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How to meet
New Year
in different countries
The very first Santa Claus was Saint
Nicholas. As he left, he left his adopted poor
family golden apples in the shoes before the
December 5 from Spain by ship arrives Belgian Father
Claus - St. Nicholas. It rides on a horse, wearing a miter and
white episcopal robes. He is accompanied by the servant - the
Moor, who is
bag with gifts and rods for varmints.
German children, breaking any toy, folded
debris into the fire, and dumped the blame on Mr Nimanda
("No") - a prototype of Santa Claus.
In France, two of Santa Claus: one is called "Grandfather Januar
Lane - Noel, walks with a staff and wears a broad hat.
He brings gifts to children in the basket. Second call-scow.
This bearded old man wears a fur hat and warm ground
cloak. In his crate hidden rods for naughty and
lazy children.
In Sweden, two of Santa Claus
stooped old man with gnarled
nose - and a dwarf Yultomten
Yulnissaar. Both under
New Year visiting homes and
and leave gifts
In Italy, besides Santa Claus - Babbo Natale, the obedient
Befana comes a fairy godmother. She flies through the chimney
gives gifts to children. Tricksy gets coal from the evil
Finnish Santa Claus - Yollupukki lives in Lapland and
happy to answer children's letters. He wears a high
conical hat, long hair and red clothes. his
surrounded by gnomes in peaked caps and capes.
In Norway, children get gifts Nisse - cute little
brownies. Nisse wear knitted caps and enjoy delicious.
In the U.S., Canada, UK and Western Europe it
name is Santa Claus. He is dressed in a red jacket, trimmed
white fur and red trousers.
On his head - red
Santa Claus
smoking a pipe,
travels through the
air and on the deer
enters the house
through the
chimney. Children
leave it under the
milk and cookies.
Only the Russian Santa Claus have a family.
Wife - Winter and granddaughter - The Snow Maiden.
In Russia, the Christmas tree was introduced by Peter 1.
He commanded 1 January 1700 all homes decorate fir
(juniper or pine) branches from samples
set in the arcade.
We - the tree. And
where there is not?
In Vietnam, it is
substituted by a
branch of peach.
In Japan, a pine
branch attached
bamboo and plum
Thank you!
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