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US-Russia cooperation in
emergency response enhancement
Emergency Exercise Series
Areas of cooperation IBRAE - US DOE
Aim: enhance the preparedness of emergency rescue units (ERU) of
the nuclear industry; and improve notification procedures and
interaction between emergency response elements.
Conduct of emergency preparedness and response drills, training
and exercises at hazardous facilities
Train the ERU heads and specialists using modern techniques,
technologies, international experience and computer simulators.
Develop and upgrade technical capabilities for data transfer,
communications, etc.
Enhance scientific support to responders based on modern
techniques including decision support systems.
Improve interaction between response elements, including expert
support of regional authorities regarding population and
environment protection.
Improve public information.
Objectives of Exercises
•Raise the level of preparedness of the emergency
situations commission and the emergency rescue units
of the facility
•Train on practical skills of managing an effective
emergency response at the facility and ministry levels
•Verify the effectiveness of emergency plans,
procedures, and decision-making
•Effectively manage the tactical aspects of an
emergency response at installations
•Improve procedures for interaction at the federal,
regional and facility levels
•Communicate effectively with the public and media.
Series of Exercises in Russia
Emergency exercise on response to accident at EGP-6
reactor at Bilibino NPP (Chukotka) - 2002
Emergency exercise on response to accident at BOR-60
reactor at the research institute of atomic reactors
NIIAR (Dimitrovgrad) - 2004
Emergency exercise on response to accident caused by
nuclear ice-breaker refueling into coastal temporary
storage facility at “Atomflot” (Murmansk) - 2005
Emergency exercise on response to accident caused by
unloading of spent nuclear fuel from the
decommissioned nuclear submarine “Zvezdochka” - 2008
Bilibino - 2002
Main practical results of “Bilibino-2002”
Development and application of technical
aspects of emergency response; i.e.
videoconference communication and
transfer of technical data between the NPP
and REA CC was demonstrated during the
Increased skills of NPP response experts via
multifaceted training including on
specialized consequence assessment
NIIAR - 2003
Main practical results of “NIIAR-2004”
Development of computer based system to
support emergency response; Specialized
complex of transfer of technological
parameters of BOR-60 reactor to the
emergency crisis center at Dimitrovgrad has
been developed in process of preparation of
the exercise.
The communication post ensuring transmission
of technical data to SCC of Rosatom was
The exercise to test MTB “Atomflot”
personnel actions during an accident
caused by nuclear ice-breaker refueling
was conducted on July 26, 2005 in
The exercise was arranged by IBRAE
RAS, Rosatom and Rosmorrechflot
under U.S. DOE sponsorship.
Main practical results of “Arctic-2005”
First large scale exercise in a Russian
nuclear fleet maintenance facility
(including management of SNF).
Notification and emergency plans and
procedures of “Atomflot” were modernized
The procedures of actions of emergency
and rescue units, and members and
functions of ES commission included in the
emergency plans of the facility were
Software instruments for assessment of the
consequences of the accidents were
installed at the facility and personnel were
Exercise: Mitigation of a Simulated Radiation Accident at
"ZvezdochkaВ« (Severodvinsk)
Date July 30 – August 1, 2008
Goal: Improve the emergency monitoring
and response systems
FSUE "Zvezdochka" (Ship Yard "Zvezdochka“) is located in
Severodvinsk town, Arkhangelsk Region. The facility is one of the
key enterprises of the North West Region that take an active part in
nuclear submarine decommissioning.
Exercise Arctic -2008
Assessment of consequences and support of
decisions on personnel and population
protection measures
Exercise lessons learned are applied to improve
emergency plans and monitoring systems not only
at "Zvezdochka", but also at similar nuclear and
radiation-hazardous facilities of the Northwest Russia
Murmansk Region
Subsidiary №1 of “SevRAO”
(Andreeva Bay);
Subsidiary №2 of “SevRAO”
Subsidiary №3 of “SevRAO” (Saida
“Nerpa” Shipyard;
Kola NPP;
Shipyard 10
Archangelsk Region
Exercise «Arctic – 2010»
It is planned to conduct this exercise at the shipyard
“Nerpa” in the Murmansk region in 2010.
Shipyard “Nerpa” is a branch of shipyard
“Zvezdochka” . located in the Murmansk region, it
participates actively in activities on decommissioning
of nuclear submarines, SNF and RW management.
Exercise «Arctic – 2010»
Objective: test the emergency response system with
regard to possible radiation accident and
development of recommendations on improvement
of this system
Focus of excerise: Personnel and population
protection, notification and interaction
Scenario: radiation accident caused by activities on
decommissioning of nuclear submarines, SNF and
RW management. Possible scenarios are being
analyzed at the moment. The final scenario shall be
chosen in 6 months after the Project is launched
Date: summer 2010
Exercise duration: 2 days
Exercise «Arctic – 2010»
Level of the exercise: The Shipyard and the local
authorities will be the key players; federal-level
organizations will be involved. International
notification procedures shall be tested (IAEA
and Arctic countries in accordance with bilateral
agreements). Participation of real media in the
exercise is not planned.
Participants:В«NerpaВ», Rosatom, federal
authorities, involved in emergency response
activities, local authorities, IBRAE RAS.
Observers: Russian federal and local-level
representatives and foreign observers from
Arctic countries will be invited.
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