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МОУ»Верхнеуслонская гимназия»
Верхнеуслонский район с.Верхний Услон,РТ
выполнила учитель первой квалификационной категории
Ситникова Анна Ивановна
You can get to Sviyazhsk in a few ways. The first is by suburban train and taxi.
The island ,which is situated 6 kilometers from it, is connected with a mole with the shore.The
second way is by boat, but it is rather long, although very good in summer time.
Our national heritage
Sviyazhsk is a place of rich cultural and historical heritage and unique natural complex.
This place was known since 13 century. In 1551 lots of churches and monasteries were founded here and it
became a holy place for Christians pilgrimage.
In1990 Sviyazhsk was included in the new list of historic cities and settlments of Russian Federation,
and in 1996,included in the provisional list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in six categories:
history, urban planning, architecture, icons and frescoes, archeology and natural man-made
City Sviyazhsk –now is a village with population of about 1000 inhabitants.There is no industry,there
is no agriculture and modern houses.The main occupation of residents of Sviyazhsk is fishing.Almost
all residents have a boat.The streets of Sviyazhsk are called after the
churches:Uspenskaya,Nikolskaya,etc. There are approximately 20 monuments of federal significance
Sights of Sviyazhsk are beautiful in all seasons.
The unique Uspenskoye-Bogoroditsky monastery
These monuments took the seventh place among the 1105 monasteries of the Russian Empire.
The ensemble of the monastery - one of the most famous sights in Tatarstan. Nicholas church is a
rare type of church bell tower with massive towers.The temple was painted but frescoes were not
St.Constantine and Helen cathedral
The Cathedral of Our Lady Mother of God «Joy of All Who Sorrow» was built in the years 1896-1906
by the architect Malinowski. This is a model of «pro-Byzantine style», by its architecture similar to
the Kronstadt cathedral in St. Petersburg.
Church of St.Sergius of Radonezh
Church in the name of St. Sergius of Radonezh was arranged on the second floor
refectory of the monastery and it was built in 1604. This is the first brick building
monastery. This is a simple cubeform temple, built of white stone. The main sanctuary
was the temple of miraculous icon of St. Sergius of Radonezh. The icon was brought to
Sviyazhsk in1551. Now it is stored in the Kazan Church .
Wooden Trinity Church
The wooden fortress of Sviyazhsk is not survived on its own, but you can see it in the Trinity church.
Wooden Trinity Church is the oldest building of Sviyazhsk. This is the only preserved element of
Sviyazhsk fortress. The church was built in the winter of 1550.It is the oldest Orthodox church and
only one wooden church in Tatarstan. Unfortunately ,this church was restored in 2002 and put a
metal roof.
The great visitors of Sviyazhsk
The museum »Sviyazhsk Island Town»
The museum “Sviyazhsk Island-Town” celebrates its first anniversary.
Festive events will begin in Sviyazhsk on October 30. It’s been a year since the museum “Sviyazhsk Island-Town” was
created. Its purpose is to embody the centuries-old history of ancient Sviyazhsk, preserve and convey it to people.
Monuments of the ancient town’s architecture are being restored within realization of the republican program for revival of
Sviyazhsk and Bolgar. A historical-cultural complex, museums, conference-center and a hotel will be situated here
Today Sviyazhsk, as in former times, full of goodness and appeasement.
Have a nice trip!
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