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It is a Christmas bird.

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Our Topic:
The main question:
It is the greatest
holiday in Britain.
It is celebrated
on the 25th of
In Britain people have many interesting
Christmas traditions.
This is the big dinner
people eat on Christmas Day. They eat
Christmas pudding for
Christmas dinner. The
dinner ends with mice
Christmas pudding was
made many years ago.
Now it is the highlight of
Christmas dinner.
Children often put holly
on the pudding.
Traditionally a coin is
placed into the pudding. It
brings good luck to a
person who finds it.
A turkey is a traditional
Christmas bird.
People eat it on Christmas
People use holly and mistletoe to decorate their
homes. But there are many other decorations at
It is an evergreen
plant with sharp
pointed leaves and
They use holly to
decorate their homes
during the dark cold
It is an evergreen plant with
small leaves and
small white berries. On
Christmas Eve there
is a bunch of mistletoe in
every house. Under
the bunch boys kiss girls.
It is a Christmas bird.
People put a Christmas tree
into the middle of the room
and decorate the evergreen
They place a large
shining star at the top
of the Christmas tree
and many bright shining
balls from
top to bottom.
Christmas Eve is on the 24th of
December. On this day everybody
is very busy and in a hurry.
Offices close at 1 o’clock, but the
shops stay open late.
It is a piece of wood which
people burn in the fireplace on Christmas Eve.
On Christmas Eve people like to
light candels.
If there are children in the family,
they often have Christmas crackers.
When you pull a cracker,it makes a
bang and inside there is usually a
Christmas hat, a small toy and a piece of paper with a joke on it.
In the evening of
the 24th of December
children hang their
stockings on their beds
or put them under the
Christmas tree.
A Christmas stocking is
not a real stocking.
It is big and beautifully
Father Christmas puts
presents into them.
He has a white beard
and white and red
clothes. He is always
He comes from the North
Pole and brings presents
for children.
He comes into
children’s homes
on Christmas Eve.
Boxing Day comes after the Christmas Day.
It is on the 26th of December.
This day people do not go to work.
They visit friends or go to the theatre.
Everybody gives and receives Christmas
cards and Christmas boxes.
People in Britain like the
Christmas Day, because they
have holidays, get and give very
beautiful presents.
Their homes look very nicely,
they are decorated with many
Christmas things.
All the people are happy and
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