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RPE "Zarya" looks back at a glorious history that
dates back to the last century. Founded by among
others Nobel brothers in 1917, today, the company
is one of the largest chemical producers in Ukraine.
We are manufacturers of:
• Trinitrotoluene and TNT-based industrial explosives;
• derivatives of aromatic compounds (isomers of mono-and dinitrotoluene, 3,5-dinitrobenzoic
acid, benzene, toluene, solvent, nitrobenzene);
• oleum, sulfuric acid and week nitric acid;
• a wide range of urea-formaldehyde resins;
• polymers products (conductive polyethylene pipes, impulse pipes,
pipes for carrying flammable gases, pressure pipes, bags, tapes etc.)
On its site, the company operates several manufacturing
facilities such as:
• sulfuric acid regeneration plant ;
• weak nitric acid unit;
• sulfuric acid concentration unit;
• nitrogen oxides absorption;
RPE "Zarya" has a large engineering base represented by:
• department of development and quality (conducting marketing research in the promising
areas of business development);
• research and technical center and central plant laboratory (testing of projects in the
laboratory and in pilot plants);
• the design department (design, development of design documentation);
• department of training (training of staff, development of skills needed to meet specific
operational requirements in chemical plants);
• nonstandard equipment manufacturing department, etc.
Our staff are highly-qualified and skilled not only in design but also in implementation of
production processes .
In the period from 2009 to 2011, there were developed,
designed and commissioned such production plants as:
2009 – nitrobenzene plant
2010 - crude benzene processing plant:
- reconstruction of sulfuric acid plant;
- reconstruction of the boiler plant with switch to
solid fuel (coal) use;
- small-scale industrial explosives plant;
- unit for plant protection chemicals
The following year, the company plans to implement the
following new business projects:
- Manufacture of crop protection chemicals;
- Manufacture of cartridged explosive Ammonite 6ZhV;
- Manufacture of mixed gasoline and motor fuel additives;
- Expansion of manufactured crop protection chemicals range;
- Implementation of a pilot plant for coal gasification
The policy of our company is aimed at continuous development of existing production
facilities, implementation of modern technology and new trends in sciences, expanding the
product range that meets requirements of the consumer markets.
Contact details:
Zavodskaya Street, 1g/36, Rubezhnoye,
Lugansk reg., Ukraine, 93001
Tel: +380 (6453) 95085, 95026, 95035, 95018
Fax: +380 (6453) 95042, 95026, 95035, 71244
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