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К особенностям социокультурного
компонента письменной коммуникации
Правила написания дат
Деловых писем и т.д.
Письмо содержит:
Адрес отправителя
Имя и адрес
Приветствие и
Текст письма,
разделённый на
формулу вежливости
Адрес на конверте
Letters of Invitation
Mr an Mrs Williams Reginald
request the pleasure of
Mr and Mrs Veniamin D.
company at dinner
On Wednesday, December
the 7th
at eight o’clock
125 Emden Park
полуофициальные неформальные
Mrs Vera Zonov
request the pleasure of
Mr and Mrs Roberts J. Brunton’s
company at dinner
on Friday, January the eighteenth
at nine o’clock
Dear Mrs Orlov,
Will you and Mr Orlov have
dinner with us on Friday, the
tenth of April, at eight o’clock?
It’s a long time since we have
had the pleasure of seeing you,
and we do hope that you will be
able to come.
Sincerely yours,
Catherine H. Marsh
I want to thank you for…
I am impressed by…
I would like to thank you..
I was very pleased…
It was a lot of fun…
I deeply appreciate …
Letters of Recommendation
I would be most grateful if
I will appreciate if…
I have no hesitation in
I feel certain you will..
I’d be very glad if you…
Letters of Congratulation
I write you this letter/note
to congratulate you most
heartily on…
I am so glad to find out
that you…
I am delighted to hear…
It is the most sincere
pleasure I write to
congratulate on…
Letters of Sympathy
I’ve just heard that…
No doubt it was…
I find no word to tell
you how sorry…
I can imagine what…
I learnt that…
From my own
experience I know…
I am sure that…
Letters of Condolence
I have just heard with
profound regret of the
death of…
I feel his/her passing in a
very personal way…
Accept my deep
If there is anything I can
do to help…
I am profoundly sorry to
learn of the death…
Примерные упражнения
на отработку навыка
написания социальнобытового письма
I этап
(упражнения на запоминание речевых формул, клише,
форм обращения к адресату и т.д.)
Начальная школа
Закончи письмо Санта Клаусу или
Деду Морозу
Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year! Can I
________________and_______________as presents? Thanks!
Santa Claus, Father Frost, crackers, lights. Baubles, stars, a Christmas tree, a
present, a toy. A kitten, a computer game, a fluffy rabbit, a puppy, a doll
I этап (среднее и старшее звено)
Все ниже приведенные фразы встречаются в формальных
или в неформальных письмах. Найдите пару формальной
фразе из списка неформальных фраз:
1. I would be grateful if you could…
2. I look forward to hearing from you
3. I am writing to…
4. I regret to inform you…
5. You will be informed of…
6. I enclose a cheque for…
7. I would be happy to attend an interview
8. At your convenience
9. Further to my letter of September 8th
10. Please do not hesitate to contact me
11. Please give my regards to…
a. I'd love to come and see you
b. We'll let you know about…
c. Hope you got my last letter
d. Do you think you could…?
e. Just a note to say…
f. Write back soon/Keep in touch
g. When you can make it
h. I'm really sorry to say…
i. Give my love to…
j. Here's the money for…
k. Just give me a ring if you need to know
anything else
2) Выпишите из предложенного письма речевые
клише, характерные для письма-благодарности.
Dear Ivan Yakovlevich,
I would like to thank you very much for all the help that you have given me
during this trip, and while I was in London. I am really most grateful for all
that you have done for me. I am very well aware that without your
assistance my task would be much more difficult.
My brother Alan will be coming to Moscow during my absence, and I hope
that you will see each other then, if it is convenient for you. I know that he
would enjoy seeing you, if you are in Moscow.
Thank you very much for such a nice dinner last night. I am enclosing a note
to Mrs Surov, to thank her. I am also enclosing a letter to our mutual friend
Boris who entertained us a week a ago. I would be very grateful if you could
hand it to him. Again, thank you for everything. Please give my best wishes
to the family. I hope that you will have a very happy Easter.
With best wishes,
II этап
(анализ письма, определение схемы письма, его типа и стиля,
выделение ключевых слов, )
Восстановите порядок предложений в
письме, определите его тип и стиль.
As you know, I am in the process of applying for a job,
and I have mailed my resume to a few companies this
week. As I continue my search, I am very grateful for
your kind recommendation and advice. Dear Dr. Katia
Smith, Vika May.
Even though I have not had a reply yet, I am enthusiastic
about my job searching prospects. This is to thank you
for your positive recommendation. Yours Sincerely,
III этап
(составление письма разнотемного характера по заданным
1) Write bread-and-butter letter:
A letter to Jim, a friend of your own age in which you thank
him and his mother Mrs Helene Heywood for the
pleasant weekend at their country house. Be sure that
your letter is correct in form.
2) Write a letter of about 80 words to a friend who has
recently got married. Use the following ideas to write the
- surprise and pleasure at the news;
- glad to hear that the friend and his wife will be staying not
far from where you live;
- hope to see them soon.
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