MeВ» and В«On the Wings of
DesignВ», fine and decorative art studio, folk amateur groups
help fulfill various student spiritual needs.
The primary trade union organization of university
students, the Belarusian Republican Youth Union and the
Belarusian Red Cross Society were created at the
university and function successfully. Their main activity
areas are the following ones:
• support of initiatives aimed at the intellectual, spiritual
and physical development of young people, the creation
of favorable conditions for business development;
• participation in the elaboration of youth programs;
• development of the patriotic attitude as an important
spiritual and social value.
University students – active members of the Belarusian
Republican Youth Union
University students – active members of the university trade
union organization and the Belarusian Red Cross Society
The main activity of the club is the attraction of people’s
attention to the heroic and historical past.
The most significant events of the club - meetings with
participants in the Great Patriotic War and veterans of the
Armed Forces, charity actions and activities, mentoring
assistance provided to veterans, maintenance of fascism
victims’ mass graves, sightseeing tours to memorable
places. The participation in university and city cultural
events is also one of the activity areas.
One of the university campus dormitories has a
memorable room of the 203rd Guards Heavy Bomber
Aviation Regiment Orlovsky.
Historical and patriotic club В«MemoryВ»
Club В«Return to the RootsВ»
The club for folk art fans В«Vyartanne da vytokauВ» (В«Return to the
RootsВ») is a student patriotic association organized on the basis of
student dormitories and aimed at the student civil stand
development, acquaintance with Belarusian traditions, celebrations
and ceremonies, study of the Belarusian nation history, preservation
and conservation of the national heritage and the popular culture of
the Republic of Belarus by students; associations of folk art
amateurs, revival of ancient ceremonies and national calendar
The Club activity includes subject meetings, discussions about the
popular culture, folklore, history and traditions of Belarusian
celebrations, literary evenings, meetings with elderly people,
activities for studying the native language, poetry, folklore, stage
В«DzyadyВ» and other patriotic activities.
There is a room of the national culture in one of the university
Club В«Return to the RootsВ»
Editorial activity
The university editorial activity is carried out to prepare and
issue editions in accordance with the license of the Ministry of
Information of the Republic of Belarus.
Its activity is coordinated by the Editorial Board and
implemented in accordance with the prospective and subject
plans of issuing scientific, science fiction, educational,
methodological, industrial and practical, reference books in the
following areas:
• preparation and issue of publications, regulated by the
Education Code of the Republic of Belarus;
• preparation and issue of educational materials;
• preparation and issue of the scientific journal «Bulletin of
BarSUВ» and the newspaper В«My UniversityВ»;
• fast job and blank printing and reproduction, printing and
reproduction of official documents.
Meeting with authors of scientific and methodical
publications within the framework of the Editorial Board
Newspaper В«My UniversityВ»
Baranovichi State University is developing dynamically and getting a
strong position at the educational services market taking into account
the national objectives in the field of education and science as well as
specific economic and social needs of the region.
The university strategic goal is implemented by improving the
organization and content of the educational process, introducing
innovative approaches and technologies, modern achievements of
science and technology, research and development activities,
improving educational work and ideological support, staffing and
increasing material and technical resources.
The university is actively developing its business cooperation with
foreign institutions of higher education through the implementation of
agreements on cooperation. This international cooperation is
constantly expanding.
Necessary opportunities for further efficient activity in the field of
highly qualified professional training in accordance with the university
Quality policy, Mission and Vision of the quality management system,
allow BarSU to face the future with confidence.
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