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National Assembly of the
Youth Organizations of
the Republic of
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National Assembly of the Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan
(NAYORA) was founded in 1995. As the greatest youth platform and the first
confederal organization in Azerbaijan, it brings together 104 officially registered
youth organizations.
Enjoying the full membership status with the European Youth Forum, NAYORA
is the only organization of Azerbaijan that is a member of this greatest youth
platform of the Council of Europe. At the same time, it holds special advisory
status with the ECOSOC (UN).
NAYORA has become a “leadership” school contributing to development of youth
and youth policy in Azerbaijan and at international level within 17 years of its
|Development as a National Youth Platform
Formation of administrative structure
In the statutory Election Congress of June 30, 2012, new chairman, deputy chairmen, members
of Management Board and Inspection and Revision Committee of the National Assembly of the
Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan were elected.
In the statutory Assembly of the members on 17th November, 2012, new General Secretary of
NAYORA was approved and NAYORA secretariat was formed. Currently , the secretariat, led by
General Secretary, includes officers responsible for Work with Members, International
relations, Social networks, Work with Media, Clerical work and Information Technologies.
Strengthening of National Youth Platform
30 june, 2012 – 72 member organizations
пѓ° 15 june, 2013- 104 member
30 june, 2012 – 5 regions
пѓ° 15 june, 2013- 7 regions
|Mission and objectives of NAYORA
Main mission of NAYORA is to increase the role of young people
and youth organizations in the formation of civil society and to
fulfill its duties under 3“G” (“Youth”) concept.
Strengthen youth organizations institutionsYouth Organizations development
Increase cooperation opportunities of young people Youth Cooperation development
Ensure active participation of young people in the implementation of
youth policy and programsYouth Policy development
|Strengthening of youth organizations institutions
1. PR support to member organizations
Media coverage of press releases about activities of member
organizations. During the report period, 45 press releases of member
organizations were covered by 227 media outlets.
Visual promotion of corporative style of member organizations. During
the reporting period, the visual promotion of the corporative style and logos
of member organizations were ensured within frames of “Exhibition of youth
organizations”, “Youth Week” in Park Bulvar complex, as well as on the
basis of “With us..” printing concept.
2. Increasing the capacity of member organizations
В«NGO Management AcademyВ» (В«QД°DAВ») was established to develop
organizational and project management competence of member
organizations, as well as their individual and professional skills.
3. Stimulating participation of member organizations in the
international events
During the report period, representatives of 15 member organizations
participated in 10 international events
|Increasing cooperation opportunities for young
Ensure cooperation of young people and youth organizations at the
national, regional and international levels.
1. National level
a) Azerbaijan Volunteer Service - development of Azerbaijan Volunteer Service.
Ensuring volunteer exchange among member organizations from regions.
b) Co-implementation of projects with member organizations. During the
reporting periods 6 projects/ events were realized together with 4 member
2. Regional level
a) Arrangement of GUAM Young Leaders Forum in Baku
b) The Youth Affairs Committee of CIS countries
c) Eastern Partnership Platform
|Increasing cooperation opportunities for young people
International level
European Council: NAYORA participated in international seminar joined by 25 countries in
the European Youth Center in Budapest with support from the Council of Europe; NAYORA
was elected as a member of Council of Europe Advisory Board for Youth and No Hate
Speech (running in 47 countries) project coordinator for Azerbaijan. It also supports the
candidacy of Ganja city for European Youth Capital 2016 as a member of organizational
b) European Union: NAYORA obtained European Volunteer Certificate; acted as coordinator
of Eastern Partnership Program for В«Youth in actionВ»; participated as a partner in frames of
30 “ Youth in Action” projects first term; acted as coordinator for «Youth in Action» project in
Azerbaijan in the project of Go for Green.
European Youth Forum (EYF): With support from Azerbaijan Youth Foundation and Google
company, NAYORA co-arranged youth session with EYF and partners in frames of Internet
Governance Forum -2012 co-organized by UN and the Government of the Republic of
Azerbaijan; arranged Study Tour of EYF members to Azerbaijan.
b) Pan-African Youth Union: A Memorandum of Understanding was signed during the Baku
visit of Pan-African Youth Union leadership and its Board members in September, 2012.
NAYORA leadership attended 50th anniversary Congress of African Union and General
Assembly of African Youth Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in May, 2013
|Ensuring youth participation in the implementation of
youth policy and programs
Several projects have been implemented to support the implementation of “Azerbaijani Youth: 20112015” State Program
Article 6.8.7. Develop bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of youth policy in the frames of
international treaties joined by the Republic of Azerbaijan
Young Leaders Forum of GUAM countries
Article 6.3.11. Organize internet journalism trainings
В«Be ONLINE!В» Social Network Academy
Creative Youth Network- Develop proposals on State Program
Article 6.5.9. Encourage young people for volunteer action
Article 6.8.1 Extend partnership with youth programs of international and regional organizations
Azerbaijan Volunteer Service
Article 6.8.1 Extend partnership with youth programs of international and regional organizations
Organizing visits of international youth organizations to Azerbaijan
with us…
Our partners
National partners
Regional partners
European partners
International partners
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