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1. Monaco is a tiny independent country on the Mediterranean coast of France near Italy. 2. We stayed at the Viking
hotel in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. 3. The south Bank Centre in London consists of the Hayward Gallery, the
Festival Concert Hall. 4. The White House is now better known around the globe than palaces in Europe. 5. Capitol is
the place where an inauguration of the President of The USA takes place. 6. The Eton College is a city in the South-East
Brazil. 8. Heathrow near London is the world's busiest international airport. 9. The Taj Mahal in the city of Agra in The
northern India is thought to be one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, especially at night. 10. The Great Wall
in Chine stretches for some 1,500 miles.
1. Mount Ararat in the eastern Turkey is mentioned in the Bible as a place where Noah's Ark came to the rest. 2. New
York City is situated at mouth of the Hudson River on the East coast of The USA. 3. The Colorado River flows through
the Grand Canyon. 4. Lake District surrounded by the Cambrian Mountains is known for its picturesque lakes. 5. It was
the Moscow they remembered. 6. The Russian quality newspapers include the Kommersant and the Izvestia. 7. In
USSR the Communist Party was The only party which ruled a country. 8. BBC, CNN and Euronews are the most popular
sources for the news . 9. In the Hyde Park there is a famous Speaker's Corner. 10/ The Fine Arts Museum is situated in
Volkhonka street near the Kremlin. 
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